How To Make Money With Form-Filling Jobs In 2023 [Work From Home]

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If you’re looking for an easy and lucrative side hustle, then form-filling jobs could be the right fit for you. 

In this day of age, people are sick of the terms and conditions of traditional jobs, fixed locations, and bosses breathing down their necks. Some want to stay at home and spend more time with their children, while others just want to travel the world while making enough money. The reasons vary, but the solution stays the same, an online side hustle or business to live happily without the demands of a 5 job.

To beginners, it’s hard to find the best fitting job online, but we got you the best one yet that can ensure you gain the necessary skills and experiences: Form filling. The opportunities in this stream of income are limitless, and this article will set you up to make your first dollar online from form-filling jobs.

What are form-filling jobs?

Form filling is a sort of data entry job that focuses on filling forms properly for both private and government agencies, and of course, they pay you to do so. The domain is vast and ranges from medical to insurance industries that want you to fill out their forms. And with it the requirements vary as well, some want you to have a business background while other companies want a legal one.

Often the data entry is solely transferring information from one file to another, while other times it gets a bit complicated. But generally speaking, types of form-filling jobs work from home are:

  • Typist: type alphabetic information from one medium to another. 
  • Transcriptionist:  listen to audio recordings and type up the contents in digital documents
  • Data Entry Clerk: this role is similar to typists, except they handle numeric information too. 
  • Data Entry Keyer: This position is like typists and clerks, but they process data from a physical format (paper copies) to a digital format (otherwise known as manual form-filling jobs that work from home without investment). 
  • Virtual Assistant: this gig has lots of different duties, one of which is data entry.
  • Data Entry Operator: this gig includes the same duties as a data entry clerk

One important tip to consider when applying for jobs is to never pay any fee, as there’s no point in paying to get access to an opportunity for a form-filling job especially when the company seems odd. Watch out for scams at all times.

Who can earn money with form-filling jobs?

The good news is everyone can make money from form-filling jobs and working from home, no matter your background, educational level, or nationality, everyone has a place in this industry. The bad news is you might need to develop some skills first that will enable you to make money, not only in the online form-filling industry but in all careers and they are:

1. Tech skills:

You don’t need to be the next Steve Jobs or Elon musk to be eligible to work in free form filling, but you must be able to navigate yourself around computers and the internet. Some companies use special software to work, so your skills must be sharp to handle all obstacles and tasks put in your face.

2. Reading and writing:

It’s not a surprise that in this stream of work, you need to be fully literate, and have a solid understanding of grammar in English. It’s safe to assume that when you are able to read this that you can work and put words and data accurately in the given form.

3. Self-discipline:

Well, it’s never oversaid to say that discipline is what makes or breaks your career in form-filling. You’ll have to be able to meet deadlines and be fully committed to making a success in data entry and form filling. And the fact that you basically work out for your home or a coffee shop in Bali, you are more likely to indulge in time-consuming activities and postpone work. Watch out, and stay disciplined.

What equipment do you need to do data entry and form-filling jobs?

To work in form filling, you basically need two things, a device to access the internet ideally a laptop or a computer. Although a decent smartphone will do the work in some cases. And a reliable internet connection, some companies require you to use personalized software, and if you don’t have a fast stable internet connection that can cause delays and crashes.

How much can you earn with form filling and data entry?

As an entry job, you can expect to earn less than someone with years of experience. Generally, a data entry clerk or a form-filling job pays around $14.11 per hour, with jobs that can go as high as $17 per hour. If you were expecting more than this, then this is not the job for you.

Is form filling for money legit?

The short answer is YES. The long answer is the industry as much of the others is bombarded with scams that require you to pay to get access to a certain job market. And as mentioned above, “never” pay a registration fee, you are here to make money, not spend it.

And instead of conducting your own search, trust us, as we provide you with 100% reliable and legit websites and platforms that will grant you earn money online from form filling. And always look for other freelancers’ testimonials and recommendations on websites like Trust pilot.

And when you use any website, look for scam calls, they are clues that may indicate that the website is a scram like spelling mistakes on the website.

The general tip is to stay careful, and don’t download any provided software unless you are 100% the company is legit. Finally “data entry” and “data entry clerk” titles on jobs are more likely to be legit, rather than “form filling jobs”.

9 totally legit work from home, form filling jobs opportunities.

In the following lines, you’ll discover, the best online form-filling jobs sites, some offline form-filling jobs from home, government form-filling projects, and even manual form-filling jobs without investment and more. 

1. Flex Jobs

If you are looking for an online legit jobs board, with opening positions in almost every industry on the planet then consider joining Flex Jobs. It has a 4.68 rating on the better business bureau. One of the common jobs at Flex Jobs is date entry gigs and positions that are open by tens on a daily basis. Making it the perfect kickstart to your data entry career.

Flex jobs business model works on a monthly subscription that allows the user to have the freedom of applying to any job on the Flex Jobs platform without an additional fee and allows the platform to provide high-quality and real clients and jobs to its freelancers. The monthly subscription is $9.95, making it accessible for the majority of starters.

2. Upwork

Acting as a middleman between freelancers and clients all over the world, Upwork is a good place to pick up data entry work and connect with long-term and short-term clients. Upwork takes a 20% commission of all your earnings, but gives you in response good customer service, and handles payments and any issues related to your work.

