How To Make Money Right Now: 40 Must-Know Life Hacks For Super-Fast Money

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Who hates money? Sometimes life hits you when you least expect it and you need that instant cash, other times you are just sick and tired from being broke and want more dollars in your wallet to enjoy life. 

Either way, we have all that you need to make money instantly now in 2022 with free money hacks. Some are super easy, others require a bit of work and time, but the sure thing is after reading this article you’ll be ready to make money no matter the situation you are in

Let’s dive deep into 40 real money hacks and free cash hacks to earn that well-desired money, but first, what’s a money-making hack anyway? 

What is a money-making hack anyway?

It’s self-explanatory, a money-making hack can take two different forms, either tips, and tricks to save money, or hacks to make money, and making money is what this article is all about. 

Similar to a business or a job, some hacks require some work and effort to achieve more financial stability, others are not that demanding and even fun doing normal endeavors like playing games or shopping. The most important thing is to find what suits you the most and your specific needs. 

25 online ways to get cash today, money hacks that actually work.

In this part of our listicle, we are going to cover how to make instant money online, using hacks that can be done straight out of your smartphone or computer. You should consider getting your PayPal account fully verified since a lot of apps and websites we listed require you to have one. Overall we will cover the following ways to make money online: 

• Surveys

• Downloading apps

• Referral schemes

• Sign up bonuses

• Free prize entry

• Matched betting and free spins and bets

• Playing games 

• Crypto rewards 

• Trivia quizzes

• A side hustle 

• Product testing 

Ready or not, let’s dive into how you can make money online right now. With the following legal money hacks.

1. inbox dollars instant $5, your hack for money

Besides the instant $5 you get for just signing up to Inbox Dollars, you get the chance to make more money by answering surveys, searching the web, playing games, or watching videos and more. Inbox dollars is a fast way to make a fast $5, with over $80 paid to their users and a score of 4.1 at TrustPilot, Inbox dollars is one of easiest money hacks out there. Also, it pays you with PayPal or gifts. 

2. Nielsen $50

The true definition of a passive income is Nielsen’s computer and mobile panel, they pay $50 a year to just install their app on your device. The company is 100 years old, and they gather data from anonymous users like yourself to improve products, brands, and services. Additionally, they roll you in a free lottery each month for winning 10,000$. 

3. Opinion Inn $10 sign-up bonus

Opinion Inn is a survey company that matches you with the perfect survey, and one of the best hacks for free money. Also if you join today you’ll get a free bonus of $10. The only catch with Opinion Inn is the fact that you can only withdraw $25 or above, so you’ll need to make another $15 with surveys. 

The amount is easy to make with a few surveys taken, also the app pays you in PayPal; so what not to like? 

4. Cash app $5 referral, how to hack Cash app for free money?

Cash app is an online wallet app that offers you a bonus of $5 when using our own code: JBBQPLZ in the “Enter referral code” section when signing up to the app. With the Cash app, you can send and receive money, invest, and get custom bank cards. 

The app offers you the $5 only after sending a similar amount ($5) to another cash up user, you can ask a friend to send him the $5, therefore you get your $5 and the bonus one. 

Also with each referral you make, you get money for it. And when you deposit cash into your account, you get the chance to get boots up to $100. Thought, play it safe and use the code JBBQPLZ to get the free $5 bonus. 

5. Join Ibotta and get $5 instant cashback 

Ibotta is a cashback app and company with partnerships covering thousands of retailers and providers worldwide. For signing and after your first purchase you get a free $5 as a bonus. The best thing about Ibotta is you can either shop online or in stores, in brands like game stop, Walmart, pet co, or home depot. 

To get your cashback money, and the bonus, you’ll have to submit your shopping receipts after shopping. Easy and rewarding. 

6. Swagbucks

Similar to Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks offers surveys, pools, app downloads, and much more to make money. The app uses a point system named SB points, for a 2500 SB point you get a wholesome $25. 

The Swagbucks app is used by millions worldwide, and they have paid over $600 million to their users through Paypal credit or gift cards. 

