How To Get a Babysitting Job At 13 Years Old? ( Easy ways to get started your career)

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Discover the Babysitting jobs at 13 years old: Easy Steps to Land Your First Job.

Are you searching for full-time or short-term babysitting jobs for 13 years old to earn some money and experience? But, don’t know how to find babysitting jobs and what you need to know before beginning your career. Well, there are more important things and processes which you should know first to build trustworthiness and responsibility.

In this article, we will share the best babysitting websites and apps that can be helpful to find clients and impress parents with your maturity and dedication. Sounds Interesting, right?

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What Do Babysitters Do? Understand the Job First! 

Many parents want to hire a babysitter or nanny to care for their children while their parents are away. Although the babysitter’s responsibilities are to engage or supervise children, help to organize appropriate activities, ensure their safety, support to assist bedtime routines, play games, etc. 

Moreover, babysitters should be patient, help with homework, prepare meals, focus on children’s needs, and secure the environment while on duty. Also, babysitting plays an important role in building rapport with both kids and parents to ensure a trustworthy and positive relationship. 

How to Get a Babysitting Job at 13: Simple & Easy Tips

If you are serious about getting jobs online for 13 years old, there are many essential things you need to consider which will be helpful to get a babysitting job. So without any further ado, let’s have a look at the simple and easy tips which we have mentioned below;

  • Take a babysitting course from a certified academy: Before applying for babysitting jobs, you need to take a course or workshops in your area. It can be helpful to provide you with basic knowledge of childcare and first aid that makes you a responsible babysitter.
  • Create a Professional Resume: Make a simple resume that contains your skills, course details, and relevant experience you have already taken. 
  • Learn How to Cook: Cooking is the basic thing you must learn. Because it is the need of every parent who hires a babysitter for their child. So you should know basic cooking skills, such as making cereals and omelets can be really helpful to you.
  • Get CPR trained: It can benefit you if you are trained in CPR because you may have much better chances of getting babysitting jobs for teenagers. Because parents always need to ensure that their babies are in safe hands.
  • Consider Online Platforms: Always consider authentic online babysitting platforms or local groups where parents usually search for hire babysitters.
  • Offer a Friendly Rate: In starting, you don’t need to offer a high rate. Keep in mind offering a cheap rate can increase your chances of getting a job that can be worthwhile.
  • Wear a Good Outfit: When you go for an interview, make sure you wear a comfortable and smart outfit because it completely highlights your taste and personality well.
  • Offer a trial run: The best way to get your first job is to give a free trial to the parents. It will not only interact you with kids through your positive actions but also impress parents and have more chances to get paid jobs.

Best Babysitting Websites To Explore For 13-Year Olds 

  1. (Available in many countries)

Babysits is one of the free babysitting websites that is suitable for both parents and babysitters. Also it comes in several parts worldwide and also in Asian countries.

The good part is that Babysits does not deduct any fees from your pay because it functions more like a poster board for finding babysitting jobs. In addition, the pay rate and your working hours are entirely up to you.

Due to its innovative badge system, making it stands out from others. When you get more experience, you will reward badges which can be beneficial to unlock extra opportunities with high pay.

The registration is completely free, and you can easily get access to the platform and start searching for babysitting jobs, read reviews, and rate and comment on candidates. After that, you can give your interview via the site’s internal messaging system. 

Price: It is totally free to sign up 

  1. SOSsitter (Canada)

If you are interested in searching for reputable babysitting jobs for 13 years-old to make money in Canada, then SOSsitter is the best place where you should go.

On that site, you can also find senior care, special needs care services, pet sitting, housekeeping, and much more.

The first thing you need to do is register on this site and completely fill up your profile. After that, you can view the available job postings. 

SOSSitter has deducted a service fee which is 12% of each gig. However, you can get your money directly into your bank account within seven business days. But wait! Before you get paid, you will have to submit a background check because it’s their policy.

Price: The site is free to register however, it deducts a few percent in every hiring.

  1. SeekingSitters (across all the US)

SeekingSitters is also one of the extremely well-kept and straightforward websites for finding and hiring experienced and trained babysitters.

However, it also offers you to decide how many hours a week you want to work. It’s totally up to you whether you want to keep a full-time schedule or prefer part-time work only two to three days per week.

Due to its dedication to customer security, it only hires those babysitters who have considerable expertise in caring for children and have completed first aid and CPR training.

Moreover, when someone hires a babysitter from their platforms, SeekingSitters provide a custom T-shirt to the sitter, which has the company logo and name for easy identification.

The site also offers an investigation team that checks out resumes and analyzes incidents (if any are reported) before approving them.

