How to Make Money with a Blog for Beginners [11 Best Ways]

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Learn how to monetize your blog by the methods used by bloggers to earn money. 

Curious about how can bloggers make money online? 

If you’ve noticed your blogger friends raking in the cash, you might wonder how they do it. And it’s normal to think like that!

Have you ever thought about turning your passion into a profitable venture? 

Well, making a living from your blog is absolutely possible, just like many successful bloggers out there.

With blogging, you can actually get paid while doing something super exciting that you enjoy. The best part is that you’re not bound to choose a specific niche.

Countless people reach out to bloggers to learn the secrets of blogging and earning money. However, the process may not be what you expect. 

To satisfy your curiosity, we are here to provide you with a comprehensive guide on how do bloggers get paid.

Let’s get started!

Who Pays Bloggers?

Blogging is undeniably a reliable source of income. Bloggers can rely on several money sources from their blogs. While a blogger can make money from just one source, they’d be missing out on many opportunities by doing so.

Various bloggers earn yearly from various sources, including brands, consumers, businesses, retailers, shoppers, websites, readers, clients, and even fellow bloggers.

But keep in mind that they need to consider how they will generate money when they get paid and how much can you make from blogging. 

Okay, so now you’re completely familiar with what blogging is, right? Then, why not take a look at how to earn money with a WordPress Blog?

How to Earn Money With a WordPress Blog11 Best Ways

There are multiple possible ways available that you can use for monetization to earn money with a WordPress blog. So let’s uncover the best ways how to make money blogging for beginners today.

1. Generate money from advertising networks.

This method is one of the common methods that bloggers follow to generate money. When you see that you have posted engaging and unique content on your site, you can easily apply for networks that generate revenue, such as Google AdSense, Infolinks,, etc. 

However, these advertising networks usually work on CPM (cost per impression) and CPC (cost per click).

  • In CPM, when your site gets 1000 impressions, you will earn a set amount from an ad network. 
  • While in CPC, when the visitor clicks on the ad, you will earn a little commission from the ad network. 

Although, when the maximum number of visitors click on your site’s ads, you will earn money. Many bloggers earn between $50 to $100 per month, but if your site receives high traffic, you can make up to $500 from your site.

ProTip : Don’t take other bloggers as a competitor who makes 3000$ every month. 

Below, we have mentioned some popular advertising networks for you;

  • Google Adsense: Where you need some 10 to 20 quality worth blog posts. No need for monthly pageviews for it.
  • It also doesn’t need monthly requirements, but it gives less money as compared to other ad networks.
  • Mediavine: It needs 50k monthly sessions at least.
  • Adthrive: it needs 100,000 pageviews at least.

2. Affiliate Marketing

This affiliate marketing gives lots of bucks to their bloggers, allowing them to make money by suggesting their services or products on their blogs. The best thing is that online affiliate programs are available where they make money blogging with no requirements of high traffic. 

You can easily start it as an active blog or with small engaged audiences who trust your words. 

How affiliate marketing do bloggers get paid?

Affiliate programs will pay you a commission on every customer who you refer and who comes from your site. When your audience clicks on the affiliate link, you will make a percentage on every product they buy. You don’t require ongoing work in affiliate marketing.

3. Freelance Writing

If you have experience writing a blog post and wish that it could be paid, then giving your service as a freelance writer is a good opportunity you should pursue.

There are plenty of companies online where you can contract with them and give your writing services on different platforms. Apart from that, it will help you to make a good amount of money from it.

In fact, many freelancers love to write side gigs rather than primary sources because they don’t want the burden and be locked in the same schedule 9 to 5 office job.

Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are among the best and most demanding platforms where you can kick-start as a freelance writer!

4. coaching services

Some bloggers become a coach and give their services to help others. It depends on how expert you are in your field and what niche you have chosen to proceed. 

Therefore, you can easily find out how much you can make from blogging as a beginner blogger coach.

Not only make bucks, but people will highly respect you as well. And, of course, who wouldn’t like to get huge respect and money for their knowledge and skills? Absolutely no one, right?

5. Paid reviews/post

Some bloggers also earn through paid promotions on their websites or pages and get paid from them. It is another fascinating way to do bloggers get paid

Here, some companies contact any popular blogger or website owner to publish their content positively. Whenever the blogger accepts the offer and posts the content they receive, he/she fixes the amount for publishing. 

In the same way, companies hire paid bloggers to write positive paid reviews on their sites for ranking or to get customers.

For example, a skincare company requests you to write a positive review on a skin product they show you, and they will pay for it.

Now you are thinking, how much can you make from blogging by giving reviews? 

Well, the rate depends on the quality of content, audience engagement, website traffic, marketing ways, etc. However, bloggers will ensure the company that they will target the audience to better reach by using different ways.

These can include social media platforms, etc., like Instagram influencers who get paid from sponsored blog posts. 

11. Sell Courses

Selling online courses is one of the profitable methods many bloggers use to make full-time money from their blogging.

Suppose you have expertise in your blogging field. In that case, you should absolutely take advantage of this opportunity and create an online blogging course that you can sell on multiple platforms, such as Udemy or Teachable

These sites have many more selling advantages, like you can get the expertise to help edit your course material, engage new audiences, etc.

The prices of the courses usually start from 20$ and can grow up to 150$ or even 1000$, depending on your program, niche, and credibility. 

7. Offer Paid subscriptions

Well, you may also make subscription plans and sell them to your regular readers. It not only helps your readers to buy access to premium features but also gets your exclusive content, such as downloadable guides.

