7 High-Paying Apps You Can Earn Real Money In 2023

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A man in the modern age cannot live with his smartphone. Besides playing games, downloading apps, or watching videos, your smartphone can easily generate passive money for you. 

If you are keen to make some pocket money, then you can invest more time looking into the apps and games that pay real money through the cash apps listed in our article, which guarantee a wholesome reward. From taking surveys, completing mobile offers, taking photos, or playing games the possibility of earning money from your phone is quite high and legit. 

No worries we got your back, here are 7 mobile applications that we checked and reviewed to save you time and to make you money. 

7 of the best apps and games that pay real money through a cash app.

1. Feature Points: 

Since 2012, Feature Points is one of the oldest and most trustworthy apps that pay you real money out there with more than 5 million dollars given to its users. You can earn money on Feature Points doing simple tasks such as: Taking paid surveys, downloading apps, playing games, watching videos, participating in free contests, referring to friends and family, or receiving cash back for online shopping and paid offers. 

Feature Points is beginner friendly with the various ways you can earn money with it, and it’s available worldwide with a good earning potential. Every 600 points equal one dollar, making it easy to achieve considering that one single activity can pay as high as 600 points. 

Though don’t get your hopes too high, Feature Points is not well known as the highest paying app out there or on this list. And according to frugal for less, you can expect to make around 25$ a month. 

Feature Points offer cash as its main payment method to PayPal, but you can choose to get your money via bitcoin, amazon, play store, or PlayStation gift cards. It’s worth mentioning that the minimum to withdraw via PayPal is 5$ and for bitcoin, it’s 10$. 

2. Streetbees

This is not your average money-earning app, it may not be for you if you are careful about your privacy but it’s a very good one to make extra cash. Streetbees pays you as a user to take pictures and answer questions related to your daily life. These answers and photos go to big companies such as Pepsi, Ferrari, and Vodafone to study your choices so they could make better marketing campaigns and grow their companies. These questions and photos are called the app Stories. 

Streetbees is available worldwide and has paid uniquely to PayPal, so if you are one of PayPal fanatics this app is surely for you. And the best part yet is there’s no minimum to cash out from Streetbees, after you complete a story you get your money automatically within 2 days. 

And how much you can earn from Streetbees you ask? The answer varies but you can expect to earn a few tens of dollars a month if you keep engaged and committed. Streetbees is one of the legit apps that pay you real money, and you should try it.

3. Earnably 

Earnably has been a player in the market of the best apps that pay real money since 2015, pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into its users annually for only taking surveys. The app and the website are very user-friendly making them a good starting point for novices. 

You can earn money or gift cards using Earnably by performing various tasks like taking surveys which is the main one, inviting friends, or watching videos. With each completed task you earn points, and from 125 points you get a dollar. To get 100$ you’ll need 9925 points. Some countries require more points to get the 100 bells. 

The Earnably platform pays its users directly to PayPal or with various gift cards and debits in Amazon, Uber, Domino, Dunkin donuts, Xbox, Facebook, and Airbnb. And it takes about 5 days to receive your hard-earned money, but usually less than that. Also, you can expect to earn 5 dollars a day according to easycowork.com 

4. Swagbucks

With a 4.3 rating from more than 25,000 reviews on trust pilot, and millions of dollars in the pocket of its users. Swagbucks is one of the leading survey websites working since 2005, and one of the best apps that pay real money, which makes it the granddaddy of all survey websites. And it’s one of the best free apps that pay real money

Swagbucks, similar to other rewards, use points on finishing tasks, these points are called SB points, and 100 SB points give you a single dollar. The tasks vary, but we are sure Swagbucks got all that you need here are some: 

• Taking online surveys 

• Sign up bonus 

• Completing online tasks 

• Watching video clips 

• Special offers with Swagbucks 

• Discover Online shopping (cashback) 

• Grocery coupons 

• Uploading receipts (online and in-store) 

• Taking quick daily polls 

• Use the Swagbucks search engine 

• Play Swagbucks live

• Refer friends Use the Swagbucks 

Swagbucks is well known for reliability and is not the highest paying app, you can expect if you stay committed for 30 minutes a day to make around 1000$ a year according to Swagbucks itself. To get paid you have the usual PayPal debit, Amazon, Starbucks, and Walmart gift cards. 

