7 Legitimate Ways You Can Get Paid To Lose Weight

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Do you know that you can get paid to lose weight? The challenge of staying fit is probably the hardest self-achievement in today’s world in which snacks and fast food are the devil. Maybe earning money to lose weight can change the lives of 1 billion obese people worldwide. Here are 7 apps and websites that you can use to get paid to lose weight and stay fit.

It’s not a dream nor a scam, there are legitimate websites and apps that pay to lose weight, some of them have been around for more than a decade and have recently caught people’s attention.

While there are hundreds of apps that promote “make money for losing weight” we have decided to list only the best and most popular.

1. HealthyWage – your get paid to lose weight app:

If you lack motivation to lose weight then this is the best app that can get you fit and make you earn money. HealthyWage, founded in 2009, has taken losing fat to another level where it takes its user on a gambling journey of all or nothing while losing fat.

It works by placing a wager on yourself and betting 100$ to lose a certain amount of weight during a predetermined duration. If you lose weight you get double the amount you placed in first place, if you didn’t reach your goal, well, you lose the 100$, so it’s all or nothing.

The weight loss money challenge takes place within a team for a period of three months. Where you pay a monthly subscription fee of 33$ and the winning team gets an enormous reward of 10,000 dollars. To be assigned to a team, you either ask a friend to join their team, or you get automatically assigned to a team by HealthyWage.

Pros and Cons:

The best part about HealthyWage is the fact that you get paid to lose weight in cash, and you cannot run from accountability, nothing would change the bet you place but get pregnant, which is impossible if you are a man. And if you stay motivated, you’ll get a huge amount of money.

2. DietBet – The finest website that pays you to lose weight:

Similar to the previous HealthyWage and another get-paid-to-lose weight app. DietBet helps people to lose weight for money in a more healthy way. Once you sign up and place a bet or enter a game with a team, you get to choose between three different weight loss challenges for money:

  • Kickstarter: short-term plan for 28 days to help you lose 4% of your body weight
  • Transformer: a six-month-long plan to lose 10% of your body weight
  • Maintainer: a long-term challenge to help you maintain your initial weight

The total prize after the challenge ends, will be divided on each team member according to the percentage of weight they lost.

It’s worth mentioning that DietBet costs 25 dollars to place a bet, and the prize money depends on the number of people in the team. And if you achieve your goal while others don’t, you’ll at least receive a return on your investment and a flat belly.

Pros and Cons:

The pros are simple yet effective. The app is designed to help you lose weight in a healthy way over the course of months instead of a fast, unhealthy way to lose that enhances the chances of health problems and recurring obesity. Other than that, the app pays directly to your PayPal account rather than gift cards or points that other apps use.

The con of using DietBet is that you make money to lose weight in humble amounts, and it varies according to whom you compete against, and the more challenge achievers you have in your team the less you will be paid.

3. Evidation – good effort pays

Instead of tracking the amount of fat you lose, Evidation tracks your effort, which gives another meaning to the quote: “good effort”. The app basically pays for the effort you make to keep a healthy lifestyle, and you earn awards for various activities you complete In the data log like Physical exercise, sleeping quality and patterns, meditation, and motivation through social media sharing.

You earn up to 80 points daily for completing the activities and listing them, and for 10,000 points you get 10 dollars that you receive within 5 to 7 business days.

The app is available on IOS and Android and it’s compatible with various fit trackers and websites such as Fitbit and Apple Health. Evidation has gained a good reputation among people who want to make money for losing weight.

Pros and Cons:

Evidation took effort and action to turn blindly losing weight into engaging in a sustainable healthy lifestyle that will for sure make its users lose weight and stay fit. Furthermore, the app is totally free, and the payment method is in cash.

The downside of Evidation is the slow rate of earning points and therefore money, it can take at least 4 months to earn the 10$ if you get the full 80 points daily.

4. Stickk – stick to getting better 

Another app that’s based on accountability and allows you to make money losing weight, but the best thing about Stickk is you are not limited to weight loss challenges for money only, you can get paid to lose weight for various challenges and goals ranging from regular exercises to completing a marathon. Upon signing up you sign a commitment contract agreeing that if you fail to meet your goal you forfeit your money. And you’ll be assigned to a referee, mostly a friend or a family member, to keep track of your progress.

For short-term goals, it’s required for your referee to announce the completion of it. and for long-term goals, the report is required weekly. Another revelation this app has innovated is if you lose, you get to choose where your money goes, whether to the app itself, a charity, or another member.

Pros and Cons:

Basically, the pro is you decide the amount of money you bet on yourself. And the con is that you do not get paid to lose weight, but rather to reach your goal, and if you don’t you lose the money.