Price: It gives you $6/ month for unlimited requests. However, if you want a one-time setup, you can go for the $59.99 plus plan.

  1. Sittr (Australia)

Sittr is also a trustworthy Australian-based website that has been providing babysitting jobs for 13 years to make money. 

It is best among people due to its simple-to-use interface that can be useful to teenagers who can easily apply for babysitting jobs on this platform.

However, it also plans to expand its services all over the world. If you sign up with Sittr, you will get access to insurance coverage that will protect you while you are working.

Although, you may be asked for some documents, such as a driving license, payment verification documents, or passport, throughout the registration process for this service.

Overall, you will need some certifications if you want to get a babysitting job from this platform because they mostly prefer certified babysitters who have worked with First-aid or Children Check.

Price: This website is free to join for both babysitters and parents. However, it can deduct some fee.

  1. eNannySource

eNannySource is the perfect place that connects families with a nanny or babysitter. Instead of paying a high fee, you can use, where you can find the best matches. 

However, this platform also offers part-time jobs, including housekeeping, temporary or permanent, live-in and live-out positions.

All in all, you need to make a professional, dedicated resume that will be reviewed by their team and read its terms and conditions. 

The signing up procedure usually need to create a profile where you can add your experience and availability, including CPR certifications and other special skills, hobbies, etc.

Once you have completed your profile, you can find babysitting jobs near your area or where you want to travel.

Price: enannySource costs $49/month and $150 for 6 months, which can be depends on you which you want to select.

  1. (New Zealand) is an online platform for babysitting jobs for teenagers, which helps connect families with experienced babysitters seeking babysitting services in New Zealand. In addition, the platform gives you a chance to get a babysitting job at your teenage. You can create your profile professionally and showcase your skills and experience to the families who search for babysitters in their areas.

Usually, the pay rates depend upon the experience, location, and number of children you have to care for.  Although it pays you hourly, ranging from 15 to 25 NZD and more, the platform deducts some tax as platform fees which you can review in the website terms and conditions.

Price: This website offers a free sign up however it will charge some tax according to the payment.

Best Babysitting Apps For 13 Years Olds Babysitters

  1. Bubble (UK)

Bubble is one of the safest and easy-to-use online babysitter software, which is well-known and popular in the United Kingdom. The best part is that you can easily get access to £1 million in public liability insurance and get your babysitting jobs for 13 years old easily. 

However, the membership is totally free, which can be determined by your own rates and availability.

The unique thing which we liked is that Bubble needs your Facebook account to join it. In addition to confirming your identity, it also helps you identify the parents in your mutual friend list.

The best part is that all the transactions are managed by itself without the need for any additional cash.

Price: This app is free, but when you book a sitter, it will deduct a percentage, such as £3, £2.40, or £1.50, depending on the pay rate.

  1. UrbanSitter (US)

If you are searching for the best app jobs for 12 years olds that pay online, which you can use on your mobile device, then Urban Sitter is a reputable app in the US. Although, you can decide your hourly rate and retain all the money you make. The best part is that babysitters can use this app for free.

However, you need to verify your identity, so be ready to get your identification documents for check-in. If you succeed at Urban Sitter, you can easily make up to $1,000 weekly. Moreover, the payment system is also secure, where payments can be managed between babysitters and parents.

The profile creation is super easy; you can create your profile where you can add your experience, hourly rates, availability, qualifications, and additional services such as pet sitting, tutoring, etc, which you want to offer.

Price: UrbanSitter costs $35 for each month or $125 per year. Also, you can subscribe to the $20 per month offer.

  1. (Available Worldwide)

When it comes to hiring a professional babysitter online, is among the well-known app that connects parents with babysitters. Not only does Care provide babysitting services, but also elder care, daycare, tutoring, housekeeping,  and Pet Care

This app is best for babysitting jobs for babysitting where you can easily sign up and create your profile to connect with the baby’s parents. It is suitable for all ages, no matter how old do you have to be a babysitter. After completing your profile, you can see the available jobs on your job-listed boards. 

Price: offers you a free membership to the babysitters, where you can only respond to premium family accounts. However, it costs $39.99/month or $159.99/ year$10.

  1. Juggle (US)

If you are finding jobs near me babysitting, Juggle is one of the well-known apps which provided their services for the past 14 years securing babysitting jobs in the United States.

Additionally, it provides you with a wide range of services, such as pet sitting, housekeeping, party assistance, etc.

So if you are a teenager looking for temporary or part-time jobs online for 12 years, then it could be a more interesting place.

To join this platform, you need to sign up, which is a super easy process. In a few minutes, you can create your amazing customized profile and start getting paid. 