You can expect to get paid, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, as you prefer and they pay via bank account without an additional fee. After you finish honing your profile and showcase all your relevant experiences to data entry jobs, you can start applying for jobs on the Upwork platform. The average pay for data entry jobs is $5 per hour, but you can always negotiate your ratings.

3. PeoplePerHour

Basically, you are people, and you get hired per hour. PeoplePerHour is a freelancing jobs board rated 4.2 stars on TrustPilot, with plenty of jobs and clients. As expected, to use the site you will have to complete an online registration process, and once you get accepted you are ready to earn money from form filling with listings from big international companies like Microsoft. You can expect to earn low in the beginning but as high as $35 when you gain some experience.

4. LinkedIn, where you can find data entry and form-filling jobs

With over 700 million professionals and business owners eager to connect with one another, LinkedIn is a social platform that can get you hired. Joining the platform is totally free unless you choose to have a premium account that grants you access to additional features. After signing up and filling your profile with your job experiences and related information, you can start applying for opening positions in your area worldwide via their integrated jobs board, which has an abundance of open positions in all and every industry on earth.

The payment varies depending on the employer since LinkedIn acts only as a middleman and does not handle any payment, but you can expect up to $18 per hour for data entry jobs.

LinkedIn is a great pick for those looking to advance their career professionally and earn a living as a data entry specialist.

5. Guru

Similar to the other freelancing platforms, Guru is a trusted platform to find clients and earn money as a data entry freelancer. Guru has the minimum commission of all freelancing platforms at 9%, and it’s even lower when you go for the premium membership instead of the default-free one. Premium memberships start at $11.95 a month and give freelancers 50 bids instead of the general 10 you get on the free membership. Also, you get 24/7 customer support by phone or email if you are an introvert. Guru has an astonishing 80,000 employees and paid over 250 million dollars to their freelancers, so what are you waiting for?

6. Fiverr

Similar to Guru, Fiverr connects clients to data entry, and from failing freelancers the only difference is the method through which you get clients. on Fiverr, freelancers become sellers. After you finish your registration process and profile filling, you publish a gig. A comprehensive outline of the service you offer and the price you are willing to take for it. rates start at $5 and go up to thousands of dollars, the client sees your service and demands it, that simple. Fiverr, Upwork and others take a 20% commission.

7. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon mechanical Turk, or as it’s famous for mTurk, is a beginner-friendly platform offered by Amazon to online workers who are interested in performing micro-tasks that only take a few minutes to earn money online. 

These micro-tasks are known as HITs, human intelligence tasks. The average HIT pays starts from 0.1 dollars, but it’s advised to stick only to micro-tasks that pay above $0.50 so you can ensure making good revenue from working at mTurk. 

To be eligible to work for amazon mechanical Turk, all you have to do is to register, the platform is open to all people, from any place on the globe, as long as you are above the legal age to work. 

Upon acceptance, which normally takes only 3 days, you get to work. You should know that you only get paid by cash to your bank account if you have an American bank account, or if you are a United States citizen. Otherwise, you’ll get all your online earnings by form filling, as money to shop on Amazon. 

8. Rev, home of form filling home-based job.

At Rev, you’ll be responsible for more than just simple tasks like solving captchas. Rev is a versatile site that offers jobs and ways to make money are typing, transcription, captioning, and subtitling. If you are a native speaker of another language besides English, then Re might be the perfect place for you to earn money online.

To be eligible to work for Rev, you must be a worker and have an issued valid I.D. from either Australia, Canada, India, or the US excluding the state of California, Ireland, Mexico, South Africa, the Netherlands, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom. But don’t worry, if you speak another language and applied for subtle work only, they consider other nationalities.

Earnings from Rev vary, with an average of $245 per month in revenue to their workers, while top earners make up to $1495. And you can get paid weekly via PayPal with Rev.

Let’s assume your application for Rev didn’t get approved, here’s a list of a similar sites to Rev to choose from:

These sites are all similar to Rev in working eligibility and conditions, but it’s advised to check their requirements before submitting any application. However there are hundreds of other choices all over the web, all you have to do is search.

9. Kolotibablo

There’s no eligibility requirement to work for Kolotibablo, making it the perfect place for all people to earn over $200 per month. Kolotibablo is a captcha-solving site that has been working since 2007, enabling its users to solve captchas to make money, but you may wonder what’s captcha.

Captcha is a method website online and services use to make sure the users are humans and not robots, to ensure the security of the internet and prevent any harmful viruses and identity thieves. The captcha is usually a set of numbers or photos, and the worker is required to re-arrange them in the correct way.

Captcha work is similar to mTurk HITs, they both pay low, which makes them mostly avoided by people. Nevertheless, they are both good places to get your hands-on real-world experience in data entry work.

Final Thoughts about form filling jobs 

Now, after you learned about form-filling jobs, and the best offer, it’s time you take the information you freshly discovered and use it to earn money. Yes, it may not be a full-time job, nor a living income, but at first, you can earn enough to invest later on in jobs that would make you a millionaire. Don’t forget, the trip of a thousand miles starts with one step, and this is your first step into making money online from form filling. 

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