25 Low-Stress Jobs After Retirement To Help You Out Of Boredom

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Get paid through a variety of easy & stress-free post-retirement jobs today! 

If you are retired, and tired of doing nothing, maybe it’s time to look for low-stress jobs after retirement.

After retirement, there are numerous low-stress ways to make money. Working on these projects won’t need you to commit for the long term or assume any additional obligations.

The list of fun part-time jobs for retirees varies greatly to choose from. Let’s get into it!

11 Online Jobs For Seniors

1. Part-Time Editor / Proofreader

A good low-stress career after retirement is being an editor and proofreader of articles, textbooks, and other publications. If you have excellent grammar and are adept at spotting typical grammatical errors, you will have an easy time.

The average yearly salary for a proofreader is $61,000 in the corporate world. This can go up to $95,000 a year.

No formal education is required, however, to gain an edge, having a degree in English or literature can help.

2. Online Tutoring

For those who’ve retired and gained immense wisdom and experience, tutoring can be a great opportunity.

If you have prior knowledge of the topic, there are many chances to serve as a private tutor for kids in grades K–12 and higher education.

There are several tools accessible to you if you’re seeking work as a tutor, including personal contacts at nearby colleges and institutions as well as websites like Tutor.com or Preply.

3. Freelance Writer

Another way for retirees to earn money is through freelancing. Just by putting your ideas down on paper, you may make a sizable sum of money.

According to a study by Upwork and the Freelancers Union, over 57 million Americans worked as independent contractors in 2019.

It is possible to earn more than $0.25 per word, and in some circumstances, more than $0.50 per word. It is feasible to earn $250 to $500 for penning a 1,000-word essay.

A low-intensity employment perfect for retirees, freelance writing is one of the fun retirement jobs that pay a small fortune. In addition to this remote role, many individuals like the option to work from home.

4. VA – Virtual Assistants

Since more and more businesses are looking to outsource their small tasks to VAs, there is a high demand for VAs.

You’ll handle calls, bookkeeping, scheduling appointments, and preparing meetings as a virtual assistant.

You may thus work from home and earn the same compensation as a white-collar corporate employee. As a VA, you may anticipate earning between $15 and $20 per hour.

5. Cold Calling

In this sales technique, potential customers are referred to as “cold callers” if they have never heard of a company’s goods or services. 

Cold calling is a necessary skill to acquire if you run an internet business.

Let’s face it, making cold calls is challenging. It might be intimidating to introduce a stranger to your organization, your product, and your service. However, cold calling can be incredibly profitable if done correctly. 

6. Online Surveys 

Paid survey websites could be a good alternative if you’re a retiree trying to supplement your income while keeping your stress level low.

By giving your opinion and doing multiple microtasks on a variety of get-paid-to websites, you may earn PayPal cash and gift cards.

7. Podcast 

Podcasts have been increasing in popularity in recent years, you too can make your name in the industry with the right guidance and tools. Podcasting I one of the best low-stress jobs after retirement. 

You may acquire some fundamental podcasting skills by viewing a few training videos, including how to conduct interviews and manage the technical parts of your program.

A podcaster may expect to make $42 on average each hour. Podcasters may make a livelihood by relying on sponsors and ads. You’ll need to invest time and effort in building an audience before you can start making money.

8. Start Blog/Website

A job that is remote has passive income potential, and can be tailored to any interest is blogging which makes it one of the most viable fun jobs for retirees.

The following are some ways to make money from your blog as it grows:

  • Self-promotion of your goods and services
  • Brand partnerships and sponsored content

Learn the foundations of search engine optimization (SEO) and routinely produce high-quality content to increase website traffic and revenue.

The average internet blogger will make $22,000 in 2020. Even still, many bloggers make considerably more money!

9. Selling Courses

By enabling you to share your knowledge and skills with a following you’ve amassed over time, online courses help you earn money from your interests and hobbies. You just need to provide your students with a definite response or resolution.

By 2025, it is predicted that the market for e-learning would be worth $325 billion.

The majority of people won’t approach you unless they trust what you have to offer and think it will help them personally or professionally. You want participants in your course to regard it as a chance for personal development and an invitation to go on a path of change.

10. Transcriptionist 

Sometimes older people are excellent at transcription, especially if they have years of experience working as writers and editors on a full-time basis.

There are several transcribing tasks from home that can be done by seniors looking to make extra money and are willing to explore stress-free retirement jobs from home.

11. Data Entry Specialist

A data entry specialist is another low-stress job after retirement. One only needs basic computer skills and swift writing abilities, with precision and legibility to become a data entry professional.

Getting paid to type is what the job entails. Retrieve data from sites and enter it manually into the computer system.

5 Self-Employment Cool Retirement Jobs

When someone is “self-employed”, they work for their own self. In other words, it’s like running your firm as a sole proprietor. Here are some self-employment jobs after retirement. 

1. Gardening

A valuable skill that may be used in gardening. Regardless of how much experience you have, gardening is good for your body and mind. Growing your own food also helps to lower your carbon footprint.