7. Robinhood $3 to $220 free stock 

It’s a free cash trick. Robinhood is a trading and investing platform that gives you a stock worth between $3 and $220, and it’s commission-free, so what you earn is what you get. The average user gets a stock of value less than $10, but if you are lucky you can get up to $220. 

The Robinhood app is catching free, and you can cash out your earnings immediately, or keep them in the app for potential further earnings. 

8. Branded surveys $0.50 welcome bonus 

Similar to the previous survey apps, Branded surveys are just another amazing alternative to make easy money online. You get a signing-up reward of $0.50 and paid to PayPal, various gift cards, amazon, and google play. 

9. Rakuten $30 sign-up Bonus 

Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is a cashback site partnered with over 3000 stores in the US, Japan, and Canada, so if you live elsewhere maybe consider the similar apps listed on this list. 

After signing up, you’ll get a $30 signup bonus, and you’ll have to spend another $30 at one of their partnered stores to withdraw it. Though, you can always continue to use Rakuten to get cash back after each of your purchases. 

10. My Points $10 Welcome Bonus 

My points is basically a survey and cashback site that rewards you with a generous $10 bonus after signing up. My points also pay you to take surveys and to purchase at one of their partnered stores. To get paid you can use PayPal, Old Navy, Visa, and various gift cards including iTunes, Burger King, and many others. 

11. Opinion Outpost 

With over 2 million users, Opinion outpost is another well trusted and established survey site. They pay over $390,000 every month to their users to take simple surveys online. The app rewards in points, every 100 points gives you $10 that you can withdraw using various methods such as Gift cards, PayPal, Visa, or Amazon.

12. Toluna 

Yet another survey site, YAY! The best thing about survey sites and the worst is you can never have too many. Taluna has partnerships with various brands to conduct surveys for them such as coca cola, you can make money through watching videos, taking surveys or playing games.

Similar to other survey sites, you get points for each completed task that you can exchange for money in the form of gift cards. 


Have you ever dreamed of winning money just for entering a contest? The PrizeRebel is your go-to, they offer surveys mainly to earn money and contests for high-value rewards such as iPhones and gift cards. Also, you have the option to make money through referrals. 

Similar to other apps, PrizeRebel uses points that you can exchange later on for cash prizes. 

14. Matched Betting, Free bets, and spins, your way to how to get money right now. 

Have you heard of Elf on the Shelf, then here’s a way to gamble without losing any money. Online gambling has grown so fast in the last couple of years, and it’s your chance to get money through matched betting, double, and lay bet matching are all the same. 

It works by taking advantage of the bookmakers’ free bets, where they often offer new users free bets ranging values of a few dollars to hundreds. They also randomly pick old users and reward them with free bets. 

The goal is to use multiple bookmakers to cover all the sports event outcomes, meaning you’ll win whether you choose team A or team B. To be successful in that domain, you’ll need to sign up for multiple agencies and to be familiar with odds and betting terminology. 

To get started, make sure to check out our trust company here, they will give you all the needed information and set you with your first matched bet winning over $40 for free. Also, you get free spins, and whatever you win you keep. 

Another great company is OJO, they periodically offer new and old users fantastic free spins to make money. The golden rule is to make sure you don’t use your personal money on any gambling app, that’s why you should check one of the two listed companies. 

15. Earn up to $100 in free cryptocurrency with Coinbase 

One of the most cryptocurrency exchange apps online. Coinbase, another online exchange allows you to deposit fiat currency such as dollars, pounds, and euros to exchange for cryptocurrency, and vice versa. 

If you join Coinbase while reading this, you get the chance to win $100 for taking short quizzes. They say they are on a mission of educating people about cryptocurrency. You can cash out your earnings straight away or invest them within the app and increase your earnings. The best part of CoinBase is that it’s totally free. 

16. Download mobile Xpression and earn over $10

Similar to Nielsen we listed above, Mobile Xpression pays you to collect your data anonymously, mainly to know how you use the internet and for how long to improve businesses. The guarantee about mobile Xpression is you can earn $10 in less than two weeks for each device you link to your account if you use a mobile and a laptop, then you’ll get $40 per month doing absolutely nothing. 

