The Top 12 Best Apps That Give You Money For Signing Up 

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Let’s cut straight to the bulk of the topic, you want to make some easy, almost free, and painless money, we got your back. You may or may not have heard of apps that give you money for signing up, but there are a lot of them that give free bonuses and offers just to sign up. 

Some of which pay directly in cash, others to PayPal, some even pay in cryptocurrency or stocks and shares, and we got all of them covered in this article about the 12 best apps that give you free money for signing up, and more. 

But first let’s answer some hot questions, before diving into each app individually. 

How much can you make from sing up bonuses and offers? 

The common signup bonus is about 5 dollars, give or take. It is easy to gather a few 5 bucks from different apps, resulting in a good amount of money. 

Is it really free money?

It depends on the app mainly you get the bonus after providing basic personal information like name, email, or phone number. But sometimes, the requirement gets a bit complicated, for example, some companies may require you to spend the bonus at their online store, or to invest as little as a few dollars to get the bonus. 

Is it legit to get free money from sign-up offers? 

The short answer is YES, the long answer is some companies have been functioning for decades, and you shouldn’t worry, since we listed only the cream of apps and sites on this listicle. 

That being said, paying attention to scams is always a good move to ensure the safety of your money, personal information, and time. We recommend Trustpilot as one of the best sites to inform yourself about the legitimacy of any app online. 

Is it possible to make a living with apps that give you free money for signing up?

Not really, unless 5 dollars a month is enough to feed your family and pay the rent. Sadly, you can’t live off only sign-up bonuses, but you can occasionally make a wholesome amount of money enough to get you that dream beer pack. 

Why do apps offer free money for signing up?

To put it simply, websites and free money apps give money to reach out to the maximum audience number in hope of keeping them using the app. Basically, it’s a way to grow businesses, and you as a user have the obligation to keep doing business with any app or website after receiving the free signup bonus. 

Mainly to get money with sign-up bonuses fall into three categories they are: 

Rewards for signing up to survey providers (bonus sign up): These apps specialize in putting out surveys for large companies to get as much information as possible about a certain product or topic. Though surveys are not their only free money promotions, they offer other ways to make money such as cashback programs. To reach out to the maximum number of potential users, these apps offer sometimes generous sign-up bonuses. 

Rewards for registering with stock and cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms: 

If you are ever fancy making a fortune for the stock market or cryptocurrency but don’t have money to invest at first, then maybe you should consider the bonus you get from signing up for the exchanges. Similar to survey sites, financial exchanges are always promoting free signing-up bonuses to get new customers. 

Cashback rewards for purchases: Same as the previous two ways, some stores offer cashback for making purchases in their stores. 

Before diving into the 12 free cash deals and apps to earn free cash for signing up here’s a pro tip, consider having a fully verified PayPal account, due to it’s on the top of the list of the payment methods used by the following apps. 

Earn free cash with these 12 great apps that give you money for signing up!

What apps give you money for signing up? (apps that give you money for joining)

The following apps are designed to make you earn at least free $5 instantly. Make sure to read the next following lines about apps that give you free money for signing up. It’s not a scam, you’ll earn money just by signing up with our list of best app signs up bonuses: 

1. Get 5$ for confirming your email with Inbox Dollar

As a well-established and respected survey website on the net, Inbox Dollar offers new users free $5 instantly, after confirming their email address. It’s free, and you get the chance to make extra money by taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, shopping online, and reading emails. The only drawback with InboxDollar is the minimum withdrawal is 15$, but you can make really easy money performing the simple inbox dollar tasks. 

You can get paid through PayPal or Visa, and it only takes 3 to 5 business days to get your money. 

2. Gain 10$ with Swagbucks 

Similar to Inbox Dollar, Swagbucks offers various mini tasks to make pocket money ranging from the usual surveys and watching videos to polls and much more. You can expect as a new user of Swagbucks to get a 10$ welcome bonus and a lot of opportunities to reach the 25$ required to make purchases on the app, Yes that’s the catch with Swagbucks. Also similar to Inbox Dollar, after you make your purchase, you can get cash money through different payment methods, most used is PayPal, or through gift cards from Walmart, Amazon, or Starbucks among others. 

3. Get 10$ just by signing up with Opinion Inn 

From its debut, Opinion Inn has paid 4 million of its users millions of dollars. Similar to the other survey sites, Opinion Inn pays for your participation in online surveys and questionnaires. And have a trust score of 4.7 out of 5 and they pay relatively high for taking surveys ranging from 3$ to 5$ for a 15-minute interview. The catch with Opinion Inn is that you can only withdraw 25 dollars or plus from the app, but making the extra 15$ after your welcome bonus is a walk in the park. 

Same as the others, you can get your money through the audience’s favorite medium PayPal. 

4. Join My Point and get 10$ on the spot. 

My Points has offered so far its users more than 200 million dollars, for doing simple tasks. My Points rewards its users with a combination of surveys and cashback rewards, also watching videos, playing games, and reading emails. Besides that, My Points offers a wholesome welcome bonus of 10 dollars. 

But don’t get too excited there are two catches with My Points, the first is you can only use the 10 dollars with Amazon as a gift card, and you also need to make a qualifying purchase of 20 dollars. 

On the other hand, My Points offer PayPal credits as a way to cash out your earnings from surveys or gift cards for popular retailers. 

Get Free money, cryptocurrency, and stocks with these 6 exchanges and apps that give you money for signing up

Cryptocurrency is in the mainstream lately, for what it offers of value and anonymity. If you are interested in making money in its crypto form and learning about it a little bit more, here you go with 6 of the best apps to earn cryptocurrency online. 

