Best Ways To Get Paid to Read Email: Read, Click, Earn

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Read, Click, Earn: Get the Paid to Read Emails to Boost Your Income.

Do you know that you can actually get paid just by reading emails? Yes, you heard that right!

Take a baby step into a realm where emails aren’t just messages but a great opportunity to earn more money as a side hustle. 

In this article, we will unveil the secrets of paid-to-read email programs that will reward you by giving your precious time.

So, make your daily read email routine to pave the road for more income and exciting chances. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to make your online activities pay off – read, click, and make money!

How Do Paid To Read Emails Work? 

This paid-to-read email method is a kind of online email marketing or advertising which works as promotional emails. It helps engage and increase the company’s brand exposure to reach a wider audience. Many ad and marketing companies prefer these strategies to expand their customer base.

Once you sign up for a paid-to-read email site, you will start getting emails that contain surveys, offers, and advertisements. When you open these emails or either click on the links provided in the email, you will earn money.

Can You Really Get Paid to Read Emails?

Well, it is totally true! You have the amazing opportunity to make money reading emails. There are many online platforms who are offering such little programs where you will get some activities that you need to complete and earn money. These activities may be watching videos, survey filling, playing games, web surfing, etc. But wait, here is a friendly reminder for you: Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll get paid to read your inbox. That won’t make you a dime.

To complete this task for these GPT sites, you must read the emails they provide you.

Best Paid-To-Read Emails Programs

  1. Inbox Dollars

Our first recommendation website that pays for reading emails is “Inbox Dollars,” which is a well-known platform in the market. However, it is only available to the United States users.

It was founded in 2000, and since then, it has paid over $57 million to subscribers for doing nothing more than reading their emails. If you also need to earn money, you need to first register with the website and verify your account. After completing the process, you will receive a few tasks regularly in your inbox via email.

The best part is that you can easily make 2 to 5 cents on every email you read. However, you may also earn more money by completing the tasks which come in the email, such as surveys, polls, or playing games. It will pay up to $35 for each survey.

Moreover, it will not take any subscription fee or investment from you, but you need a minimum amount of $30 in your account before you can payout. You can start your earning by joining now and get a welcome bonus of $5 after email confirmation.

  1. MyPoints

The other online platform, “MyPoints,” is where you can make free rewards by reading paid emails and completing tasks. There are many kinds of tasks that this platform will send you through email, such as watching videos, referring friends, surveys, puzzles, and other games, sharing links, or shopping online.

By using the MyPoints platform, you can make points that can be converted into cash. However, it also includes free gift cards from over 70 different retailers plus cash via Visa gift card, PayPal. You can add more travel miles to your united mileage plus account.

On the other hand, you will get paid to check email via their bonus mail offer. In every email you click, you will get five points. Moreover, it is important that you are 13 years old or older and have a valid email address to create an account. The best thing is that you will get a $5 bonus on completion of every five surveys on MyPoints.

  1. Inbox Pounds

Inbox Pounds is a UK-based company that pays significantly for simply reading emails. It’s similar to the Inbox Dollars which we mentioned above.

When you create your account and are verified, you will get $5 a welcome bonus. After signing up for this program, you will expect to receive three emails daily. It can be multiple tasks, including watching tv, shopping online, filling out surveys, clicking on links, and getting paid up to $35 for each task.

Although, you can cash your reward after reaching your profits of £20 or more via e-Payment or check. So what are you waiting for? Go and Join Inbox Pounds now to earn more!

  1. Inbox Pays

If you are a US resident and 18 years old, then Inbox Pays is the platform that is suitable for making money reading emails. It was established in 2009 and gives tough competition to many flagship websites such as Inbox Dollars.

The thing you need to do is sign up your account and get verified. After that, you will daily get 3 paid-to-read emails which you have to open and click on the task provided. When you complete your task, you will earn up to $100 easily. 

Inbox Pays also offers a referral program where you have to share this website with your friends or family and get your 10% commission on every joining. However, you must have a PayPal account for withdrawing your payment because it pays you directly in your PayPal account. 

The initial amount which can be payout is $25. So don’t waste your precious time and start earning with Inbox Pays, which is a good buck.

  1. FusionCash

FusionCash is another platform that offers you the most demanding and popular offers in every sign-up. If you are a resident of the USA or Canada, then this platform is best for you to get paid for emails. 

