How to Download Youtube Videos Without Any Software: A Hassle-Free Guide 2023

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Learn an easy step-by-step guide to downloading Youtube videos fast without software. 

In today’s world, Youtube plays an important role in everyone’s life as it provides captivating videos from entertaining content to informative tutorials. 

But what if you don’t have stable internet? Or, it might be possible that you often face limitations when it comes to online streaming. 

Is there any possible solution for that? 

Well—absolutely yes! Now, you can enjoy your favorite videos offline without any internet connection anywhere, anytime.

Downloading your favorite videos from Youtube may seem tricky, but it can be completely hassle-free if you know how to do it. Yeah, that’s right!

In this guide, we will share how to download Youtube videos without any software in the easiest ways whether you prefer browser extensions or manipulating video u tube download link URLs. No need to install third-party software anymore!  

Let’s unfold how to download Youtube videos on Android without an app;

How to Download Youtube Videos Without Any Software— Quick & Easy Methods

Did you know there are 720,000 hours of videos uploaded every day on Youtube? Yes, you heard that right! Due to its popularity, it is one of the best active video-uploading platforms worldwide. 

You can smoothly save any entertaining and informative content or simply add it to your watch later list when you don’t have time. For this, you may even need to download some exciting videos you love!

But here, a question that arises is how to download Youtube videos without any software.

Let me explain! The best method we always prefer is to use an online Youtube downloader if you want to know how to download Youtube videos without any software. 

Read on to get familiar with a few of the best online Youtube downloaders available!

Method 1: Using SS Method to Download Youtube Videos Without Any Software

The first method is to download Youtube videos ‘ss which will help you to download any Youtube video without installing any third-party software. The SS method works great to allow you to simply download your favorite Youtube videos without any software on any device whether you are using laptops, windows, mobile, or max. 

In addition, this method can also benefit Chrome users to download Youtube videos by changing URLs ss.

  1. Firstly, go and search for your favorite Youtube video which you want to download and play then pause.
  1. Next, you see the URL of the video on the upper side where you need to type “SS” before and then click on the “enter” button.
how to download youtube videos without any software
  1. After that, you will automatically go to the website, which is also called the “SaveFrom” page where you will see all the important information regarding the video.
  2. Then, go to the green box where you will see the download option right next to the video link.
  3. It also has a drop-down menu where you can choose your desired format such as mp3, mp4, etc, and can easily download it.

Method 2: Using Online Video Downloading Services Without Any Software

There are many Youtube video downloaders that are the most effective methods to download Youtube videos fast without using any software which provides its users with online video downloading services or platforms. 

It has the ability to perform the same task as third-party software does. Interested to know how it is possible, but you must know how to choose the best online video downloading platforms. 

Initially, you need to do deep research on reputable online video downloading platforms which specialize in downloading videos and are trustworthy or reliable. Make sure they have positive ratings and reviews giving them credibility. 

  1. is one of the best popular platforms due to its quickness and features. By using this online platform, you can easily download Youtube videos without lagging and can share on different platforms. Here we have mentioned the steps below:

download youtube video without software
  • Firstly you need to copy the video link which you want to download.
  • Go to open the y2 mate homepage on your browser and paste the URL on the search bar which you already copied from Youtube.
  • After that, choose the desired video resolution, click on the “download” option, and wait to start downloading your Youtube video on your Pc.

The second online downloader platform is which is also used to download Youtube videos mp4 or music from all platforms freely.  You just need to enter the keyword in the search box and rapidly see the result related to your video. 

Here we have mentioned the step-by-step guide below:

  1. Firstly, navigate the video which you need to download then click on the share button to the playback page and copy the URL.
  1. Next, Paste or Enter the link to download in the search box which you can see at the top of the page. 
  1. will automatically search the different formats for you, where you can choose which format you want. After choosing the desired format, the page will navigate to the playback page.
  1. Then click on the right-side download button and save it on the selected file.
  1.  Converto

Converto is holding the 3rd position as a high-quality online Youtube video downloader without using third-party software. It lets you yt to video download your favorite ones online in MP3, MP4, or GIF file format. Moreover, you can also listen or watch on your devices as you require with the help of the settings button. 

Now, let’s dig into how it works:

  1. Open the Youtube and Copy the Video’s URL then open the “Converto” and paste the link into the conversion box.
  1. Next, choose the file format which you want such as MP3, or MP4, and then click on the “Convert” button.
  1. Lastly, tap on the “Click Here” option, and the video automatically starts to download and save on your device.
how to download youtube videos without any software

Method 3: By Utilising Browser Extensions for YT Video Downloading 

The final method to download your favorite Youtube video without using any software is through browser extensions. Yes, it’s true!

Many popular browsers include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Opera, etc., all with free add-ons. 

Here, we will use the Firefox extension as an example of Easy Video Downloader to show you how to download Youtube videos without any software. 

