A Complete Guide To The Best Remote Voice-Over Jobs [10 HIGH PAYING GIGS FOR NEWBIES]

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According to the leading voice-over platform Voices, the demand for English-speaking voice articles increased by 43%, and for other languages, speakers grew even more. And it’s not solely for people with perfect voices, if you can talk in different accents clearly, then you probably can make a lot of money from voice-over jobs.

The best part about it is, it can be done fully remotely online, also junior voice artists can thrive online. If you want to know the where and hows of this industry and its secrets then this is your guide for the best remote voice-over jobs.

What is a voice-over job?

To put it simply, voice-over jobs are basically talented people on the level of their voice read and record scripts for a wide range of businesses. The companies send you words, and you read them aloud in the style and tone agreed on, after you send the record, you get paid. Simple as that.

What skills or qualifications do voice artists need?

When it comes to qualifications you don’t need any, and the saying that only people with a degree in voice acting is a total myth. However, the market is only focused on what you can bring to the table of skills and abilities. Here are three of the most crucial skills to have:

Tech skills

As a remote worker, you’ll have to be a geek even if you are not into computers and tech. You’ll have to record and edit your voice and that requires you to be able to navigate yourself around the computer software. Though, this all can be developed over time with practice.

Vocal abilities

It’s not a mystery in this field of work, having good pronunciation and diction are essential to land jobs successfully as a voice actor, and the better you get, the better the pay gets. Also, it’s recommended to be able to use your voice in diverse ways and to have the ability to manipulate your voice pitch and tone into whatever role you wish for.

A good practice voiceover work for beginners, the same as a professional, is to watch cartoons and pay close attention to how the actors use their voices and try to copy them yourself. And with daily practice, this also will get better.

Communication and interpersonal skills

Communication and interpersonal skills are the main link between you and your clients, as a freelancer, it’s required from you to be able to deliver and convey a message to the clients in a polite, friendly, and professional way.

What qualifications does a voice actor need?

Fourthly, you don’t need any degree or qualification to get into voice-over acting. Most companies only require a sample demo to showcase your abilities. Make sure your demo is of high quality and contains a range of different styles and tones to showcase to clients what you can really do with your vocal cords.

What equipment does a voice actor need?

Same to the skills required, as a freelance you get to have all the necessary equipment to ensure your work is on point. And in this line of work, you’ll need to have your own recording studio. Don’t get scared, it’s not required for you to buy the best items yet, but only enough quality to deliver good quality work.


Don’t go cheap on this one. Mics are the backbone of every successful voice artist’s journey. And the better the sounds you produce are the better the quality is, and the better the pay grade. Also, you shouldn’t hold the mic in your hand while recording, having a stand is essential to limit the vibrations and all that can reduce the quality of your recordings.

Good quality headphones

You can’t hear the quality of your mic with bad headphones. Having good-quality headphones is crucial to ensure the editing process is as on-point and smooth as possible.

Pop filter

If the microphone is the husband, then the pop filter is the wife. And when marrying both, you get no hissing or popping sounds in your audio recordings. 

Shock mount

As said, shock mounts stop the vibrations and disturbances in your audio recording thus rendering them professional.

What voice-over jobs are available?

As long as you can hear it, you can work for it. that’s the role in the voice-over jobs world, you can find jobs in almost any industry including Children(s cartoons, adult cartoons, anime, dubbed movies and television shows, commercials, video games, phone messages, podcasts, YouTube channels, Radio, Audiobooks, educational videos, business videos, and much much more.

What free training is available for voice-over artists?

If you are new to the market, it’s important to get rid of the imposter syndrome, and have total confidence in your skills and abilities. The best solution is to take training and courses. And we got you covered with free training available online.

Firstly, you can join the famous SkillShare to learn from the masters of the art of voice acting, they offer a 7-day long free trial that you can use to learn for free, and then if you don’t want to pay you can use the skillshare platform without an additional fee.

Also, youtube is the academy of all free academies worldwide, with updated videos about almost every topic in the world you can find great voice-over work for beginners, lessons, and videos like these and learn for absolutely 0 dollars. Also, the video we linked, offers a free eBook with the 10 most crucial steps to take to be a successful freelance voice-over artist, don’t mess up the chance and watch it now.

