8 Ways To Get Paid To Review Movies And Improve Your Finances

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Get easy money by reviewing any of your favorite movies today!

Are you a passion movie lover? Do controversies and criticisms enhance your movie-watching experience? Do you often recommend movies to your friends? Wouldn’t it be great if you get paid to review movies? — Well, you can. However, given the popularity of this idea, it’s a highly competitive field.

In this article, we will first hone our movie writing skills, and then discuss methods to get paid for watching movies by writing reviews. 

How do you write a review and get paid for watching movies?

It is a decent writing style to summarise the movie’s plot before discussing its positive and bad features. To avoid revealing any spoilers, keep your language ambiguous. Also, make a strong case for or against the movie you are reviewing.

Now that you’re writing for the web, name any essential cast and crew people who contributed to the making of the film. This will help your review appear in search results.

Include a summary of your thoughts and a suggestion for the person reading your review to complete the review. You might say, for instance, “This movie is great for romance fans,” or “This movie is a waste of time for viewers who don’t like the genre.” Focus on the details that will tell the reader whether the movie is good or not for them.

Using a rating system, be it your website’s or your publisher’s gives the conclusion. One can give the rating in various ways, be it numbers, letters, stars, or something else.

Let’s look at some ways you can review movies for money.

What are the ways to review movies for money?


Since its founding in 2003, ScreenRant has grown to become one of the most well-known and successful websites for entertainment news. They focus mostly on TV news, films, interviews, reviews, and other topics.

For several of their most popular categories, ScreenRant is looking for writers and content creators to contribute. You can earn money watching new videos online and write articles about them if you are employed as a contributor.

On the website of ScreenRant, payment rates are not disclosed. However, Reddit user reports claim that payment consists of a flat rate plus incentives depending on how well the content performs.

You must submit the application form together with three samples from your writing portfolio and a description of your prior experience working on projects of a same kind.

2. Bustle

A website famous for majoring in women’s affairs is Bustle. They focus on style, lifestyle, wellness, and entertainment industries.

Bustle frequently seeks for fresh writers for its online publication. You can look for any job openings on their website if you’re looking for a writing position in their entertainment sector.

You must include some examples of your prior work with your application in order to be taken into consideration for the contributor role.


Established in 1967, Cineaste is a quarterly publication. Subtitled “America’s leading magazine on the art and politics of the cinema”, it does well to back up that name.

For feature pieces, movie reviews, interviews, book reviews, and DVD reviews, they invite submissions from writers. Make sure that your content adheres to the recommended word count and formatting guidelines provided on the Cineaste website if you want to improve your chances of having it accepted by the editor.

The payment scale follows a variable system depending on the article. Once approved, payment is done as:

  • Features articles: $ 90
  • Film reviews: $45
  • Book and DVD reviews: $36
  • Short take reviews:$18

4.Animation Arena

Writers are sought for by Animation Arena, a centre for all things animated, to produce films, comic book reviews, and video games.

Each review has an average word count of around 550 words. Additionally, writers on Animation Arena are paid $15 per review, and the maximum number of reviews they can submit in a month is ten.

To acquire the position, you don’t need to be a freelance movie critic expert; all you need to do is have decent grammar and submit two of your finest writing examples with your application.

5. Cracked

A website called Cracked specialises on humour and has articles on a variety of topics, including films.

Anyone who wants to sign up for the Cracked contributor role is welcome to do so. But that doesn’t guarantee that any article you submit will be published.

Before stories are published, they are thoroughly reviewed by Cracked. So, before your content is published, you might need to submit one or more pitches. Cracked will pay you $100 if your story is accepted and published after going through the review process. Your salary will then increase to $200 per article if you create four more articles and they are accepted.

To give you a clear picture of the kind of movie content they are after, some titles of their recent posts are :

  • 12 Scientific Findings About The Filthy Rich & Wealthy.
  • ‘Elden Ring’ And ‘Dark Souls’ Were Inspired By A Little-Known Game From Spain.
  • Why Comedy Needs Joe Pera.
  • 17 Celebrities and the Foods They Can’t Live Without
  • 18 Now-You-Know Movie Facts To Keep the Ghosts Away.

6. Taste of Cinema

Tate of Cinema provides a special niche in making list-based articles which enables them to get huge number of views every month. This means they will always be hiring contributors to create movie reviews and lists.

