Top 10 Sites that Pay You to Type :[Make $1K/Month by Typing from Home]

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In this day of age, finding ways to make money by typing online has never been easy. Jobs like typing are in high demand and offer flexibility to fit any schedule. So if you are a student or looking for extra money, typing jobs require little equipment and investment and they are your best option to make money online by typing, so let’s find out what’s all about.

Who can get paid to type?

Most of the time jobs in the typing industry are open for people from all ages and backgrounds, but some companies only hire based on location, mainly in the US, Canada, The UK, and Ireland. But overall you can find a job from anywhere in the world, all you have to do is apply and check the terms and conditions of the company.

Keep in mind that your level of experience matters, some companies only hire experienced typists, while others welcome seniors and newbies alike. The experience reflects on your salary, the more years you have in the industry the more your earnings are high, and vice versa.

What equipment do I need to get paid to type?

Requirements are very simple and available at almost any house, however, some companies might have special requirements. Here’s a list of all the equipment you need to get paid to type:

  • A computer or laptop, preferably with a big screen or monitor to help you type fast
  • A reliable internet connection, you are reading this article so it’s safe to assume you got a good connection.
  • Headphones or a headset, you’ll need those in transcription jobs.
  •  A foot pedal is the only piece of specialist equipment that some typists use. It’s not essential for all gigs, but for some, it will be. Please don’t buy one unless you are sure you are going to need it.
  • Preferably a mechanical keyboard, it’s not necessary but aids to make the long typing hours more comfortable.
  • Microsoft Word, yet that might surprise you but it’s the most famous typing software in the world.
  • For some jobs, you might need to have a particular software for data processing but you can expect your company to provide these.

The pro tip is to make sure you are fully committed to typing as a job before investing in any equipment. You are here to make money, not to spend it.

Can you make money online by typing?

The short answer to the question is YES, but the better question that requires a long answer is “Are you the right fit?”. To make it in the typing industry as a typist is to have a few solid core skills, most notably English language, you need to have great spelling and grammar abilities. Also, being a tech nerd serves you well in this industry as knowing how to surf and use different websites and software is another core skill.

Besides that, an important skill that is mostly expected is high typing speed and accuracy. The faster and more accurately you put letters on the screen, the more numbers are on your paying cheque. A good way to know how fast and accurate you type is through this site, a test that will take only a few minutes but can set you up for a successful career.

How much money can you make typing?

The earning potential for each typist varies in accordance with various variables including experience and skills. For example, having a medical or legal background can boost you’re earning rates, also if you are bilingual or a polyglot then you are able to earn more.

Moreover, the speed you type will impact your hourly rate and the firms you work for. Generally speaking, you can make a typist per year between $26,000 and $31,000 as a high earner according to Zippia.

Also, each company pays on a different day of the week and ways, some pay per project, others by keystroke, and some per audio minute or audio hour. The ways are limitless but the most common one is to get paid by hourly rate regardless of the output.

What skills should a typist have? (How to learn to type faster?)

Overall you’ll need to be able to type fast and accurately and have good interpersonal skills since as a typist you’ll have to communicate with others working in teams or seniors. Also, general computer skills and strong writing abilities are necessary for this job.

If you have hearing impairments you probably should consider another stream of work, the typing industry often involves listening and transcribing audio. Some options we offer in this article suit everyone so don’t give up yet.

What typing work can you be paid for?

In the typing industry, there are variations of work you can choose from to get paid for typing online. Some popular gigs are Transcription, Captioning and subtitling, Captchas, Translating, and Data entry which a broad topic contains itself in other subdomains such as copying handwritten documents into digital documents and more.

All jobs for typing have similar duties no matter the name of the position or the company, the essence is typing data from one medium to another.

What are the pros and cons of typing for money?

It’s a universal law for everything to have a good and bad side, and typing for money isn’t unique in that sense.

The pros:

  • Working remotely. Most typists can work entirely from home, making it suitable for parents, students, or people who live in areas with fewer job opportunities.
  • Low requirements. You don’t need to buy anything or invest in starting to work as a typist. Also, you don’t need to have any special skills or a college degree to get started.
  • Flexibility, you get to choose when , where, and how much you work.

The cons:

  • Not right for everyone. Making money may let you work jobs just for the sake of it, but if you struggle with reading or writing then it’s unlikely to see success in the typing industry.
  • It’s not passive. Typing is an active hustle, unlike other passive side hustles like investment, typing requires you to be old-fashioned and put time and effort into it.
  • It won’t make you rich. Typing is a good side hustle to make extra money, but not enough to ensure your retainment in the Bahamas.