How much does a voiceover artist get paid?

The short answer is it depends, but let us explain. According to SPG Studios, the average American voice actor makes $37 per hour. However this amount varies, you as a voice artist can make more or less depending on many variables including your native tongue, the wanted language, and experience. Also being a part of a union or having union-based clients can make you earn more, therefore consider joining parties such as SAG AFTRA.

Also, don’t limit yourself to what gigs have to offer, and aim as high as you can. Nancy Cartwright is a famous voice actress known for portraying the Simpsons, she makes about $400,000 per episode. Then, why not be the next Cartwright?

How to increase your earnings as a voice artist?

As a voice-over artist, you get to choose where to promote your work, and if you are a dream chaser, then knowing these next few tips and tricks and places can make you stand out from the crowd and gain those high-paying clients.

Build your own website

It’s not for free as the next trick, but with a small investment in creating your own website, you can go a long way in making your job big. In today’s market, it’s fairly easy to set up your own simple and attractive website. Also, you don’t need to be a guru to create a website, with tools and website builders like WordPress and Squarespace you can have a solid site to showcase your work with little effort.

Create a social media presence

Nothing can beat social media presence in order to succeed in any domain, including this one. It’s the almighty place and opportunity to showcase your skills to a large audience. Also, you can connect to other artists and exchange tips and tricks, and insights with well-established voice actors in the voice-over work for the beginner’s industry.

Quality over quantity

One of the pet falls every beginner freelancer falls into is to produce as much work as he can physically to make as much money as possible. This can be good in the short term, but over time you are doing yourself injustice, you can’t work endlessly and maintain a good quality of work at the same time, you get to choose only one thing.

Every gif or job or project you work on is a testament to your professional reputation. The more bad gigs you have, the more you’ll be unable to land good jobs. And in a world where reputation goes a long way, you better do good quality work and brand yourself as a well-professional voice artist.

10 of the best places to find remote voice-over jobs

1.   Voices, for Anime voice acting jobs

As mentioned in the introduction, Voices is the leading voice-over work for beginners and marketplace online, and the biggest voice artists community on the internet. With over 2 million freelancers from over 160 countries, Voices is the hub for businesses to find the best talents in the market.

The registration process is simple, and after you create your profile loaded with demos and samples, clients will be able to find you and reach out to you to work on their projects. When landing a gig, you can expect to earn between 150 and 1500 dollars per project, making it one of the most rewarding sites and jobs on the internet per single project.

Also, there’s a talent membership that boosts your visibility to clients and gives you access to additional features. However, it’s pricey at 499 dollars per year, making it inaccessible for most new voice artists.

It’s worth mentioning that besides the mega clients Voices have in the caliber of Microsoft, history channel, and many others, you get 100% of your earnings via PayPal.

2.   ACX, to find Cartoon voice acting jobs

If you are a bookworm, this is for you. ACX is a platform that hires voice-over artists willing to bring book characters to life. Audiobooks are sold to famous companies such as iTunes, Amazon, and Audible.

Getting into ACX is fairly easy, all you have to do is to register and upload samples of your work. Also, you get to choose how to get paid, either through hourly rates or a portion of the royalties. If chosen you get 50%, which is generous from ACX.

ACX has over 1700 job positions you can get to choose from, and a whole lot of clients. The platform is a freelancing one, so upon finding the job desired, you and your client both agree on terms and conditions and then start working.

3.   Voice123, your result for “how to find voice-over work”

Another well-established company that hires freelancers since 2003 and has accomplished over 250,000 projects making it one of the best places to start as an entry-level voice artist, or to expand your abilities as an established one.

The Voice123 platform offers free accounts for new voice-over artists, but also premium and platinum accounts for professionals that can cost up to $4950 a year. It’s expensive, but the caliber of your potential clients is worth it. Voice123 works with some large companies such as Coca-Cola, The New York Times, and 21st-century Fox among many others.

