How To Sell Used Underwear [Earn Over $500 Per Month]

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That may sound crazy, but do you know you can make money selling your used underwear?  Yup, thousands of people are turning their old used dirty underwear into cold money and now it’s your turn too.

But this industry is not for people with prejudices, and you don’t have to be an Onlyfans influencer or have social media presence to get your undies sold. Although it’s the perfect side hustle for sex workers. This is your complete guide to selling used underwear.

A complete beginner’s guide to sell used underwear.

Everything you need to know and more, on how to sell underwear online. And how to sell underwear generally.

Who buys used underwear anyway?

Well, millions of people do, there are even marketplaces specialized in selling used underwear which we will cover later on in this article.

The industry of selling used panties is on the raise these days, with the majority of customers being men willing to buy models, sex workers, influencers, and overall sexy panties, knickers, and underwear for hundreds of dollars. And we let your imagination do its work of answering what they do with them.

However it is not limited to men only, women on the other hand pursue men’s underwear too, and in some cases pay to double the money for men’s boxers. So, don’t let your gender hold you back from selling your underwear.

Why do people buy used underwear?

The short answer is each has his reasons. But many of the buyers have what we like to call a “panties fetish”. Similar to foot fetish people or the lovers of BDSM, people with underwear fetish get aroused and intimately stimulated by others using underwear.

Psychologically speaking, people who buy used panties tend to be single and lonely, they might need an intimate connection with another human being, and used panties satisfy this desire.

Also, sellers may add an extra service with the sold underwear, such as phone calls, sexting, and customized erotic videos. All this creates a personalized service to meet the needs of the customer and adds up quite a bit of dollars to the bill.

Who can sell used underwear?

Basically, anyone over the legal age of 18 years old. The market favors women’s undies, and a look at the majority of the listings indicates that women sell more than men do. But in fact, men can make more money by selling their used undies. You shouldn’t really worry about buys, but on how to sell underwear online.

Why do people sell used underwear?

Besides the high earnings for selling used underwear there are plenty of pros and cons, Here are first the advantages of selling worn panties:

1. Low/ no costs associated with selling used underwear.

You don’t need to invest any money to start in the used underwear business, you can basically sell your undies and yours that you have already worn. Eventually, you will run out of stock but you can always buy cheap panties and lingerie like these on Amazon.

2. Easy Money

Basically, you list your worn panty and wait for it to sell, you don’t need to have any qualifications or skill to get started.

3. Anonymity

You can be a ghost in this business, you don’t have to show your face or reveal any personal information, unlike other industries.

4. No commitment:

 If you are worried about committing to how to sell used underwear online fully, then you are wrong. This gig is flexible and ensures that your full-time job or more demanding side hustle won’t interfere with selling used underwear online.

And now for the downside of selling worn underwear:

You might be knowledgeable on how to sell used underwear online, the method, and perks, but for each good side a bad one, here are the bad side of how to sell used underwear online:

1. It’s not for everyone:

The idea that others get aroused by personally used underwear might seem odd and dirty for some people, and when that is coupled with the fact that you may have to offer other complimentary services some people get unhappy. If you are not comfortable with selling used underwear don’t do it just for the money, do what you love instead, and be happy.

2. Might not be suitable for married women:

If you are married or in a serious relationship, you may need to ask your partner before diving into selling worn panties. Selling used underwear might raise jealousy between couples, so it’s always a good idea to get approval from your partner.

3. Competitive market:

The fact that selling used underwear is a competitive market shouldn’t hold you back from starting. The single main reason for this competition is how easy it is to start selling, and the high demand for the worn panties.

You may need to escape the competition by making your used underwear more attractive to the buyers, by offering other services like sending photos and videos wearing the underwear as a bonus with each purchase. Other than that some costumer asks directly how they want the underwear to be used, some may like you to work out in the underwear, and others might ask for more explicit sexual acts like ejaculating in the underwear.

