21 Best Proofreader Jobs At Home Online No Experience Needed!

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Learn how to make money as a proofreader, even if you have no experience!

For strugglers and hustlers, parents and students, looking for good financial resources, work-from-home jobs are a viable option. A proofreading side hustle is one such job with a lot of potentials.

Did you know that proofreader jobs at home can earn you $40K to $55K per year on average? Such jobs are a bag of opportunities for those looking carefully, as they do not require any extensive educational background or time investment of years.

If you want to start your proofreading career one step ahead of the curve, here is a list of remote proofreading jobs at home that will help you give you the life quality you aspire for.

What Is A Proofreader & What Kind Of Work Do Proofreaders Do?

A proofreader serves as a final comprehensive check before the publication of an article, blog, or other pieces of writing to ensure any minute errors, mistakes, and lapse in writing is avoided. It also ensures the content is grammatically correct.

It is the norm for proofreaders to double-check writings that will be introduced on a large scale. This involves publishing something for the public eye, or a large audience.

Proofreaders are required by various industries. The demand fluctuates but is consistent in professions like publishers, bloggers, marketing departments, etc. The main task for a proofreader is an extra level of reliability before the writing is published.

Proofreading vs Copy Editing

Copy editing work and proofreading are often confused with one another. While they have many similarities to the point where one could exchange them, however as careers, they hold significant differences.

It is essential to recognize that both of these professions hold one goal, which is to finalize content written for online publications. The accuracy of the data is reviewed by both.

However, the primary job of a copyeditor is to fix issues missed by the writers, increasing fluency and improving upon the format of the written work. Along with this, copyeditors make sure the message of the writing is expressed.

This copyedited document is then finalized by Proofreaders, their job is to ensure that all text is free of typographical and grammatical errors. Proofreading improves upon making the work more presentable, rather than fixing the content itself.

Are Proofreaders in Demand?

With the recent increase in websites for blogging, news reporting sites, and regular content creation on social media, the need for freelance editors and proofreaders to crosscheck their content is increasing.

In fact, the need for proofreaders is said to increase by up to approximately 6% by 2029.

How Much Do Online Proofreaders Earn?

A  remote, well-established proofreader can make up to $48k to $63K annually. This statistic can be affected by various factors but is still a very good deal for proofreaders who work from home.

Having qualifications and certifications certainly helps shift your pay to the higher end for proofreading jobs online with no experience. Given the competition, new freelancers should be prepared to handle a few low-wage jobs first, moving up steadily.

From a freelance proofreader job to an office job, earning salaries up to $50,000 is sufficient for most to switch to proofreading as a full-time profession. However, part-time workers can earn quite viably as well, if they look for the right projects which pay high.

How To Become A Proofreader?

Remote proofreading jobs are undeniably more handy than other types of writing work. It does, however, compel its employees to satisfy certain criteria and regulations.

Although the proofreading experience will help you secure projects, having specific qualifications and skills will put you ahead of the competition. 

Let’s dig into more specifics now. 

What Proofreading Skills Do I Need As A Beginner?

You’ll need to be fluent in the language if you’re writing for clients. You shouldn’t take chances with new languages because you’ll be dealing mostly with grammatical skills, which demand fluency.

However, being proficient is not your assigned skill, pointing out errors is. This key skill is the main objective of a proofreader job.

To achieve the highest quality, proofreaders must pay attention to nitpicking each piece of work. Furthermore, for client satisfaction, you should always adhere to the format and brand style.

Can You Be A Proofreader Without A Degree?

Yes, you can. While some companies do require some educational qualifications, most companies only look for experience as they care more about the quality of the work. Having a good portfolio is much more valuable than a degree. 

Having a major in writing or completing proofreading courses can benefit you when looking for a freelance proofreader job. However, a degree will not make up for the lack of skills if you want to succeed.

As said before, portfolios are important, and presenting a sample of your work to clients is recommended to secure a proofreading gig. Building trust helps develop a positive relationship with your client, which comes from having a good reputation.

What Proofreading Tools Do I Need?

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a popular AI tool that provides services such as improving content grammar, vocabulary, and fluency. It also ensures there are no spelling and punctuation mistakes.

2. Wordtune

A more niche product with a loyal customer base is Wordtune. Its AI improves upon content quality using high-functioning algorithms. It also offers attractive and fluent alternatives to add to the written content.

3. Google Docs

Having a shared platform where you can freely discuss your submitted work with the client improves communication. This is a key aspect of a proofreader’s job. This is where Google Docs comes in handy, being time-effective and bringing in client involvement improves the final product’s quality.

4. Thesaurus/ Dictionary

A thesaurus or a dictionary is a valuable extension for any proofreader. Synonyms or other word alternatives are simple to overlook while creating or revising text. It would be helpful to have a huge vocabulary database for this. 

Best Online Proofreading Jobs No Experience Required

Several online proofreading jobs often require no experience if you’re just starting in proofreading.

