Review: Is Instafeet Safe? And How Much Money Can Instafeet Make You?

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One of the most popular, yet weird, side hustles in recent years is selling pictures. We don’t talk here about nudes or nature pictures, but foot pictures. Yes, people do give huge amounts of money to see cute feet, and if you by any chance own one, you are literally standing on a gold mine.

The process is very simple, you take a cute picture of your feet, you upload it online, and people pay to see it. and you wonder, where could I sell pictures of my feet?

Instafeet is the popular, safe option, and this is your Instafeet Reviews, a full guide to selling your first foot picture. And you are the go-to for how to start selling feet pics: 

The Complete Beginner’s Guide For Using Instafeet In 2023, This is Your Full Instafeet Reviews.

Let’s find out if Instafeet is worth your time, how to sell feet pics and how to make money selling foot photos. 

What is instafeet?

Instafeet is the best site to sell feet pictures, like the Facebook marketplace, it’s an online platform that connects models with users interested in purchasing a subscription to see cute, sexy feet. The Instafeet price for buyers is decided solely by the model and can range from a few dollars to tens of dollars, but the average fee is less than 10 dollars a month.

Instafeet describes itself as the secret community of foot lovers, and all information and pictures shared with Instafeet are protected under the eyes of admins. It’s also your go-to to make money selling foot pictures but not your go-to to make money selling hand pictures. 

Is Instafeet legit? (is instafeet worth it?)

In the world of the internet, scams are everywhere. And it’s a smart move to ask: is it safe to sell foot pics? and is selling feet pictures legal? And to check if a website is legit before investing your time and efforts into it. And perhaps the best way to know whether a website is a scam or not is to check its online reviews.

Instafeet has scored only 2 out of 5 on one of the famous websites rating website Trustpilot, for there are a lot of complaints from users about Instafeet slowness in loading. The Instafeet website still sadly hasn’t been optimized. But the administration of instafeet promised to make major changes in the summer of 2022.

Another problem is some users were unable to log in to their accounts after being approved, and no explanation has been given from Instafeet to these users. Others complain about the fake accounts rate on the platform and their generally unprofessional behavior.

On the other hand, there’s some light on the instafeet platform. Racheal Mended from Melbourne Australia has reported good experiences with Instafeet. Not only has she not had any problems, but she’s also been able to make a decent amount of money there. She says that she has made over 6K in just one month using Instafeet alone. She goes on to explain that now she is even considering quitting her 9 to 5 job and going into the industry full-time.

Overall, Instafeet has mixed reviews, but the most dangerous problem the platform faces is the imbalance between the number of creators at 122932 and the subscribers at 105626, making it a very competitive place to get sales. Is instafeet legit? Now you know the answer. 

Who can use Instafeet?

If you are a female and over 18 then you can use Instafeet. Sadly the market doesn’t support male feet and you can see why considering the fact that women rarely find male feet attractive. This includes an exclusion for the transgender community, basically, you need to be assained female at birth to be eligible to use Instafeet.

With that, you’ll also need good pics of your feet and access to the internet connection, and let’s not forget that you’ll have to submit a valid photo id in order for the website to verify your identity and gender.

How much can you make with Instafeet?

It all depends on two factors, the first is how popular you are on the platform, and the second is the number of subscriptions you have. Let’s do some quick math here. If you have 100 subscriptions each one pays 10 dollars to see pictures of your feet a month, then you will make 1000 dollars a month, but you’ll only get 900 dollars on your bank account since Instafeet charges you 10%.

Some models claim to make that amount in only 2 days, less likely for the average foot model to make in that period of time, but nothing is possible really.

How do you get paid with Instafeet?

Most commonly through PayPal, as it’s the popular way to make transactions on the internet. But instafeet provides other payment methods like Payoneer and direct bank transfer. The website pays on the 1st and 15th of each month automatically so you can focus on creating more, and less on worrying about transactions.

Alright, after reading the first part of the Instafeet reviews you want to work on Instafeet. Here’s how Instafeet works.

