Best Online Side Jobs For Teachers In 2023

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Discover how to make extra money online as a teacher. 

Money made from on-site jobs often proves difficult in catering to a person’s needs and responsibilities. This is where many part-time hustles step in, as a teacher to make money online. To reduce the financial strain, there are plenty of additional jobs for teachers you can turn to.

The advantage of online side jobs for teachers is that you already have the training and experience necessary to do these activities. Teachers have a variety of good second jobs for teachers to choose from. The following stage is to choose the precise work that suits you and begin earning a nice income.

How Can You Make Money Online As A Teacher?

On the internet, there are several ways to earn decent money. The world is changing every day, thus new ways to use the internet to generate money are always being developed. One of the strategies that have been shown to be highly lucrative and in demand is Teacher-side jobs.

You may choose from a wide variety of online jobs with your qualifications and skill set to make additional money. Freelance writing, proofreading, online tutoring, and creating ebooks are some of the best-paying side jobs for teachers. These side businesses are good options of making extra income for teachers.

It’s fairly simple to find good side jobs for teachers. Finding a career that properly compliments your skill set and plays to your strengths is all that is required. For instance, a teacher of English can easily find additional employment as an ESL teacher, an online tutor, or a freelance writer.

Teachers are in high demand for online part-time employment right now, and a variety of platforms may be utilized to uncover these online side jobs for teachers. Finding teacher-side jobs online is relatively simple because of websites like Upwork, Linkedin, and Fiverr. Teachers who sign up on these sites can choose from a wide range of second jobs for teachers after doing so.

How Much Extra Cash Can You Earn As A Teacher Online? 

Online, there are a lot of part-time jobs for teachers. The remuneration, however, is based on the type of job. Although the pay for some supplemental jobs is not very high, it is more frequent. While in others, the pay is substantial but shows up less frequently. Nevertheless, earning $15 to $4000 from remote work is not difficult.

You may make between $10 and $40 an hour working as a teacher online. You may make about $4000 per month doing additional second jobs for teachers online. The amount of money you may make from a variety of part-time jobs for teachers relies on the position’s requirements, your background, and market demand. The following are some of the best-paying side jobs for teachers include:

Work From Home Jobs For Teachers 

1. Online Adjunct Professor

It’s incredibly simple to work remotely as an adjunct lecturer. All you require is a college degree or prior teaching experience. Online classes are already commonplace because to technological advancements. Professors now find it simpler to work from home and run a second business.

You might not make a lot of money as an adjunct professor when you teach English online, but you have the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere.

2. Online Tutor

One of the best part-time jobs for teachers is tutoring online. Particularly suited for this side gig are people who have a background in maths, biology, and history. Tutoring kids is a fairly common side job for teachers, and there are several platforms where you may find chances.

Depending on your subject matter expertise and teaching background, you can make money through online teaching. Private tutoring offers hourly fees for people ranging from $15 to $100. For instance, you may earn $50 for offering an online course in maths.

3. Freelance Writing

Most educators like to write. It is fairly simple for them to acquire freelance writing employment as a side hustle, especially when they have expertise teaching the English language. Freelance writing jobs are a well-liked way to earn money from home, and there are several sites where you may get writing assignments.

Your level of experience and the amount you may charge a customer will determine how much money you can make from writing. The sort of remuneration you receive will also depend on the caliber of your job. This is one of the best-paying side jobs for teachers since you can choose your own hours.

4. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant helps individuals online, as the name suggests. Many companies hire virtual assistants to carry out tasks for them in exchange for a fee. It is similar to having a secretary and doesn’t necessarily call for academic training.

Numerous tasks, including data organization, project management, editing, and research, can be handled by virtual assistants. It’s one of the best side jobs for teachers online because these are generic chores that virtually anybody can complete.

5. Freelance Proofreading

One of the best side hustles for teachers is freelance proofreading, which is similar to online writing. A write-up is finally edited by proofreaders, who check the material for grammatical faults. 