For reference purposes, here are some of their movie list topics :

  • 10 Great 2022 Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen.
  • 10 Great Horror Movies Favored By Jordan Peele
  • All 9 Martin Scorsese And Robert De Niro Movies Ranked From Worst To Best.
  • 10 Great Sci-fi Film Favored By Steven Spielberg

It is up to you to provide article ideas for films if you are selected to write for Taste of Cinema.

You will compose your article and submit it to their editor after coming up with a topic. If the editor accepts the article, you will get paid based on how many clicks or views the piece obtains. Payment is not guaranteed; therefore this implies. 

However, if you’ve just been hired to write movie reviews, publishing movie articles will help you build your portfolio. If you are selected to be a contributor on Taste of Cinema, there is no restriction on how much you may write. You earn more money the more you write.

7. Create a YouTube Channel or Movie Review Blog

You may start a blog or your own YouTube channel with movie reviews if you want to control your material.

Before any of these concepts succeed, it will need time and persistent work. However, if you’re committed, you can create a movie review empire that one day might support you as a full-time job.

The benefit of having your own content channel is that you may select the topic in which to specialize. You may, for instance, opt to exclusively evaluate horror films, Netflix films, lifetime films, etc.

8. Become a writer for Revenue Share Websites

For those who don’t want to start a blog by themselves while still wanting to control the content they produce, you can write reviews for money on revenue-share websites.

Wondering how it works? — These websites allow signing up and becoming a content writer. As you create content and it gains popularity, revenue is generated via advertisements, affiliate links, and product sales.

The generated revenue is shared between the creator and the site used for content creation.

Let’s look at some popular revenue-sharing sites to start with.


One of the first revenue-sharing websites on the internet is Hubpages. All you need to do to join Hubpages is sign up and set up a profile. Then, you can sign up for an ad program or Amazon to start making money from your articles.

Once you’ve completed them, you can begin writing.

When you’re finished writing, you should publish the piece. Your movie review will then be available on well-known search engines like Google once Hubpages runs a quality assessment check on it.

Your chances of receiving visitors to your material and increasing your revenue increase as you become more visible on search engines.

Depending on the volume of material you create, you can earn a lot of money.


Authors and storytellers may exchange information and experiences using Medium. It’s a writing platform accessible to anyone.

To earn money reviewing films on Medium, you must first be accepted into the partner program.

You must have at least one story published and more than 100 followers in order to qualify.

You can begin writing after your application has been approved.

You have two options for making money:

One is based on how long Medium users spend reading your post. Their time investment determines how much money they make. After reading one of your stories, a reader can upgrade to a paid medium membership, which is the second method. After reading any of your articles, if readers now upgrade you stand to get paid half the amount of the membership cost.

How much do Movie Reviewers Make?

Film critics earn money by publicizing their thoughts in the form of articles while working as journalists or independent contractors. It’s challenging to pinpoint the precise range of income because it varies per magazine and a yearly wage relies on how many hours a professional film reviewer chooses to put in.

However, for the purpose of comparison, payscale reports that the average yearly salary for a journalist is $42,062.

You may expect to make $15 to $200 as a new movie critic, depending on the length and distribution of your reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you make money from movie reviews?

The number of people who read your movie review will determine how much money you will make. Money may be obtained through subscription fees or income. These websites may also be referred to as pay-per-view or revenue-sharing websites. You may submit your movie reviews to a number of websites and receive royalties.

2. How do you become a film reviewer?

Having fluency in English, critical thinking skills, deciphering information, attention to detail with good communication, open to criticism and working under pressure are great skills to build your niche. Have a good writing style with exceptional language abilities.

3. What makes a good movie review?

A good movie review should be engaging for the reader, convincing, and educational, offering a clear judgment without giving away a significant amount of the narrative.. 

4. How long is a film review?

Even though movie reviews are typically brief pieces of writing, you must first prepare adequately. You might wish to research the work done by the director, certain actors, or writers before seeing the film.

5. How do you evaluate a movie?

The first thing to think about after seeing a movie is the plot: what was the movie about? The topic and tone of the film are the following: what message was it attempting to convey? Characters come next: How well did the characters play their parts, in your opinion? Did you enjoy the way the film’s director narrated the events?  How well did the soundtrack complement the film’s mood?


Getting paid to watch videos if you love films and get into arguments over what you watch to earn a real side hustle income is a very lucrative opportunity.

You’ll need excellent writing and grammatical abilities as well as the desire to learn how to structure and nearly style content if you want to succeed in this area. Do you possess these abilities? Send article proposals or applications to the websites indicated above without further ado.

If you’d want to have total control over your content, you could also create your own movie review blog or YouTube channel.

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