How to make money using instafeet?

The process of using Instafeet, the best site to sell foot pictures, is as simple as using any other social media website, you first have to register as a seller or a foot model. This step requires the usual stuff from your name and age to confirming your email.

Second, you’ll be asked to provide your ID, upload a selfie, and a minimum of 3 pictures of your feet. The verification of your ID would take between 1 to 3 business weeks, and if your profile got approved, you’ll get notified by email and you’ll be eligible to sell your feet pictures and make money doing so.

It’s also worth mentioning that Instafeet sees periods of high registrations, meaning you might not be able to register due to the large number of profiles waiting for approvable, you’ll just have to wait and try again.

Now, after you are all set and done, you’d have to connect your PayPal or choose your preferred payment method to get money from the website.

Also, you will have to choose the fees of the subscription, and it all depends on you, you can select any number between 5 and 100 dollars.

The last step is to get people to buy subscriptions, one of the most powerful ways is to create a dedicated social media account to generate direct traffic to your Instafeet profile. And don’t forget to be consistent on position, since it is crucial to your subscriber is engaged and happy.

FAQs, The Instafeet Reviews Most Frequently Asked Questions. 

Do I need to use my real name with Instafeet?

No, you don’t have to use your real name on your profile. However, you’ll need to use your real actual name to create the account on Instafeet.

Do I have to show my face on Instafeet?

You don’t have to use your face picture if privacy is an issue for you, even though it’s recommended to use face pictures as a way to add a human and personal touch to boost your earnings. However, don’t use your face picture unless you are confident enough with other people being aware of what you do.

Is Instafeet Safe?

It’s always good to take safety into consideration when selling stuff online, especially when it comes to selling pictures of your feet. Generally, Instafeet is very safe, but only when following some basic rules:

Never share your location or any information that indicates where you live such as college name, address..etc

Never share personal information on your profile or anything that indicates who you really are such as date of birth, social media accounts, id number…etc.

Do I have to pay taxes on Instafeet earnings?

Well, in life two are guaranteed, death and paying taxes, Instafeet is no exception. The best site to sell feet pictures, Instafeet itself doesn’t take taxes from you, but as a seller, you’ll have to declare all instafeet related earnings to the appropriate government agency in your country. So if you live in a tax-free country you wouldn’t have to pay anything.

Why do people buy foot pictures?

Well, there’s not a single reason for why people buy pictures of feet. The category of buyers ranges widely from artists, foot enthusiasts, doctors, and medical professionals working with feet, footwear companies, and finally the infamous men and women with foot fetishes. And these lasts are the majority of foot picture buyers.

Can I sell the same foot pictures on other websites?

Yes, you can, there are thousands of websites and apps in which you can sell foot pics similar to instafeet. Examples are Feetfinder, Feetify, Wikifeet, and of course Onlyfans.

You can also sell foot pictures on social media and chatting apps like Instagram, Facebook, or telegram. Just make sure to get paid before sending the pictures to avoid getting scammed.

Do I have to have perfect feet to make money with Instafeet?

The short answer is NO. Each foot is perfect in its own way and you don’t have to have immaculate feet to make money selling pictures of feet. That being said, it’s encouraged to take good care of your feet and nails to boost your picture sales.

To Wrap Up This Instafeet Review, Here Are Our Final thoughts:

At first, it seems weird and odd, but After reading our Instafeet reviews you’ll find out that selling foot pictures is a thriving industry that can make you a lot of money making it the perfect side hustle. You may need to give extra care to your feet, and follow the clearly defined rules by Instafeet, be aware of scams and protect your privacy, but selling feet pictures is a hidden jam you can use to earn a lot of money on the internet. 

By now, questions like How to start selling foot pics? Is it safe to sell foot pics? And is selling foot pictures legal? Are all met with a solid answer? If you find our Instafeet Reviews insightful, don’t forget to share them with your friends who stand on a gold mine. 

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