The work you need to do is complete the tasks which they provided and earn the reward. The best part is that if you want to multiply your income, you have the opportunity. Yes, heard right!

To do so, you can share the provided tasks, such as playing games, downloading mobile apps, etc, with your friends to invite them to join the program.

However, you will be rewarded $5 as a welcome bonus when you sign up and complete the state’s requirements. You can only payout $25, which is the minimum amount for withdrawal through PayPal.

  1. Rupee Inbox

If you are seeking an easy way to earn money, Rupee Inbox is the best platform to earn money by sending emails free. All you need to do is to join this platform by using your identity and registering yourself. After completing the process, the platform will share all the details related to how you can rate and review emails to make money and rewards.

Ensure that you will only open and click on the emails which get paid because not all emails can pay or worthful. You can make a routine where you just only read emails and do the daily task which the website provides you with.

The good part is when you sign up for the first time, you will be rewarded 50 rupees as a welcome bonus and earn 0.25 to 5.00 rupees for each participation. And if you want to make more earnings, then share a referral link with your friend, which will also benefit you.

Get Paid to Read Emails Without Investment

 Here we have mentioned some websites which will pay pretty well without any minimum payout limit:

  1. Unique Rewards

Unique Rewards is one of the most trusted websites which gives you a chance to make a good amount of money by reading paid emails. However, it also provides you with another way to earn extra by sharing referral programs with your friends and doing other tasks.

This program is well known due to its amazing cashback offers on online shopping. Although, it also hosts monthly competitions, which may help you to boost your earnings.

  1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is also the most prominent online GPT service available in today’s world. It has millions of users, which paid around $350 million far.

Moreover, it has a good tracking record because of its credibility and extensive background in the industry.

The only things you need to do are participate in online polls and surveys, search the web, play games, or search for valuable discounts and offers. Also, they offer 7000 free gift cards daily, which you can easily convert your rewards to Amazon and Walmart gift cards.

So hurry and Join Swagbucks today and get a $10 bonus just for signing up!

  1.  Points2Shop

Another popular GPT platform is Points2Shop which pays off generously for activities as simple as reading emails and as entertaining as completing surveys.

You need to simply sign up, read emails, fill out surveys, view movies, and play games to earn money. If you are 18 years old, then you will be allowed to participate in this program; otherwise, your account will be deleted soon.

This amazing program not only offers a $2.50 sign-up bonus but also pays you $1 for every new member you bring in, whether they are your friends or family member. The good part is that it has no limit on withdrawal.

Paid to Read Email Websites to Avoid: Things you must know.

As you all know, if we research online, you will see tons of paid email sites offering you to earn money. But all sites are not winners! Some sites promise to pay you a lot of money to read emails and complete their tasks, but they are not as trustworthy.

 Conversely, it may not be as much as fraud, but they come rather close. To avoid scamming sites, here we have shared a few sites which you need to avoid;


When we researched it, we saw the feedback, which shows it can be risky. However, it won’t load properly due to its unsupported protocol, a major red flag for the user.

On the other side, many customers complained that they stop receiving emails when they reach their limit, which can seem like something fishy.


The Cash4Offers program is not scammers, but due to its high payout rate, we don’t recommend participating in it. Although, you can only withdraw when you made $35; otherwise, it won’t allow you to payout.

The con of this program is that it only sends you 1 to 2 paid emails which gives you $0.01 to 0.001 for each email which is not a good rate. At that point, it will take years to see any money you earn.


In the same way, the other site EmailCashPro is shown as a legitimate platform but still considered a scam. They send you 3 emails in a day but pay you less than a penny per email which is not helpful to earn money by spending your time. 

However, if we compare it to the other platform, it only has a minimum payout of $11, which may not be worth it to you.

Effective Tips to Get More Paid From Paid-To-Read Emails

Making money from reading emails can be tricky because not everyone can earn money from it. If you want to earn by using online paid-to-read email programs, you need to learn some tips and tricks that may help you maximize your earning and save you from fraud or scams. 

So before signing up for any program, you should keep in mind a few things which we mentioned below:

  1. Sign up For Multiple Programs 

If you want to earn something potential, you should sign up for multiple paid-to-read email programs for betterment. It may give you various offers and ads where you can participate and get access to many opportunities to get more money.

  1. Maintain Consistency

When trying to maximize your earnings, consistency is more important than anything else. Make a schedule of your every day or week where you decide to read paid emails and participate in other premium activities, which may give you a chance to get more paid efficiently.