However, it also allows you to avoid going to third-party sites in order to download videos from Youtube. In addition, it has a simple-to-use interface that makes it simple to learn how to download videos. 

As a result, you’ll have no trouble watching videos during offline playback. In addition, we have shared the best 3 extensions that help you to support downloading videos at up to 1080p resolution, so you can watch your favorite downloaded Youtube videos in crisp HD quality. 

3 Best Extensions You Can Use On Google Chrome

Using google chrome extensions, you can also download your Youtube video by getting a download button on the Youtube page. Here we have shared the best extensions which you can trust blindly and use:

  1. Addoncrop

If you are a social media activist and your daily task is to download videos from Youtube and other platforms then this plugin is perfect for you. You can use it with no hesitation. The best thing about this plugin is that it supports multiple resolution outputs including 1080P, 720P, 480P, and 360P. 

You don’t even need any other websites to do your task. Just add this extension on your Chrome browser and download any video wherever.

download youtube video without software
  1.  Video Downloader Professional

This extension is also fantastic for Chrome users where you can download videos professionally. It is simple to use and provides support to output resolutions multiply. You can easily operate and set resolutions according to your needs. 

  1. Flash Video Downloader

Flash video downloader is one of the easiest extensions for google chrome to download popular videos from Youtube, Facebook, and other platforms. It supports not only HD video downloading but also a quick response interface.

how to download youtube video without software

After selecting the best extension, below we have shared the steps about how to use this extension:

  1. Add the Extension on the Browser

If you’re using Firefox, click the link of the selected extension to visit the official homepage of the quickest Youtube downloader. When you get there, select “Add Firefox Button,” and a window will appear. After that, Select “Add” to begin the setup process.

  1. Download YT Videos

When you are done, go to Youtube in the Mozilla Firefox browser. Next, find the Youtube video in the search bar you want to download and then click “Enter.” Afterward, choose the format and resolution by clicking the “drop-down” option next to the “Subscribe” icon.

  1. Check the Downloaded Videos

Lastly, go to the drive or folder and choose the option where you need to save your downloaded video, and click on “Save.” After clicking it, wait for a few mins til the video has downloaded.  Finally, you can go to the folder you selected for saving the video and double-tap to play the video.


Method 4: Use a Download Manager to Download a Video from Youtube

  1. Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a free tool that can increase download speeds by many times and restart broken or interrupted downloads. Downloads that have stopped or been interrupted due to lost connections, failed arrangements, computer shutdowns, or sudden power outages will be continued in their entirety with the help of the computer’s entire restore capacity.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to speed up by up to multiple times, and resume downloads.

With the installation of Internet Download Manager, you may easily download videos from Youtube by clicking a button in the video’s top right corner.

IDM’s intuitive design and realistic interface are sure to win you over. To speed up your downloads, it is supplied with a superb download booster that optimizes file division and secures multipart downloading. It’s the best PC tool for downloading videos from Youtube.

Unlike competing options and speeding agents, Internet Download Manager divides up large files into small portions as they download, without requiring the user to go through any extra steps or save any login information. The only drawback is that it can only be used on a computer.

  1. EagleGet Download Manager

Want to know a free method of downloading 1080p Youtube videos? Well, no worries! EagleGet is a fast and easy download manager that is freely available. You can take charge of and significantly speed up downloads in Chrome with the EagleGet Downloader add-on.

EagleGet Downloader expansion for Google Chrome could dominate and quicken the downloads from your Chrome program.

The product’s software supports multiple languages and is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

The RTSP, MMS, and MMS-secured protocols are all supported. It serves the same purpose as IDM. Simply download it, open the video you wish to save, and then click the “Download” option in the top right corner of the screen, followed by the “Video Quality” drop-down menu.

The process of downloading videos in 4K and 8K resolution is speedy. This download manager makes it easy to download files from the web and organize them in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

How to Download Videos From Youtube Online on Mac? Let’s find out!

Well, there are many programs and tools online available which can allow you to download Youtube videos on Mac easily.

The easiest way to apply is the screen capture tool already built into macOS. It will be providing a little high quality, but it gives something which can be satisfying. 

Press the command+shift button+ 5, which brings you to the screen recording option. After that, select the window and record the complete screen. You can also change options such as audio 5o Mac’s microphone.

However, you can also use the 4k video downloader platform to quickly get high-quality video format. The best thing is it offers you 30 free downloads each day, or you can also take its premium plans. Additionally, it provides you with 8k or 4k video quality in various formats. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and follow these amazing steps:

  1. First, Download the 4K Video Downloader and open the program.
  1. Next, search for a Youtube video you want to download and copy the link. 
  1. Click on the menu and Paste the Link. 
  1. Afterward, choose the quality and format and then tap on the Download options.
  1. When your video is downloaded, tap on the three-dot icon to find the video on your Mac and can play it.