How much can you make selling used underwear online?

That may shock you, but the earning potential of selling used undies online is so high, that some sellers report making 5 figures a month. Tatiana Bee said she makes over 4000$ a month selling her used underwear and she called it a “rush”. Maybe the next gold rush is the underwear rush.

Can you sell other used things besides used underwear?

There’s a market out there for anything, people sell used socks, dresses, skirts, bras, shoes, and even whole used outfits. Some even sell dirty clothes and used sex toys, and if that would sell, everything will, and for sure you can sell your underpants online.

5 Best places you can sell used underwear online.

You may need to read the following slowly, for we listed the best place to sell underwear online.

1. Sofia Gray(Recommended)

One of the best websites for selling used underwear for profit. Customers fight to get used and worn lingerie from sexy sellers on Sofia Gray.

Sofia Gray is a popular platform for individuals looking to sell their used underwear and pictures. The main reason for its popularity is that sellers get to keep 100% of their profits. Compared to other similar platforms, Sofia Gray also has a low start-up cost, making it an attractive option for those looking to make money selling their used clothing.

2. Etsy

Yes, people do make serious money selling their used underwear on Etsy. It’s not the usual place for this kind of stuff but it sure has a few dirty listings of its own.

Etsy is well known as the place to get anything handmade, bespoke, vintage, or personalized. Indeed used underwear is personalized! If you took a minute to search for used underwear on Etsy you will find some sellers listing their own used goodies for an average of 20$.

While Etsy charges 0.20$ to list items for sale, it makes up for it with the large customer base, advertising campaigns they create, and the simplicity of creating an account and anonymity since you don’t have to put any personal information on your store on Etsy, and all information shared for tax purposes are confidential.

3. Sniffr

Not all users of Sniffr Sniff used undies, but for sure all of them know how to sell underwear online and use the platform to sell and buy used underwear among other used stuff.
Sniffr is a platform dedicated to panties, and like Etsy, you create your own personal used panty store and you sell or buy or connect with other users. Men, the same as women, can sell their undies on Sniffr for prices ranging from 5$ to hundreds. And the best part about Sniffr is it does not charge a commission, so if you sell a panty for 30 dollars you get 30 dollars. And that’s the best way to sell panties online, how cool is that!

4. Pantydeal

This is your answer for where to sell underwear online. The name speaks for itself, you trade your money for some worn sexy panties on great deals. Pantydeal is one of the leading platforms for both sellers and buyers in the used underwear industry with more than 1.5 million panty customers. It’s the holy land for newbies and a good place to start selling. Pantydeal is the best place to sell old underwear online for novice sellers.

Like Sniffr, it’s totally free to sell including free transaction fees. By using Pantydeal you agree to arrange payment between you and your customers privately, and among other payment options, PayPal is popular. So why don’t you get yourself a good deal on Pnatydeal?

5. OnlyFans

Nothing can beat the leading adult-only website on the net. You can sell your used panties on OnlyFans and make a lot of money, only if you are comfortable showing your face or body and go the extra mile providing adult services for the millions of users on OnlyFans.

6. Naughty Connection

Naughty Connection is fairly new to the industry, but they are on a sprint to the top. Similar to other apps, you basically sell your old worn panties for money. Naughty Connection can be Naughty in other ways too, and its downside relies on the that it offers payment through check, but you can request getting paid through Cash App via an inquiry through their support email: Also, you’ll have to fill out the W9 tax form if you live in the USA, and you might get some panties back since Naughty Connection handles returns. And let’s not forget that Naughty Connection takes 15% of your earnings as a commission.

Tips and Tricks to sell used underwear like a Pro.

On the surface selling used panties may look simple, you list, you get a purchase, and you get paid. But there’s more to it than just that, Here are 6 hacks to boost your worn underwear sales.