Though you can expect to make between $30 and $100 per hour in the beginning.

4.   Backstage, a place to find video game voice acting jobs

Backstage is one of the most well-established voice-over companies in the world, it started even before the internet took place, in 1960.

Backstage might not have a free account option for starters, to start you’ll need to pay $9.99 per month and it’s billed annually. But it makes up for it by providing high-quality clientele ranging from Netflix, and Disney, to HBO. Also, you get to apply directly to the gigs unlike other companies, once you find a good fitting gig, you apply for it, and once accomplished you get paid, that’s simple.

The best part about Backstage is there are no additional fees associated with your work, you get 100% of what you agreed with the client, and you can also find general acting work on the platform.

5.   Snap Recordings

Started in 1997, Snap Recordings is another online platform to find jobs as a junior voice-over artist but only if you are able to fit their 3 to 5 days turnarounds. They provided mainly services for telephone messages and systems firms and corporations like BMW and iHop.

The process of signing up is as simple as it gets, you fill up a short signing form with your basic information and add up your part-time voice acting or voice acting samples and wait for the review. And upon acceptance, Voice Recordings send you jobs directly, and you can expect to earn between $50 and $100 per hour.

6.   The voice realm

You cannot beat the real description: “the biggest network of casting websites for advertisers, producers, and creative to source world-class voices’ ‘. As a freelance voice actor or actress in the voice realm, you get to voice acting from home and expect to earn around or over $100 per hour. However only after you finish the signing up process is the tradition of giving your information and some additional untraditional ones like your software name or microwaves.

The best part about the voice realm is it’s free to sign up making it the perfect place for starters to provide high-quality work and establish themselves in the industry. Also, the platform handles all the payments and invoicing, making getting paid a guarantee.

7.   Bunny Studios

The name might be silly, but Bunny Studio has over 50,000 clients for entry-level voice-over artists of the caliber of Airbnb. Also, their work is not limited to the English language solely, but to over 100 languages, so if your English is not perfect you can still make money as a voice artist.

Similar to other apps, Bunny Studios has a fast turnaround policy 85% of orders are completed in less than 12 hours of the time they start. But, that should be seen as a way to improve your work ethic, and Bunny Studios pays you even in the event of a client rejecting your work, unlike most freelancing platforms.

Also, the platform pays you for your auditions and has a 4.7 rating on the trust pilot website. So worry not, this is totally legit.

8.   Voice jockeys

As the name suggests, Voice Jockeys offers remote voice-over jobs for entry-level artists with big companies such as Walmart and JCPenney. The registration process is simple, only requiring you for a demo reel and basic information, and the approval only takes less than 24 hours generally.

Once on the platform, you can be eligible to apply for jobs. The only downfall for Voice Jockeys is the immense 50% commission fee, but it composite it with the simplicity and fastness of finding jobs even if you are low on experience.

9.   Fiverr/Freelancer/Upwork

They all share the same principle, they all connect clients with relevant freelancers all around the world. And all three platforms have a good reputation and user-friendly websites.

Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork are all over a variety of remote jobs, including home voice-over gigs, which range from single-paid tasks to long-term jobs. All you need to get your first gig or job is to create a quality profile, list all your credentials, and apply for freelance jobs at a competitive rate. It’s worth mentioning that most freelance artists prefer Fiverr over other platforms, for the amount of money they potentially can make, and for the huge amount of users, it has.

10.   Indeed

As the leading online jobs marketplace in the world, it is indeed your go-to to find jobs in almost any field on the globe including voice-over and voice art. Before considering Indeed, try to freshen up your CV, and after registration and uploading it, you can start your search for jobs, some are even long term which is always a bonus for a freelancer.

The average salary per hour for a voice actor is $15, but you can make more with the right CV and the way you market your skills.

Final thoughts: 

It is easy these days to find voice-over work online and work remotely from home. All you need to know has been covered in this article, and by now, we are sure you have a solid comprehension of the where and hows, and whys of the best remote voice-over jobs on the internet. And it’s your turn to amaze us with the tone of your voice with one of the many entry-level voice-over jobs we listed above. 

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