  1. Carefully Read And Follow All Instructions.

Before starting any task, ensure to read all the instructions the programmers provided and follow them. It may be some surveys, links, or perform any tasks to earn money. So read the email thoroughly to ensure your participation.

  1. Make Sure Your Inbox is Well-Organized.

Another tip to maximize your earnings from reading emails is always to organize your inbox properly. You can also make folders or add labels to categorize them. It not only helps you to maintain order but also monitors your earnings and participation.

  1. Broaden Your Circle

Try to expand your circle, which can also be helpful to get more pay from paid emails. When you refer to any new user for this program, you will be eligible for a bonus. So always share the website with your friends and family and take advantage.

Following these guidelines can increase your profits from paid-to-read emails while making the most of this chance to profit.

Avoid These Mistakes in Paid-To-Read Emails Programs

Getting benefits from paid-to-read email programs is a simple and easy way to make money, but there are many people who make common mistakes while doing it. So in this section, we will point out a few mistakes which you need to avoid. Here it is:

  • Research About the Company

Always do your own research about the program you want to choose. You can read the online users’ reviews, comments, and low-rated stars, which can be helpful to realize whether this program could be beneficial to make money or not.

  • Pay Close Attention to Guidelines

Every paid email program has its own specific guidelines which you need to understand. If you neglect these guidelines or do not do the actions needed, then you will get no earnings. So always pay close attention to the guidelines which are provided.

  • Don’t Miss Your Deadlines

Do you know that there are some programs that have expiry dates for doing actions? Yes, it is true! That’s why you need to take steps to complete the given tasks before the expiry dates. Make sure you will do all the things right to get your reward.

  • Keep Avoid Fall in Scams

Sometimes legitimate paid-to-read email programs also do scams. So before participating in any read email programs that ask you for initial payment or show unrealistic earning proofs, keep avoiding them.

  • Track Your Earning Progress Regularly

Tracking records can help to detect the potential risks and vulnerabilities in your earning and suggest mitigation strategies to avoid past mistakes. However, the biggest mistake you may make is to track your earning progress regularly. It could have significant consequences on your financial well-being. Also, it may lead to stress and anxiety especially if your expectations do not meet.

  • Don’t Pay Money

Don’t invest any penny into these paid email programs! Because no GPT site will ask you for any investment in exchange for providing paid emails. So be wary of scammers.

Avoid these mistakes which we mentioned above; you can easily get success by using paid-to-read email programs to maximize your earning.


Q: Why Do Companies Pay To Read Emails?

A: There are many purposes of companies that offer pay-to-read emails, but the main reason is that they target the audience, customer interests, product marketing or data monetization, etc. Additionally, they gain valuable information regarding customer preferences and help to refine their marketing strategies to better understand their targeted audience.

Q: Is it legit to get paid to read emails? 

A: Yes, it is true! Mostly paid-to-read email programs are legit to get paid-to-read emails where you need to do some tasks. Well, it is not as good to earn programs. However, we only talked about the authentic websites which will pay you for each task.

Q: What requirements are needed to get paid-to-read emails? 

A: The majority of websites provide paid emails but have conditions, including having to be a minimum of eighteen years old as well as a resident of a specific nation. Most platforms have their own terms and conditions, which you need to understand first, then sign up when you agree.

Q: How Much Earning Do Reading Emails Pay?

A: Well, it depends on the company because everyone has their own rates. It usually offers you $0.10 for each email to read, or many other sites will pay better than this rate. However, you will get $5 to $25 after completing the different tasks like surveys, clicking links, online shopping sites, watching movies, referring friends, etc.

Q: Is Reading Emails a Good Way to Make Money Online?

A: In our opinion, it is not a good and effective way to make extra money by reading paid emails. However, it can be fun to do easy-peasy tasks in your free time when you don’t do any work. If you use these websites as a side hustle, then you can enjoy it to add up a good amount which can be used as pocket money or pay off the credit card bills.


Getting paid to read emails can be a wonderful option for those who are looking to earn some extra bucks by reading emails. We know it will not make you a super rich person, but it can be beneficial to give you good revenue for sure. 

However, try to take caution to avoid getting scammed or falling victim to a fake platform. It is recommended that you do your complete research and select only sites with positive reviews and ratings to get paid to read emails. So go and join any platform from the above-recommended list.

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