5. Walgreens – An app that pays you to lose weight

As the second largest pharmacy corporation in America, Walgreens is well known but not for having a website that pays to lose weight. MyWalgreens is a balanced reward program that rewards users for making healthy life choices in their daily lives. The program revolves around helping users take a healthy lifestyle around fitness, the signup is free for the first 4 weeks.

The app allows you to monitor your progress using a fitness device or the smartphone app linked to your account, and it rewards the participants for completing the chosen program each week. The challenges and tasks vary from running, walking, cycling, and a lot more. The rewards can be redeemed at Walgreens stores.

Pros and Cons:

The pro for MyWalgreens is that it’s free of risk since there is no signup fee, and if you are a faithful customer of Walgreens, you can easily use the rewards at Walgreens stores. But, the biggest con for MyWalgreens is that you can only spend what you earn in shopping at Walgreens pharmacy stores.

6. FitCoin – Get fit and get coins for it:

If you are a crypto fan and want to lose weight, then this is for you. FitCoin is the ultimate balance between fitness and cryptocurrency, the app rewards you for walking. The business model for this app is the odd innovative side, it measures your physical activity and converts it into cryptocurrency via an algorithm. Once you reach the minimum you can cash out these virtual tokens.

FirCoin can make you earn a lot if you are a gym rat, but if you use it occasionally and as a side income, the earnings may be less than the other similar apps. But on the other side, you get paid in crypto, which is the new world order that’s taking over and it’s not a bad idea to join the ride.

Pros and Cons:

The FitCoin app, unlike other applications that pay you to lose weight, pays in the most valuable cryptocurrency, bitcoin. Also, the platform rewards the most enthusiastic users generously for their efforts. Sadly on the cons side, FitCoin relies on third-party devices to track your activity, if you don’t have a FitBit or Samsung band you’ll not be able to track your physical activity and thus earn money losing weight.

7. SweatCoin – the easiest get-paid-to-lose-weight app

The most famous application that pays you to lose weight so far, SweatCoin pays its users to walk, by tracking steps and monitoring your walk distance. It’s simple and efficient, and if you don’t like getting paid through PayPal or memberships within the platform, you can donate the money to charities like Save the children.

The app was recently released, with more than 860 million coins in circulation since its launch in April 2022, SweatCoin is your go-to get-paid to walk.

Pros and Cons:

The best part about SweatCoin is it revolutionized the get-paid-to-lose-weight industry by simply encouraging its users to walk and earn money doing so. The flaws on the other hand are immense in that the app does not give significant rewards, and you have only one option to earn money which is walking

Now, it’s time to hack your motivation to get paid to lose weight

1. Discipline, because motivation doesn’t last long

Discipline is the key to long-term success, it’s human nature for motivation to wear off with time. That’s why most short-term commitments are easier to complete compared to long-term ones. To lose weight it’s important to establish a routine and a regime that you strictly follow and obey.

2. A workout plan

What’s for all people may not be for you, even if your goal is to make money for losing weight. The first step in losing weight is to know what exercise plan works best for you. The best general rule is to choose something that helps relieve stress and something you are familiar with. So if you like walking to work, maybe choosing running instead of weight lifting is the best choice for you to lose weight.

3. Accountability partner

You may postpone workouts if you train alone, but having an accountability partner who cheers you up and motivates you won’t let that happen. The accountability partner is someone who shares the same goal as you do in the first place, and seeking one within the weight loss community is the best choice. It would be even better if you and your accountability partner were willing to join the same weight loss challenge for money.

4. Practical Goals

Baby steps, that’s the name of the game of weight loss. Setting extreme goals to lose fat will just hold you back and staying motivated when pushing yourself daily over your limits is extremely hard to maintain.

If you are new to getting paid to lose weight, Start with small, achievable goals, and gradually increase your workout program. Rather than going full in and exhausting yourself in no time.

5. Social media – sharing is caring 

Social media isn’t all that bad when there’s an audience to cheer you up and to be happy for your success in losing weight. Sharing your results with your friends and family when you reach major milestones can motivate you to go even further and for sure it will be an inspiration for others.

Final thoughts on Getting paid to lose weight: 

Adopting a new healthy lifestyle is not an easy task, it takes effort and dedication but it can be more enjoyable when you know you can get paid to lose weight on apps and websites.

If you cannot figure out the best app for you that can help you get paid to lose weight, try the most popular one and figure it out from there since the most important thing is to just start.

It will be exhausting at first but once you get into a routine and build the habit of exercising you’ll start making a steady long-term side income. So why don’t you start today?

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