Top 10 Get Paid-to-Date Websites and Apps you need to Make money

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Each person’s dream, get paid to date job. But fortunately, it does not have to stay in your dreams, you can get paid to date people and you don’t have to worry about getting attached or being attached to, most people using your services are just in need of someone to attend social events with. The get paid to go on a date’s side hustle is the right combination between earning money, going out, and talking to people. don’t blink, this is the top 10 get-paid-to-date online websites and apps you need to make money. But first, let’s answer your questions.

Get paid to date, How paid dating works?

As simple as it is, get paid to date online is an easy job that requires you to go out and meet with people. If you are lucky, you get on dates with rich women or men to expensive places. Usually, platforms and apps require you to sign up and upload your pictures, some have fixed prices ranging between $10 and $300 per hour, while others have negotiable prices.

Remember, dating for money is not an escort service, you don’t have to get physically intimate with your client against your wish. If he or she forced you to do something you don’t want, you can leave and report them immediately on the used platform, which would cause them to be banned.

Now, let’s dive into the best platforms and apps to get paid for dating.

What are the best get-paid-to-date websites?

In this day of age, you can as a man get paid to date women, and if you are a woman you can go on dates for money online and make a living from it, here are all the websites and apps you’ll need to get paid for online dating. 

1. The First Get Paid to Date Website, Ohlala

One of the best dating sites that pay money to go on dates and get paid with people in your area. Ohalala connects users together and allows you to negotiate the conditions of your date with your companion. Also, you can create date invitations if you are the customer and send them to potential companions. And if you are the hustler you get to choose on which date you go based on your preferences, also you get to send your own pictures and videos for a price. The Ohlala platform is popular among youth and can be found in all parts of the world.

To use Ohlala, it’s completely free, but as a client, you would have to pay a fee starting from $57.99 to go on dates.

2. Miss Travel

To use Miss Travel you’d have to be above 18 and pay a subscription fee. Though as the name suggests Miss Travel arranges dates for travelers both men and women alike, and it’s also available internationally.

The app and site of Miss Travel, allow its users to pick and choose companions and negotiate with them by checking their profiles and talking directly to find a common ground. And like all dating apps, women tend to get more dates, but don’t lose hope if you are a man. The Miss Travel app allows you to upload as many pictures as possible therefore enhancing your chances to get that perfect date.

Miss Travel suggests a subscription fee of $49.99 a month, while you can pay less for longer periods, $54.99 for 3 months, and for 6 months you pay only $59.99. and your earning depends on your negotiation skills.

3. Rent a Date

Perfect for people that want to brag at social events, or just feel awkward attending alone. Rent a Date is the place where you can get your social event partner for a small subscription fee. And it’s available for men and women alike, from 18 years old to 75, the choice is yours.

The process of Rend a Date is simple, after you sign up, you get to pick your date or offer your services. The company’s main focus is on spending quality time and communication between users, and after each date, the company asks for a report from both the client and the date.

The minimum to earn on Rent a Date is $165 per hour, with a small fee to access the website’s gallery, also your earning varies according to the client rating. Overall Rent a Date is your perfect choice for attending social events to get paid.

4. My Bunny Date

It’s not just another online app to get paid to go on dates. My Bunny Date is an auction-based service, basically, clients get to bid against each other on who’s going to get on a date with you. Clients get to offer any amount of money they find reasonable, and you get to choose on which date you go. Some users are “generous members” who tip huge amounts of money, which in all cases, you’ll only receive after going on the date. The platform is mainly targeting women who want to get paid to go on dates with rich men, but if you are an attractive dude you might land a few dates too.

My bunny date features a privacy policy that shows the bids only to the date and it’s completely free for women who are looking for paid dating. Besides that, you can always negotiate the conditions of your date with your client. And you get paid based on the highest bid on your services. Don’t miss the chance and enroll now with My Bunny Date.

5. Price Point Date

The Price Point Date is primarily for women wanting to date successful men casually. The platform is a private site that’s only available in certain regions, also it’s completely free for women and can negotiate the date conditions before attending any of them. The amount of money you can make on Price Point Date varies depending on your clients, the site is basically for working women who just want a side hustle.

6. Rent a Gent

Rent a Gent, as the name suggests, is for women who are looking to go on paid dates with gentlemen all over the world. After registration, you get to pick and choose your date, based on specific details such as hair color, eye color, educational level, and height. Also, the site is confidential and takes measures in regard to both clients and dates such as a refund policy if the client didn’t enjoy the date.

The earning potential of Rent a Gent is high, you can earn at least $100 per hour.

7. Rent a friend

The name says it all, Rent a Friend is for people looking to get a friend for a social event that usually takes a few hours. The site accepts only people with clean criminal records, 18 years old and above, and allows the user to search for friends through a filter, also to see wages when the friend request is accepted.

The site is a great choice for anyone who wants someone to just hang out with. You can expect to make between $10 and $50 per hour and have a solid conversation with someone who might become your friend.

What are the best get-paid-to-date apps?

If you are a cell phone junky, and always on the go, get-paid-to-date online apps can be the best alternative for dating websites, here are the best apps to get paid to date. 

1. Her

Her, is an app that gets you paid for online dating, with a large audience and sexual preferences the app is available for IOS and Android, and is available for all types of people.

The app Her notifies you of events near you and allows you to sign up using different methods, and of course, pays you to attend activities and dates that are supported.

Your earnings depend on your agreement, the app is free to download but asks for a monthly, or annual subscription to use it. Her is a great app for on-the-fly dates and for people that belong to the LGBTQ+ community.

2. The Best Get Paid to Date App, Tinder

Only if you live under a rock you don’t know Tinder. It’s one of the most popular dating apps on the internet, through it you can arrange long-term relationships and quick dates alike. The app supports messaging and picture sharing, it’s user-friendly, and allows you to find dates in your area through a matching system based on your looks and interests.

Tinder is the perfect place for people who look for extra income to go on casual dates, that might turn out to be your romantic partner.

3. Okcupid

Available for both IOS and Android, the OKCupid app uses a super algorithm to make perfect matches between its 190 million users. At first; it required you to answer a few multiple choices questions to help it make the right choices. The app is clean and user-friendly and allows you to go on free or paid dates depending on your preferences.

The earnings from OkCupid depend on your negotiating skills, and the signup is free so why not give it a try?

Get paid to date, Conclusion

Going on dates for money is as genuine and honorable as any other job. It’s important in this stream of income to keep your personal information as private as possible to insure your safety. Also, it’s a good idea to have a sort of personal protection with you while on dates, and to keep a friend or a family member informed about where you are heading just in case things went south.

Other than that, dating is so safe, and now after you have understood and known platforms where you can get paid to date, it’s your turn to make money and why not find the love of your life? How to get paid to go on dates? Is successfully answered!

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