17. Play swagIg Trivia games 

If you are good at quiz games, or your friends call you genius then you should try SwagIQ Trivia games. They pay you by answering 10 questions that get progressively harder. It’s free to play and you have a good chance of winning big prizes. To download the app on your smartphone click here, and get paid with gift cards. 

18. Win big prizes with lucktastic 

Another free gambling app, lucktastic is free to join so you have nothing to lose. You can win up to 1 million dollars and the app is reported to give $10,000 or prizes daily. Ranging from money, BBQ’s, electronics and gift cards to your favorite stores. 

19. Pinch Me

As simple as it is, Pinch me pay to try one of their hundreds of products. The best part about it is it’s completely free, they mail you the product, you review it, submit your report and keep it. Also, they send coupons and discount codes among many other ways to make money. 

20. Play games with Mistplay and make $50 

Mistplay rewards its users to play their favorite games for free, you get up to a maximum $50 a month for just playing games on Mistplay.

Founded in 2015, mistplay has paid millions of users through gift cards, amazon, visa, PayPal, and more. It’s legit and easy, so what are you waiting for to try Mistplay? 

21. Sell photos 

One of the easiest online jobs is selling photos online, you don’t have to be an expert with the camera, a photo of a pen or an apple, or a garden in the fall is all you need. On average a single photo sells for between $0.30 and $0.50, and you can sell the same picture multiple times. You can sell your photos online on one of the following websites: 

• Your own personal website 

• Shutterstock

• Adobe Stock

• Fotomoto

• Alamy 

• Etsy 

Basically, you can make up to $500 selling photos online, and the above sites are just a drop in the ocean on where you can sell photos. Just make sure to take them or to have their copyrights. 

22. Sell feet pics for Money 

May not be the high demand products you got in mine, but cute feet can make you a fortune. You can sell your foot picture on sites and apps like Instafeet, Feetify, or only fans for up to $100. But the average is less than $10.

The golden rule for any foot pics seller is to never meet any customer in person or share any personal or valuable information on your profile. Keep yourself safe and make money online. 

23. Get a payday loan 

If you face an emergency and need money urgently, you can always get a payday loan. This is only available for people with good credit and who are employed. Other than that, always consider that you’ll have to pay back the loan for interest, and that could lead you to serious debt. 

24. Start a side hustle and earn long term income 

Side hustles are a good way to earn money, they don’t typically need any degree or experience nor do they interface with your current job. The only drawback for a side hustle is that the results take often sometimes and require quite an effort, but if you are young and full of energy or desperately need money, here’s a list of what you can do today as a side hustle: 

• Become a proofreader or editor 

• Start a blog

• Write for Medium

• Write for Vocal Media

• Edit photos 

• Data entry

• Write product descriptions 

• Become a virtual assistant 

• Transcribe audio to text 

• Teach English to kids and foreign language students 

• Translate articles and text from English to a foreign language 

• Help students with homework

• Make memes 

• Edit photos 

• Write slogans 

• Become a voice-over artist

• Sell handmade crafts on Etsy

• Open an online store 

• Design websites 

• Write code 

• Become a consultant 

Whatever you choose, you can always find clients on freelance sites like Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer among many others. Start small, start today, and build the income you want. 

25. Monetize social media 

If you have a large audience on your social media, then don’t overlook the opportunity of making a full income with it. You can become an influence and get paid to market products you like, sell services or do affiliate marketing, the options of monetizing your social media accounts are limitless. 

Real-world free money hacks.  

If you are not a fan of online real free money hacks, we got you real-life money hacks to use: 

26. Donate your poop 

According to the Washington Post, a poop donor can make $13,000 per year with the stuff you flush down the toilet. YES, it’s silly but you can make a lot of money by donating your poop. 

OpenBiome is one of the companies you can donate your poop for, they collect good bacteria from it to use to treat people with infections. It has clinics all over the US that are willing to test you from any diseases that could harm or hold you from donating poop. Once approved, you can make $40 per poop, and a $50 thank you a bonus if you donate regularly. 

27. Donate plasma 

Donating blood is for free, and it’s ethically wrong to charge money for blood. But on the other hand, donating plasma to plasma banks can get you some serious money. You can earn up to $1000 donating plasma per month, while also helping people in need. 