5. Coinbase offers over 70 bucks

Coinbase is the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, where you can convert cash as we know it into various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Dogecoin and vice versa. Coinbase offers good money-making promotions and has really generous pay-outs too, the app has been operating for years now and scores high on its legitimacy and reputation. And is one of the best apps that give you free money for signing up. 

You don’t get any signup bonus with Coinbase, they trade your time watching videos with money, we got you!! The principle is very simple, you watch educational videos about crypto within the platform and get paid for it. At the time of writing this, the reward is 70 dollars, but it varies in relevance to the demand and the full video length, individually you can expect to get 3 to 11 dollars per video. 

And Hallelujah, there’s no catch, no minimum withdrawal or requirement needed. And you get paid directly to your bank account. But you could choose to keep your earnings on Coinbase for investment to potentially make more. The only little side note is you need a fully verified Coinbase account to cash out your money. 

6. Get a 10 with TradeStation 

According to Nerd Wallet, TradeStation scores 4.5 out of 5 as the best online broker. Basically, TradeStation is an online trading platform for day trading and investing, they offer stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrency. And most amazingly a generous sign-up bonus for new users. 

They offer a 10-dollar welcoming bonus, and bonuses with each deposit you make. For example, if you depose 5,000 dollars you’ll get an extra 200 dollars as a bonus. TradeStation has no catch to how you use the bonus money, the ten is all yours. To withdraw your 10$, you’ll need to have a cryptocurrency wallet, they offer payment in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. A great example of a cryptocurrency wallet is Coinbase where you can convert your crypto to fiat currency such as the dollar, euro or pound. 

7. Join Robinhood and get up to 225 dollars instantly 

You’ll not rob the rich and give the poor, Robinhood is just another cryptocurrency exchange app with an easy-to-use interface on both website and the app, and they offer a wholesome sign-up bonus for new users. 

Robinhood will randomly deposit a random stock to your account, its value can be as low as 5 dollars or as high as 225$. On average people report getting stock with a value of under 20$. And there is no catch, nor requirement to get the free stock, if you are lucky enough to get the 225$ stock then you have all the right to keep it. 

Robinhood pays directly to your bank account, whenever you request to get paid. But the first thing to get is the free money sign-up bonus. 

8. Public will give you up to 300 dollars for signing up 

Public is an online trading platform registered with SEC and has no fee to enter their program, making them a great option to do investments or trading. Before doing business with Public, you’ll have to get your account approved and accepted. Afterward, you are free to invest in countless companies, honorable mention Apple, Pepsi, and Disney among many others. 

Now you wonder how you could get the 300 dollars bonus. To get it you have as mentioned getting your account approved, when you do, you’ll receive 9 stock options to choose from. Your choice will determine the credit you get, and it could be up to 300 dollars, or as low as 3$. But, it’s most likely to get stock worth less than 20$. Besides that, you can also earn money through a referral program for inviting friends and family to use Public. 

The app is catch-free, and you get your money via bank transfer, so what are you waiting for to use Public? 

9. Stash is offering 5 dollars 

With Stash as a personal finance app with the single aim of helping beginners to invest properly and make a profit, you can specify when and how much you want to invest and Stash will carry on with it automatically. Also, they offer personal investing consultations and pieces of advice. 

After signing up with Stash, you’ll get a free $5 instantly as a welcoming debit but only after deposing 5 dollars or more into your account. Making it a well easy catch to swallow. Also, the app pays directly to your bank account or via bank transfer for a fee. 

10. Get a quick 5 dollars with Acorns 

Acorns is an investment with a great career office that offers plenty of high-paying full-time, part-time, and remote jobs. Their motto is to help the users of the Acorns app become financially independent through a well-established rewarding system and free money offers for high-paying jobs. 

Acorns, as noted in the title offers 5 dollars after successfully connecting your bank account to your Acorns account, is it a catch or not, you decide. Your earnings go directly to your bank account via bank transfer. 

Get rewarded with cashback when you shop online with these 2 awesome apps that give you money for signing up. 

Cashback is the cherry on the top for every online purchase, you get your wished item and with it some of its value back. The best part is there are countless companies that are willing to reward you for shopping at their online stores, here are two of the best free sign-up bonus apps:

11. Rakuten, a 30-dollar welcome bonus is waiting for you

What better than shopping? Only getting paid back when you do. Rakuten does just that, with its world-class cash-back reward program site with a reputation for paying some of the highest amounts of cash back to its customers. 

Besides that, they offer a referral program that pays 30 bucks for each referral. Also, you get a free 30 dollars to join their great cashback site. The only catch here is you have to spend the first 30 dollars with Rakuten. And to get your earnings you have only two options: PayPal or check. 

Get a 5 dollar bill with Ibotta 

Ibotta is a coupon and cashback app rewarding you for buying groceries at their physical or online stores. It’s a one-of-a-kind app that gives money on sign-up. The process is simple after you do your shopping, you have to take a picture of your receipt and submit it to Ibotta. To get your free 5 dollars welcoming bonus, you have to make a purchase in your first 30 days using Ibotta. And to get your earnings, there’s only one option: PayPal. Ibotta is perfect for people that don’t really like shopping online, if that’s you, then dive head first into it. 

Final Thoughts about apps that give you money for signing up: 

Don’t quit your office job yet, the free sign-up money given from apps and websites is designed to only encourage you to keep using the apps, not to get wealthy. The good news is after you receive your bonus, you get to choose whether to keep using the app and make extra few dollars to grab a beer or that silly gift for your partner, or to withdraw it once and for all. The choice is yours. 

Nevertheless, we covered in this article 12 apps that give you money for signing up as a welcome bonus. 


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