Writing and proofreading go hand in hand, and proofreading is a great way to earn money online. An experienced proofreader may expect to make $25 to $45 per hour on average.

6. Ebook writing

If your material is relatable to your audience, writing ebooks may be a highly lucrative method to make money. Creative teachers who want to earn additional money might start creating ebooks as a side business.

Although it may seem like a time-consuming endeavor, authors of ebooks have the potential to earn a sizable sum of money with the right material. You may also write your own lesson plans, but you’ll need to self-publish them.

7. Educational Consultant

An educational consultant collaborates with a variety of educational institutions, including schools and publishing houses. For those that require it, they offer services including counseling, testing, and tutoring.

To work as an educational consultant, you must be able to assess and evaluate a student’s ability.

8. Online Coaching

The goal of coaching is to assist clients in realizing their full potential. Thus, it resembles teaching in some ways. Teachers may increase their income by engaging in a highly creative side business of coaching people online. 

Coaching requires more time than other teacher-side jobs and is best suited to those with flexible schedules. Although less common than other passive income streams, this technique can be very lucrative when used effectively.

Many educators like learning new topics and simplifying complex concepts. Teaching professionals may simply support themselves by doing research on subjects, creating instructional materials, and giving clients clear responses.

9. Online Researcher

People can register as researchers on a number of platforms to start earning more money. Wonder is an illustration of such a platform.

10. Transcriber

A transcriber’s job is to turn audio from recordings or films into text. People who have experience teaching English are particularly suited for this task because they can quickly identify words and use the appropriate grammar.

There are several online platforms that allow people to work as transcribers while choosing the right hours. One such website that lets you choose your own timetable is TranscribeMe.

Part-Time Work-From-Home Jobs For Teachers

To avoid affecting your teaching job, part-time work-from-home hustles are teacher-side jobs that can be taken up. These jobs include: 

1. Test Grading And Evaluation

Many institutions and schools outsource the grading of their exams. This side job might be ideal for you if you enjoy grading exams and exam papers. After the school year, you can grade papers for organizations as a third party and earn quick cash.

It is impossible to fully classify this opportunity, which comes along rarely, as full-time work. However, there is an opportunity for teachers to earn some extra cash during test periods.

2. Lesson Planner

One of the many lucrative part-time jobs for teachers is selling lesson plans. After an academic session, educational staff spends time creating the schedule for the following academic year during the summer break.

You can earn compensation to sell lesson plans to other teachers who have more demanding schedules. This part-time job, also known as curriculum development, is a great opportunity to make extra income for teachers.

3. User Tester

It’s well known that teachers may provide constructive feedback, which is quite beneficial for many organizations. Experienced teachers may evaluate various client items and websites and provide insightful feedback on how to make quick money online.

Given its simplicity and ability to be completed in your free time, user testing is arguably the best-paying job available to teachers.

4. Admin Support

Do you enjoy making plans? So administrative support would be a good side gig for you. Many businesses and organizations need additional staff to assist them in handling some of their administrative duties. These include creating a schedule, making reservations, and writing emails.

Making additional money as administrative help would be a simple chore for you if you are experienced in course preparation for the new academic year.

5. Homeschool Consultant

Today’s world is quickly adopting homeschooling as the norm. Many parents who have spare time choose to teach their children at home rather than enroll them in school. But occasionally they need help from experts.

Having a second career as a homeschool consultant is a great fit for teachers. It may be simply incorporated into your routine while also generating extra income for you. Jobs in homeschool consulting are typically seasonal

Bottom Line

Teaching is a great career since it offers a variety of skill sets that, when employed well, may be used to earn money online. Teachers may earn money online through a variety of online side jobs for teachers that won’t interfere with their regular schedules.

To earn extra money, teachers might take on side tasks like administrative assistance, online tutoring, and proofreading. Teaching personnel can also earn extra money on the side by grading tests and arranging lessons. Are you seeking another passive income source? Feel free to try any of these opportunities and start earning. 

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