How to Download Youtube Video With VLC Media Player On Windows?

Some people know about the VLC, which can also be used to watch videos or play music from a PC or Mac freely. On the other hand, it can also play a role in downloading Youtube videos and converting video files easily. To use it, you need to install VLC if you dont have one already and then follow the steps to download a Youtube video as mp4 on your device:

  1. Search for the desired Youtube video from Youtube and then copy the link.
  1. Next, Open the VLC app.
  1. If you use a PC, select Media from the menu bar, and then select Open Network Stream. To open a network on a Mac, select File > Open Network.
  1. To do this, click the Network tab, and paste the video’s URL into the text box on top. Now, select Play or Open from the bottom menu.
Pasting a YouTube URL into the Network tab of VLC’s Open Media window.
  1. Afterward, the video will start playing, then click on the tools in the menu bar and tap Media Information. However, Mac users only tap on the windows in the menu, then Media Information.
Copying the URL from the Current Media Information window in VLC to download a video.
  1. You can find the location area at the bottom, choose the download Youtube URL from the text box, and then copy it.
  1. Go to the previous web browser and paste the link in the address bar which you can see on the screen’s top and then click on the “Enter” button.
Downloading a video from a web browser that has been converted via the VLC media player.
  1. When the videos begin to play, click on the three dots icon located at the bottom right and select Download.
  1. In the end, your video will automatically be saved as an mp4 file on your Mac. Now it’s up to you to rename or move it to another folder.

Tips for Downloading Youtube Videos

There are some helpful tips on how to download Youtube videos on Android without the app that you need to know before downloading Youtube videos. Here you go:

  • Always consider a reliable downloader tool: Whenever you choose a video downloader tool, ensure that it provides good quality video and does not contain any malware or virus that may harm your device.
  • Double check the copyright status of the video: Before downloading any video, ensure that the content of the video is legal or not and has permission to download and is not copyrighted.
  • Give credit to the real creator: When you use any video, make sure that you give credit to the content creator or take permission to download.
  • Recognize the video quality: Before downloading videos, take care of the video quality. If a video comes in multiple formats or quality, you can pick the best one.
  • Verify your internet speed: The video’s size and connection speed may affect how quickly it downloads. A slower connection will increase the time it takes to download files.
  • Avoid clicking on advertisements: Do not click on any advertisements or notifications that may show while running a video downloader application. These can be fraudulent and trigger the download of harmful software.
  • Use Strong VPN: Some videos may be blocked or restricted in some countries. Therefore, you can use a VPN, which can unrestricted the videos and make them easily downloadable.

By following these guidelines, your Youtube video downloads will always be quick, easy, and secure. When downloading videos, ensure you have permission and aren’t violating anyone’s rights.

Is it Legal to Download Youtube Videos?

The Youtube Terms of Service clearly state what users are and are not allowed to do on the site.

Their rules of service specifically forbid users from illegally downloading videos, reselling them, or committing any other form of copyright infringement

Although it is technically illegal to download videos from Youtube, users will not face any penalties for downloading them from the site.

Certain videos available on Youtube with the appropriate permissions can be downloaded legally. And if you only plan on using the video for yourself, Youtube doesn’t even consider it a problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I download a Youtube playlist without the software?

A: Yes, you can easily download a Youtube playlist by choosing a downloader that allows for playlist or batch downloading from Youtube if you need a playlist. Simply copy and paste the Youtube playlist’s URL into a download bar on a website designed for this purpose. If your selected downloader is unable to save a Youtube playlist in its entirety, you will have to save each video separately.

Q: Can I use Firefox to save videos from Youtube without installing other software?

A: Video from Youtube can be downloaded with no additional software using add-ons. If you want to save videos from Youtube, Easy Video Downloader Express is the best program. You can easily save high-definition (or 1080P) versions of your favorite videos with a single click. In addition, various “Firefox Browser Add-ons” may also be used, depending on your specific needs.

Q: Which method is best for downloading Youtube videos?

A: The best method for downloading Youtube videos on a desktop is the 4k Video Downloader. However, InsTube or Youtube Premium are the best options for downloading Youtube videos for mobile devices.

Q: How do I download Youtube videos to my Android device?

A: If you have an Android device, using InsTube to download videos to your device is the best option. It is cost-free and really easy to use.


In this article, we have shared all the tips and methods to help you download your favorite Youtube video without any lagging issues. We hope you have discovered all the information about how to download Youtube videos without any software. There are 1.9 billion active Youtube users who post their videos per minute. 

Any Youtuber or first-time user who is interested in learning the essentials of downloading can benefit from the information provided in this article. The good part is that you won’t need to install third-party software if you use the methods outlined above to download Youtube 4K videos.

That’s all about how to download videos from Youtube online! If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section!

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