Price: Juggle offers hourly pay, which starts from $11 and can be way up to $15. The only drawback is they deduct 20% commission from your overall earnings; otherwise, it is a fantastic platform

  1. (US)

Another app that is considered one of the best responsible is Sittercity, where you can get your babysitting job at 13 years old. Over 60,000 babysitting jobs are available so you can take advantage at any time. 

If you want to apply for a babysitting job, the simple thing you need to do is open your account on that platform. When you complete your profile, you can see the relevant jobs near your area. 

In addition, the payment depends on the families because, in most cases, families choose the payment terms, though there are always situations when the amount might be negotiated. The platform has no role at all in the payment transaction.

They’re just a facilitator; you and your relatives will have to work out the payment arrangement details on your own.

Price: The basic membership is totally free; however, if you need a premium account, then you will select any plan from these three:

  • $35 for a month
  • $49 for 3 months
  • $98 for 12 months
  1. Helpr (US)

Helpr is an amazing online app where babysitters can easily find relevant jobs using its app or site. 

This babysitter app is specially designed to connect guardians and parents who want to hire a trusted and certified CPR babysitter for their children. 

This app always aims to find, book, and pay babysitters more reliably and conveniently. Helpr offers many other services, such as primary care, adult care, and backup care.

To join Helpr, you have at least two years of babysitting experience and childcare references. Although, it provides you a competitive pay even on sick days. Helpr also needs your important documents to check your criminal record or background, if any.

The payment method is completely secure, and parents enable them to pay babysitters directly by using its app. However, it may charge a few commissions or fees for every transaction.

Price: Helpr is totally free to download and use. No monthly or yearly fees are required.

  1. Bambino (United States)

Bambino is a popular babysitting app considered in the US among parents which supports finding the best babysitting jobs around you.  

This app focuses on finding you readily accessible babysitting jobs rather than offering you clients available all across the city.

Additionally, this app is perfect for teenagers who are at least 13 years old to sign up. It’s a great place for those teeners who want to get their hands wet in the babysitting industry.

However, in order to become visible as a registered babysitter to other clients, you need to first get a recommendation from a parent on the app.

You need at least one babysitting job under your sleeves before you can get a referral and set up your profile professionally to accept babysitting jobs through the app.

The best part is that Bambino allows you to choose your own rate and pay you through your choice of Venmo or bank transfer.

Price: It is completely free to create a profile. Although, the small fee will be deducted when you book any sitter, which costs $2.95 to $4.95 for advanced levels.

  1. GONannies

GoNannies is also the best platform for babysitters and parents who are office workers looking for a babysitter for the short term or occasionally. In this app, you will get babysitting jobs for 13 years olds that meet your needs.

However, you need to create a profile where you should set your schedule, responsibilities, and hourly rates for each baby’s care. Although, parents mostly prefer qualified babysitters who make their child secure backup easily. 

When you apply, remember that you are all responsible for keeping the child safe and cared for while their parents are away. The best part is that you can earn $5 to $20 per hour, which depends on your experience and skills.

Price: The cost starts from $39, $69, $139, and $199, which you can select according to your needs.

How Much Should You Charge for Babysitting? 

So you want to know how much you should charge for babysitting services for the first time because you have yet to learn. Well, always consider your level of expertise in your mind before setting up your service fee. Overall, it is better to start off making $10 an hour rather than $20 an hour. 

After a year of gaining experience in this field, you can ask for $15 an hour. Since you are your own boss, you can set your own salary as per your skills and experience.

Sounds good? 

So now that we’ve come to fair pricing let’s talk about tips to charge more for babysitting jobs.

How can you find a high-pay rate job instantly?

Finding a high pay rate is not always possible because it usually requires many strategies to apply to increase more chances of landing on high pay rate jobs instantly. So just apply those tricks which we will share with you in that part.

Firstly, calculate the basic information regarding your location and how many babysitters are required in your area. You may also get an estimate roughly for what local families usually pay for a babysitter’s services.

It’s a good starting point to know the pay rate in your area, but you should go further because you have to get a high pay rate job instantly.

If you want to find better-paying babysitting jobs, try to enter different zip codes of places around you into the calculator and see if the prices change or not. After all, you want to find a place with a higher rate, and the wealthier the city, the better.

The best and quick way to increase your income is to always prefer the babysitting jobs in your neighborhood, which offer high-paying rates.

Final Takeaway

In this article, we have shared the best babysitting jobs for 13 years old, which will ensure that you won’t have a hard time finding suitable babysitting jobs for 13 years old to make money or get in trouble with any fake or non-reputable site.

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