1. Buy underwear in bulk

To put it simply, buying underwear wholesale and selling them in parts can significantly boost your profit margins. Avoid buying one set of underwear in stores for a customer, and buy in bulk online.

2. Advertise your product

You can always use social media to your own advantage, creating a dedicated account on any social media platform for your panties business and posting on it daily can get you real money. Also, it’s a good way to deepen your connection with your customer and to know what they like to see and buy and what not. Also, you can consider paid advertising on social media if your budget allows it.

3. Diversify your stock

It’s not only about selling used undies, the world is your oyster when it comes to selling worn items online. You can basically sell anything that’s worn, from your socks, underwear, bras, and pants to jackets and jeans. The more you have to offer the more likely to land important sales.

4. Be authentic

Authenticity is the name of the game, let the world know why your used panties are better than any other worn ones, and be silly, interesting, and innovative. Get unique to get recognized and thus make a lot of money. Seizing any opportunity to communicate with potential and establish customers will boost your sales. Also use your product listing, profile, bio, social media posts, photos, and videos to show people how amazing you really are.

5. Offer more than just used stuff

Selling used panties online is not really enough when thousands of people are known for selling their worn panties. To succeed in the used underwear industry you have to find new ways to boost the value of your products. This means offering a virtual girlfriend experience or being open to taking the phone and video calls, sending customized videos and photos, or even using lollipops! The panties may be a good start, but the question is what else can you offer?

6. Take amazing photos

Don’t be bored by taking pictures of used panties on the bed or the ground. Make it sexy and interesting to the eye of the buyer, and show some skin while wearing your used panties, and you’ll both attract the users to steer at your fine body, and to sell more.


Is it legit to sell used underwear?

If you live in a conservative or religious environment then it may not be legal or coated in social stigma. However, overall it’s perfectly legal to sell used panties if you are over 18 years old. Besides that, there’s a genuine marketplace for selling and buying used underwear online, and you can make good money from selling used panties.

Is it safe to sell used underwear online?

It is generally safe if you follow basic online safety rules such as:

  • Never share your address or location with anyone.
  • When sharing pictures and videos of used underwear, make sure to not include or capture any information that compromises your location, such as information in the background, on the fridge, or worktop.
  • When talking to people on the phone, it’s worth investing in a second sim card used exclusively for customers to make sure your personal number is solely for your close contacts.
  • Always use a proxy address or no address when selecting the return to sender address on the package, to not reveal your location.

And the golden rule is to never meet anyone online in person, as your mother told you when you were a kid, and don’t talk to strangers.

Do you have to pay tax when you sell used underwear?

If you ask how can I sell my panties online? Then your answer is above. But if you wonder if you will pay taxes then:

if you live in a tax-free country then you don’t have to. Otherwise, you must declare your income from underwear sales to your local tax authority.

How much can you sell used panties for?

It depends, but generally, a single-used and pretty much-worn panty sells for around 20 to 30 dollars.

How to make big money and be successful in how to sell worn underwear?

To give yourself the highest possible chances of success you should consider listing more than just used underwear. Most earners customize the experience for their customers, such as adding the option for wearing the underwear an extra time for between 5 to 10 a day or sending videos or photos of you in the listed underwear.

You can also take phone calls, or include personal handwritten letters to the customer, the sky’s the limit here. The goal of this customization is to add a personal touch and have a connection the panty buyers are eager to achieve. This makes the product more appealing and helps to make you unique from the rest of the worn underwear sellers.

Final thoughts:

The business of selling used underwear is not for everyone, if you are confident and sexy enough to sell used underwear, then you can make the same serious money in a short period of time. This article answered one main question, how to sell used underwear online.

The used underwear industry is growing fast with each passing day, and influencers, the same as normal people, use this rush for used panties to make a comfortable living by selling panties online.

Now after you finish reading our article, you have learned how to sell used underwear and have an idea of the best place to sell underwear online, it’s your turn to make money selling that sexy underwear of yours.

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