This is super easy, you basically just lay down and let the staff do their work, it’s painless and you get to eat free snacks after the donation and also get paid. You can donate with CSL Plasma or Octapharma Plasma

28. Donate sperm 

Well, not all sperm will end up being a kid, but all sperm you donate will get you paid. To donate sperm you’ll have to be healthy and free from infectious diseases like HIV and hereditary conditions. You’ll get tested to see your physical general health before being eligible to donate. You can earn up to $1,500 a month for solely donating and $500 each time you refer a health man so spread the word to your friends. 

29. Donate your eggs 

For the ladies, you can donate your eggs each month and get paid for instead of just losing them for free. Just like men, women will have to take a full medical test, and once improved you can earn up to $6,500 per donation cycle. You can contact an Eggdonor to see if you fit the role, or google it to find the best clinic near you for egg donation. 

30. Become a surrogate mother 

Sadly, not all women are able to get babies, becoming a surrogate mother helps them get the kid they dream of. It takes 9 months, and it’s lowkey painful, but you can earn about $75,000, including other compensations like medical fees, loss of earnings, money for massages and relaxing therapies, a fee if you need a c-section, and extra pay if you have twins or triplets. You get more information here. This is one of the hardest real free money hacks but it’s worth it. 

31. Mow local lawns and gardening, your instant money hack

Easy and rewarding, mowing your neighbor’s lawns and helping in gardening can make you earn between $50 and up to $250 per garden. You can go door to door or list your services on online websites like Craigslist, so what are you waiting for to try this free money hack? 

32. Sell unwanted electronics 

One of the oldest tricks in the book of money hacks, if you own unwanted electronics, you can always sell them online on sites like eBay, or to your local used electronics store and make some cash. 

33. Walk dogs or pet sit 

You can get paid to take animals for a walk, a dream come true for animal lovers. The job is basically taking care of busy owners’ pets. According to Indeed, an average dog walker can make $16.58 per hour per dog. If you can get many dogs to walk, that adds up quickly. You can find similar gigs on websites like

34. Babysit 

Maybe you are not a fan of dogs, but like kids, have a clean criminal record and can get clients, you can become a babysitter and earn up to $16 an hour, and some make more than $1000 per week. You can get babysitting jobs on or through friends and family members with kids. One of the best real free money hacks. 

35. Open a mobile car wash 

This is a really easy money-maker to start today. All you need is a bucket, a sponge, and some soap, and you can start cleaning cars. Go around your local area and see if anyone wants your services. You can charge anywhere between $10 and $20 per car. 

36. Rent a room in your home with Airbnb 

If you got a spare room in your house, you can rent it per day, week, or month on Airbnb. The cost of renting a room depends largely on your house location, size of the room, and the quality of furnishings. That being said, the average rent of one room on Airbnb is $84. 

37. Drive for Uber 

If you own a car, you can make extra side money from picking people up through Uber. You can even make a full-time income, reporting that some Uber drivers in America make over $55,000 a year. Also, the great thing about Uber is its flexibility, you can work anytime you want. It is one of the best real free money hacks.

38. Rent your car with Turo 

Unlike Uber, Turo gives you the chance to rent your car for a wholesome amount of money and insurance. You can earn up to $1365 with one single car, reports say. So why don’t you try it today? 

39. Pawn Jewelry 

If you are going through a financial struggle, you can pawn your jewelry in your local pawn store and get instant money. You can get your jewelry back after a few weeks when you get over the struggle otherwise you risk losing it permanently. 

40. Flip free stuff 

You can flip free stuff using one trick most people overlook. On Craigslist, Freecycle, or Facebook some people list items for free as a way to give back to the community. You can get these items and sell them for a profit, after all, it’s a free gig so you have nothing to lose. 

Final thoughts on free money hacks

In this article, we cover 40 free money hacks to make money instantly, but there’s an abundance of them ranging from online selling products to free items flipping. 

Also, some real money hacks take only a few seconds, while others take days if not months, we got you covered on all sides needed to make your first dollar now. So, go and get yourself that desired money today like a boss. 

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