Best Companies For Online Proofreaders

1. Proofreading Services

It doesn’t matter whether you want a part-time job or a full-time job, ProofreadingServices.com is a great site to work online proofreading. This site offers several benefits. A position at Proofreaderservices.com offers an opportunity for beginning proofreaders to gain experience, a flexible schedule, and a competitive salary. 

2. Writing Jobz

Writing Jobz is a job marketplace solely for writing services. Proofreaders are required to sign up and take language tests. Upon completion, one can begin as a proofreader. This allows newcomers to build a good portfolio as well.

3. Proofreading Pal

For students seeking a proofreading side hustle. Proofreading Pal offers a way for students to both finish their degree and earn some money. It aims at helping students get a headstart, providing them with experience, a range of clients, and a competitive income.

4. Scribe Media

While most job boards like this prefer experienced proofreaders, Scribe Media does not hesitate in moving away from this norm and hire beginners. It provides options to work full-time as well as freelance. Subscribing to their mailing list should be your first step, even if there are no vacancies.

5. Writer’s Relief

Those with a preference for published articles, or writing pieces can sign up on Writer’s Relief as a proofreader. You can apply to their website which provides proofreading jobs online without experience. By providing professional editing skills, the company empowers writers.

Freelance Proofreading Jobs For Beginners

6. Freelancer.com

Freelancer is a site launched in 2009, a great platform for part-time proofreading jobs. The minimum requirement to get approval is a B.Sc degree. The pay varies depending on clients and portfolios. Clients who are open to working with beginners are the way to start earning.

7. Upwork

Upwork is a good alternative to freelance proofreading jobs. Upwork is a higher-than-average paying platform. To begin, create your profile and start bidding for jobs based on your skill set. Beginners with a good skillset can choose to start here. 

8. Fiverr

For those willing to compromise a bit on the price to get steady proofreading jobs online with no experience, Fiver is a viable option. It is the go-to platform for amateur proofreaders and is a viable option for those looking to gain experience and build a portfolio.

9. Guru

As discussed in this list, Guru is a similar website providing exposure to a great number of extensive proofreader freelance jobs. Its fee system is quite lenient, which sets it apart from others. While most channels cut 20% of income, being a proofreader on Guru means you are only charged 9% of your income.

10 .Domainite

When starting out, it is important to gain experience. If you are willing to forego on the income. Domaine is the way to go. While the earning potential is low, it offers immense growth potential by providing experience through freelance proofreading jobs.

11. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a prime example of how networking can be more effective than bidding on a freelance website. This modern work industry-related social media app helps freelancers connect with potential clients, and discuss and secure proofreading remote jobs.

Online Proofreading Jobs That Need Experience

12. Scribbr

Scribbr hires job seekers looking for proofreading and editing job platforms. Candidates submit their CVs and suitable ones are picked out. They have the option to work as contract employees or on part-time proofreader jobs.

13. Edit911

The Edit911 is the recommended platform for expert proofreaders having a strong educational background and excellent portfolio. It mainly recruits professionals and PhD holders ensuring a high-end service for proofreading and editing.

14 . Wordvice

Wordvice’s has much more loose requirements. The preferred candidates mainly include proofreaders with a graduate degree having two or three years of experience.

15. Cactus Communications

Cactus Communications is tailored for those looking for proofreading jobs online in academic writing. Proofreaders must have a Ph.D. or a master’s degree in an academic subject. However, what deters many potential employees from Cactus Communications is that it does not compensate its employees well.

16 .EditFast

While EditFast required minimum requirements to start earning, EditFast cuts 40% of each contract as fees, which can heavily deter anyone looking to make a side income.

17. Polished Paper

Polished Paper requires proofreaders with a high level of experience as it provides high quality in its work. Candidates need to pass the job test and interview to get hired. If you have plenty of experience, you expect good competitive rates.

18. Managed Editing

For experienced proofreaders looking for a change of pace with a minimum of five years of experience within the industry try applying for Managed Editing

19. Wordy

For those with a lifetime of experience in proofreading jobs online, Wordy is the perfect place to shine. While having a tedious hiring process, getting a job here is considered prestigious due to the wide range of companies and brands Wordy works with.

20. Gramlee

Gramlee is another website for proofreading and writing editing jobs for experienced editors and proofreaders. Start your application by enrolling on their platform and waiting for verification.

21 . Starting Your Own Proofreading Business

If you have a great portfolio with years of experience behind you in online proofreading jobs, it is time to take on your former employers. Given your years in the field, put your wisdom and tricks to use.

Start a proofreading business once you are confident enough in your proofreading skills, and ensure you have collected enough experience. Never forget that you are your own best bet, so don’t lose hope if you don’t launch right away.

Let’s Get To Work!

Starting a profession in a crowded market is rather intimidating. 

But if you play your cards right and make a few early concessions, you can start on a long-term fruitful journey. Find the company that best fits you, then submit an online proofreader job application. 

Despite your first setback, your perseverance will pay off in the end. If you are among the more seasoned proofreaders, you may potentially launch your own company. Nevertheless, there are at least 21 proofreading jobs at home just waiting for you to grab them!

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