10 of the best typing for cash gigs:Make Money by Typing

If you have ever wondered how to make money by typing at home? Then we got you covered, in the following lines you’ll find out the best online typing jobs, typing at-home jobs, and a wide range of typing jobs online. 

Data entry typing jobs might be the perfect job for a new worker online, here are 10 places where you can find type-from-home jobs and similar ones. 

1.   Aberdeen, is the best place to find jobs online to make money

If you fancy working for television, then this is your way too. You might not be on the front screen, but a part of your job at Aberdeen is to work as a transcriptionist who adds subtitles to live television. At the time of writing this Aberdeen is Hiring for new positions.

Aberdeen is a great option for night owls or students, they offer jobs for every day if you want to start at 8 pm and end at 2 am.

To be eligible to work for Aberdeen you should have experience or be trained in transcription or captioning, be able to write 180 to 220 words per minute, and have two computers since the job does not allow for failure of any kind, and that goes as well with your internet connection. Finally, you need to have three phone lines. The requirements might be high and a lot but that’s due to the fact that you work on live TV. Moreover, discipline is a huge part of this gig, be on time always, and have an open mind for feedback that might be harsh sometimes.

The earning potential at Aberdeen, if accepted, is high, you can expect to earn $1.5 per audio minute, meaning you can make up to $90 an hour. To apply for Aberdeen you’ll need to send the hiring manager a new and fresh up-to-date C.V.

2.   Babbletype

How to make money by typing at home? Well, Babbletype is the best place to start your typing career as they are constantly looking for juniors to join their team as transcriptions and translations. They describe themselves as the hub of strong working relationships between workers, and a team-oriented environment. And that is reflected in the time they put into educating their handpicked employees.

To work for Babbletype, you must be capable of delivering high-quality work, be knowledgeable and accurate, and prefer to work with curious and always seeking knowledge people. Also, you commit to transcribing at least 1 hour of audio four times a week, but they like transcriptionists to be available for 15 to 20 hours a week.

Furthermore, Babbletype is interested in long-term employees and works internationally so if you live outside the United States you are eligible to work for Babbletype. The payment is modest though, with only $0.40 per audio minute, making it $24 per audio hour. The application process is also a drawback for the time it takes, you apply, take tests and assessments, and conduct an interview, but if you are interested here’s where you can apply.

3.   Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon is famous for its services, shopping, streaming, and more, but not as much for offering typing work. Amazon Mechanical Turk is an online marketplace for task completion and online easy jobs and ways to pick up typing gigs.

Commonly known as mTurk, the Amazon Mechanical Turk has millions of human intelligence tasks (HITs), ranging from arranging pictures to transcription and data entry. You get to choose!

To be eligible for mTurk all you have to do is to fill in basic information and wait for the acceptance letter which usually takes only 3 days. And all nationalities are accepted, what matters really is your potential. After acceptance in the first 10 days, you get only to do 100 hits max a day, after that period you raise up to 3800 hits per day.

The task’s price starts at $0.1, making its income it pretty much modest, ranging from $2 per hour reported by many users, and $7.24 per hour only made by 4% of mTurk users according to a Cornell university study. The negative side of mTurk is that you get paid only to US banks, but if you are not able to get a U.S bank account, all your earnings are credited to your Amazon accounts as gift cards which you can use to shop on Amazon.

4.   Kolotibablo

It might be easy to join, but is it right for you? Kolotibablo is a company that hires typists to work on captcha, a test, or tasks that determine whether the user of the internet is human or a boy and therefore ensure the internet websites’ safety. Generally, the task requires you to rearrange fonts or pictures to the right angle.

Captcha work is one of the easiest typing jobs on the whole internet, suitable for kids, teens, and people of all ages who look to make a side income. As said, Kolotibablo doesn’t have any age requirements or location-based preferences, as long as you have a device to access the internet you are ready to work.

Typically for 1000 captchas solved accurately, you get $1, and people on Kolotibablo report to make about $200 per month. Other popular websites similar to Kolotibablo are Captcha Typers and Mega Typers.

5.   Rev, where you get paid for typing. 

At Rev, you’ll be responsible for more than just simple tasks like solving captchas. Rev is a versatile site that offers jobs and ways to make money online by typing, transcription, captioning, and subtitling. If you are a native speaker of another language besides English, then Re might be the perfect place for you to earn money online.

To be eligible to work for Rev, you must be a worker and have an issued valid I.D. from either Australia, Canada, India, or the US excluding the state of California, Ireland, Mexico, South Africa, the Netherlands, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom. But don’t worry, if you speak another language and applied for subtle work only, they consider other nationalities.

Earnings from Rev vary, with an average of $245 per month in revenue to their workers, while top earners make up to $1495. And you can get paid weekly via PayPal with Rev.