There are several ways to generate money in gardening, including growing plants and selling them, selling seeds for profit, and providing gardening services. If you’re searching for a fun job for seniors, gardening is a good alternative. 

2. Airbnb Host

If you don’t mind having additional people in the house, hosting an Airbnb guest is a terrific option. Make an Airbnb listing and personally accept prospective guests before they make a reservation. It’s that simple!

Along with earning money, you’ll get the chance to meet people and exchange stories with other travelers from around the world.

You may often expect to make between $500 and $10,000 per month as a host. In addition, they now provide comprehensive insurance to cover all costs associated with maintenance and repair.

3. Small Business Owner

Older adults are starting enterprises at an increasing rate because they desire the freedom to express themselves while making extra money. 

You may advertise on social media or by word-of-mouth, or you can use an online marketplace like Etsy, Amazon, or eBay. An owner of a small business typically makes roughly $30,000 per year.

4. Book Writer

One of the best jobs after retirement because you can share your experience and you have the time to work on it full-time. If your book has a specific audience in mind, there are several ways to promote it:

  1. Advertising on Facebook typically results in book purchases.
  2. You may use bundled promotions to give away freebies to encourage people to purchase books.
  3. Event-based selling is an option (where you are a speaker, for instance)
  4. Guest blogs that provide excerpts of the book’s most important teachings might further pique readers’ curiosity.

5. Consultant 

One of the highest-paying freelancing positions today is consulting, as more and more people go to professionals for advice before starting any new project.

You may now use these effectively and become a consultant to make money. Any top-tier consultant might easily demand $100/hour or more in pay.

You may start advertising your consulting services on a variety of social media websites. Additionally, you could print some flyers and distribute them at your neighbourhood business and community center.

3 Fun Jobs For Retirees

1. Pet Walking

A natural fit for retirees who can make a career walking other people’s pets is pet walking. Go on new adventures and meet new animals.

Ask your neighbors if they want to let you walk their pets. Sites like Rover.com also allow you to sign up and link up with pet owners.

2. Pet Sitting

If you’re retired and looking for a rewarding part-time job that involves caring for animals, you might want to think about being a pet sitter. You may look after your pets as well as those of others, including dogs, cats, and other animals, while their owners are away.

For seniors who want to work from home and make some extra money, this is a perfect job. You’ll be dealing with happy pet owners who are ready to spend more for the best care for their animals.

3. Baby Sitting

One of the best low-stress jobs after retirement is being a babysitter. If you’ve ever worked as a nanny or babysitter, had children of your own, or both, it’s also a good idea.

Teenagers who frequently work as babysitters may also obtain jobs as retirees or nannies, depending on their circumstances.

To start receiving word-of-mouth recommendations, which is an excellent method to get some money, you’ll need to know people who have children who need babysitting.

Use websites like Care.com to find local families looking for nannies or babysitters. Although the pay is lower (about $15 per hour), you might be able to find consistent work.

6 Best Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well Without A Degree

1. Realtor

If you have an eye for real estate, becoming a real estate agent is one of the most fun jobs for retirees.  You’ve probably heard that real estate is a coveted business in these difficult times before. Now, you can become a real estate agent and earn money without doing much work.

To establish your reputation in this industry, you’ll require three things. 

You must first have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of land and property ownership. The second requirement is having good communication skills. Third, you must possess the appropriate sales skills.

2. Librarian

The roles of librarian and library assistant are great for retired persons who want to work part-time in a pleasant environment, and aspiring bookworms will like them.

In the UK, a librarian may expect to make about $26,700 per year. However, if you hold a higher rank, it may be greater.

3. Craft Seller

For those who are artistic, working in a nearby craft shop or selling handmade goods online are both viable career options. You could get a store discount that you can use to check out what else is new and benefit from your efforts.

The duties that may be allocated include helping customers find items, working at the checkout counter, and setting up shelves and displays.

4. Driver 

If you love driving and are proficient at it, there are several methods to generate money; this would probably be one of the best picks for a low-stress job after retirement.

Working as a food delivery driver or a share ride driver are good retirement jobs as they allow you to work in the comfort of your car.

5. Coaching

For retired people who love the game and wish to help players improve as athletes, coaching is a terrific vocation.

By offering guidance on defining goals, seeing obstacles, and coming up with methods to get around those challenges, lifestyle coaches help their customers improve their relationships, careers, and daily lives.

6. Interior Decor

If you enjoy designing houses, being an interior designer is the ideal profession for you. An ideal option for retired people, as you can work from home without much physical effort, making it a low-stress employment option.

If your own house can serve as a portfolio for your skills, you get bonus points as clients look for someone who has a flair for design.

Let’s Start Working

After retirement, the idea of beginning a new job can be rather intimidating, especially if the field is unexplored. You will be able to work in low-stress jobs after retirement that you will ultimately like if you look in the right place.

When looking for easy jobs for retirees, you should opt for positions that let you stay socially active, make connections with others, and pursue a purpose. 

Never give up trying to find a new passion and make it a lucrative job. Simply ensure that your life after retirement is stress-free.

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