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Advertising Policies:

Please note that we do not allow do-follow links in any advertisements or sponsored content. Any links included in such content will be marked with the “sponsored” attribute to comply with Google’s guidelines and policies. Thank you for understanding.

Transparency is important to us when it comes to advertising. Any content that is sponsored will be clearly labeled as such with the word “sponsored” to ensure that we are in compliance with the FTC’s regulations and guidelines.

Our advertising policy strictly prohibits the promotion of pre-launch opportunities, lead generation systems, turnkey solutions, student essay writing jobs, SEO companies, internet marketing programs, phone actresses, gambling sites, self-development, educational, or service-based direct sales companies, online psychics, penny stocks, Forex, business or personal loans, or investment opportunities. We take pride in maintaining the integrity of our platform and ensuring that our audience is not exposed to any misleading or harmful content. All paid campaigns must include the sponsored attribute, without exception.

We take our advertising partnerships seriously and only promote companies that we believe are legitimate and valuable recommendations to our readers.

To secure an advertisement, payment must be made in full as ads are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Until payment is received, the ad remains available for purchase by others.

When Advertisers choose to place their ads with MoneyNect, they are agreeing to abide by our Advertising Policy. This ensures that all parties involved are on the same page and that the advertising process runs smoothly.