Let’s assume your application for Rev didn’t get approved, here’s a list of a similar site to Rev to choose from:

These sites are all similar to Rev in working eligibility and conditions, but it’s advised to check their requirements before submitting any application. However there are hundreds of other choices all over the web, all you have to do is search.

6.   Squadhelp

Squadhelp, is the hub of all creative but kind of lazy writers. It offers you a unique way to make money, by naming brands and writing short descriptive taglines. It’s a competitive endover, the company asks for a brand name or a tagline, the squadhelp community all join in a contest to do the required, and then finally the company chooses their favorite name and pays the person who presented it.

This line of work can be discouraging for some, but if you are an artistic person and a words wizard, you can make some serious money either by naming brands or joining designing contests hosted by squadhelp if you have the necessary skills.

To work for Squadhelp, you don’t have to be a US citizen, they accept all nationalities. However, if you live within the US you must fill out the W9 tax form, or W8-BEN form if you live outside the US.

The payment from Squadhelp differs slightly from other websites, you don’t get the money per hour, but per contest, if you were able to win it. The prizes range from $100 to $300 and on some rare occasions even more. And this was your answer on how to make money by typing at home. 

7.   SpeakWrite

The company SpeakWrite is a transcription company with a great reputation and wages, your tasks as an employee are simple and repetitive, and you listen to audio files and write down their contents accurately. The files can be from any industry, including police departments, law offices, and protective services.

To be eligible to work for SpeakWrite you must be a citizen of Canada or of any United States of America but the state of California, be Able to type 60 words per minute with 90% accuracy, and have a foot pedal and Microsoft Word software. However, it’s preferable to have a legal background and experience in transcription, with a high level of English grammar.

The best thing about Speakwrite is that they offer above the market average pay, an average employee can make around $450 while top typists make $3400 per month plus the bonus and rewards.

8.   Hollywood Transcriptions

You love movies, You like to spend hours typing on your computer, And you want to make money online by typing, right? Hollywood Transcriptions is the perfect place for you, working with the film industry to provide movie subtitles, thus making your dream come true.

To be eligible to work for Hollywood Transcriptions you’ll need to be a US resident, have a typing speed of at least 65 words per minute accurately, own a digital food pedal, and be obviously fluent in English a computer literate.

Similar to other sites, there’s no official report of how much Hollywood Transcriptions pay, but testimonials from typists suggest that you are able to make around $500 per month with Hollywood Transcriptions.

9.   Microworkers

As the name suggests, the microworker’s website offers small tasks and gigs that can be completed easily and often involve data entry or transcription. Making Microworkers one of the best places to start making money as an entry-level typist.

The eligibility to work for Microwokers is wide, you can be a citizen of any country and have any level of experience. You are also not required to have any specific equipment or software, except the needed internet connection and laptop. But before getting accepted to the site, you’ll first have to pass the “know you customer” (KYC) registration process that requires you to have a valid I.D…

According to a Reddit Thread, the average worker at Microworkers makes between $5 and $7 per hour. You don’t get to withdraw your earnings until you reach the minimum $10, and you can get paid via various methods including Transpay, Skrill, Dwolla, and PayPal.

10.   Clickworker

Clickworker, similar to Microworkers, is a safe and legit site ideal for newbies and entry-level job seekers. To use Clickworker you have to be over 18 years old and a citizen of a supported nationality. The gigs you’ll do include: Data entry, Proofreading, Online research, Mystery photography, Categorization, Surveys, Data processing, Studies, and or Text creation.

Also, similar to the previous microworkers, clickworker is all about accumulating micro jobs, the more you do the more you can make.

The Clickworker company made sure you can make money online by typing also on your mobile phone using their app. The app is available on IOS and Android. Also as a bonus for signing up to the clickworker platform, you get free access to the UHRS, a secondary marketplace where you can trade, sell, and buy.

Now to the best part, you can expect to earn between $8 and $11 per hour using the clickworker app, other reports up to $20 per hour. However, the more time and effort you put into work the more likely you are to make more. And the less you do jobs or accurately you are the less you are able to make. The app pays via PayPal, Payoneer, and SEPA. The only negative side of Clickworker is that sometimes you get a lot of work, and other times you barely get anything. Therefore don’t count on clickworker to pay your bills.

Final thoughts on making money by typing:

After you reach this far, you are now sure that there’s money to make from typing, only the amount varies depending on your abilities and experiences. Also, by taking time to invest in educating yourself to expand your skills you can be sure you’ll earn more as a typist.

Though, there’s no shame in being new to the industry with no experience, sticking to the micro tasks is a good way to build typist foundations or if you have money to spare you can take an online training course. The sky’s the limit really, making money by typing is a reality now. 

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