5. Qmee

Qmee is not for everyone, it’s only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, making it the perfect making money app for native English speakers or residents in these countries. The app is among the most user-friendly cash app games that pay real money. And it’s available on both android and ios, it’s easy to use and understand and gives you 4 options to make money, the first is taking surveys, the second is cashback returns, the third gives you discount offers, and finally watching ads. 

On average you can expect to earn 2.5$ per hour according to swift salary, and there’s no minimum withdrawal amount so you can get your money immediately to your PayPal account. 

6. Mistplay

If you are a gamer, then Mistplay is your go-to app among the cash app games that pay real money, with more than 20,000,000$ handed to its users. Sadly the app is only available on Play Store, therefore iPhone users cannot take a part in earning money with Misplay. Making it the best ios app that pays real money. 

Also, Misplay is only available in northern America, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. It also offers plenty of free games with high resolution and ads free, making the app one of the best apps that pay real money for gamers.

To use Mistplay you have to make sure to disable any power-saving modes on your phone. This is because Mistplay collects data from your game usage so you can be rewarded. 

Each time you play a game with Mistplay, they will notify you of how many points you made. There are three types of points players can earn:

  • Units
  • Player experience points (PXP)
  • Game experience points (GXP)

PXP is related to how much experience you have within a game; it reflects the level or stage you are at. 

GXP is reflective of how much time you have been playing the game. The more GXP you receive, the more units you generate. 

One of the downsides of Mistplay is it does not offer direct cash payment, the only options they offer are gift cards for various online stores such as Amazon, Xbox, Nintendo, and eBay. Though you can expect to make 50$ a month. 

7. Attapoll, one of the best apps that pay real money

Attapoll is an app that takes its user into consideration, available on android and ios within more than 44 countries worldwide, it offers basically two streams of income, taking surveys and friend referrals. Making it on the top of the best cash app games that pay real money.

The best thing about Attapoll is the rating system it has on each task, the higher the rating is the more likely to succeed in doing it, the less the rating is, the more likely that the survey is not for you and you risk getting disqualified. 

Attapol offers a wide range of topics of the survey to choose from, you can filter and take as many surveys as you like or as few as you need. The choice is yours. 

Attapoll is reasonably paying in the survey category, according to householdmoneysaving.com you can expect to make between 30 to 40 dollars a month, with 0.5 dollars as a reward for each referred friend. To get paid you have to reach the minimum of 3$ for PayPal and 2.5$ for Amazon, but there are other payment methods like Revolut, Home depot, Asos, and Domino.


When using any survey app, make sure you keep your answers consistent otherwise, you increase your chances of being disqualified. 

Regardless of what you do or how experienced you are, survey disqualifications will occasionally occur. Don’t be disheartened, it’s just a part of taking online surveys. 

If you quit an online survey halfway through you will receive no money, make sure you have the time available to complete the survey before you start to avoid this. 

Finally, whether you are into games that pay money to cash apps, casino apps that pay real money, or legit apps that pay you real money, this is your article for it. 

Final Thoughts about games that pay real money through the cash app: 

If you were looking for apps that can make a full-time job income then you are in the wrong place and have the very wrong idea about how these apps work. It’s very hard for an app to replace your full-time job, but it can make a very solid income doing what you were doing before for free such as shopping online, gaming, and taking photos.

If you waste plenty of time on nothing online, probably it’s a good idea to dedicate it to being an expert on these apps and games that pay real money through cash apps, to make a considerable amount of money. 

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