Plus, you should keep your posts free since your readers will get a feel and decide whether or not to buy from you. But you can add to the freebies with in-depth posts that provide subscribers exclusive information for which they would pay a subscription fee.

8. Membership sites

There are a number of sites that give membership online where people just only sign up for these sites as monthly or yearly payments. On those sites, you educate or teach people and are open to discussing any relevant topics with the community.

Here we have mentioned a few examples that you should look at once;

  • RelaxionYoga comes with a basic monthly and yearly program for those who are interested in weight loss and flexibility.

9. Make your online shop directly on your blog.

If you have physical products like clothes, jewelry, and stationery items, you can set up your online shop, which is a good option. 

It is hard for those who start from scratch, but this will be done easily when you follow helpful guidelines when you understand how to make money blogging for beginners by blogging. 

The most famous eCommerce store options easily available are Shopify or WordPress + Woocommerce plugins. 

When you work on Shopify, which starts from 29$ per month with no technical required steps, you just add the products you sell and set up the store easily. You can simply get your domain from sites like Namecheap and use it at Shopify. 

And you’ll be over the moon to know that the store will also provide you with a free domain which is, where you don’t need any web hosting. 

Also, you can give a free 14-day Shopify Trial! Amazing, isn’t it?

10. Publish An Ebook

It is also a great way to get paid by writing an ebook. At the same time, some bloggers get it as a bonus to get more new subscribers on their websites or blogs.

The main concept is to compile your best blog posts and expand them into detailed chapters for your ebook. 

After that, the readers can easily get your ebook directly from your site or other platforms like Amazon. Whatever the case is, you will get paid for each sale.

11. Host Webinars 

Webinars are the best way to monetize your content and build an audience that may help make money. You must focus on the other bloggers who did this strategy and then apply it to your site.

Anyhow, it also offers webinar participation in daily funnel traffic, such as email autoresponders or popups specially used.

We cannot deny that the valuable content of bloggers is highly helpful for the audience for many years to come if you rely on the webinar completely by paying a small fee monthly or yearly. 

Also, you can use webinars as an online store where you sell the services or products you want.

This is probably one of the easiest ways of how do bloggers to get paid efficiently.

What Is The Best Option: Blog vs. Website For Making Money

Well, both blogs and websites can be helpful in making money. Anyhow, it all relies on your strategy of monetization and efforts. 

If we compare, blogs are good at monetizing content-centric such as affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, etc. In contrast, the website provides versatility, such as digital product selling services, ecommerce, etc. 

That’s why it all depends on you to choose your target audience first and then your desired revenue. 

How Much Can You Make With A Blog?

People always ask this question: How to make money with a blog? 

We understand that it’s a fired-up question for new bloggers who want to know if is blogging still profitable or not and how much money bloggers can make. 

Before revealing the secret, let’s go through the important factors you need to consider regarding how do bloggers get paid:

  • Niche & time matter
  • Experience in blogging needed
  • Methods and marketing techniques required


It is unrealistic even to think that anyone can make $3000 in just 3 months of blogging. Seems almost impossible!

But before stepping into the world of blogging, you must be aware of how to make money blogging for beginners and the fact that some bloggers make 5 to 6-figure income from blogging. However, know that its percentage of these is quite low. 

According to a survey by an expert blogger, only 13% of pro bloggers earn five-digit income annually, while 53% of bloggers’ revenue is less than 100$.

I know that seems super shocking, but that’s true!

Above all, there are chances that you can earn 500$ each month. Yes, it is possible if you follow the best blogging practices and implement a strong monetization strategy.

How Long Does It Take to Make Money Blogging?

Are you still confused about how bloggers get paid and how much time it takes? Don’t fret! In this section, we will thoroughly explain how long will it take for you to receive your payment.

Getting paid from blogging takes effort and time to make your site a money machine. All you need to do is work hard and get ready to see wonderful outcomes.

Remember that getting money on your hands requires a longer time. It’s not a one-night work; keep focusing and putting effort into achieving your goals!

  1. Startup phase: The time you will wait until your blog receives enough traffic to generate money from it. Before joining any program, you need to involve some monetization methods to reach better traffic. After that, be patient until the reader is ready to spend money on your blog. It could be expected a month or a year to wait. 
  1. Waiting time: Remember that there are specific timeframes you need to wait out between the moment the transactions are concluded & the point when you can access the money. It can also involve the time required to reach a minimum balance right before you may transfer funds into the account. Generally, these periods can range between 7 and 30 days (sometimes 60).

Now that all your concerns about how bloggers get paid are almost cleared, one thought that would probably provoke your mind, like every beginner, would be, “Can you blog about your life and make money from blogging?”

Keep reading to learn more!

Can you blog about your life and make money from blogging?

Well, it is one of the best options for growing yourself by blogging, where people talk and share about their daily life routine with the audience and build a social family around it. Did you see many people on YouTube as video bloggers who share their life routines with people? As same you can do this on your blog post or also on YouTube.

Here we have shared the famous topics of blogging which you can give a try;

  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Motivation
  • Lifestyle

The amazing trick is to keep people engaged and entertained while providing value and building a following for your company. With this strategy, you may earn a lot, but it all depends on your strategy and commitment.

Many beginners ask that they should focus on vlogging or blogging.

Well, we recommend that you should start with a mixture of both. Creating video content, such as recording, editing, and publishing, takes time and money, whereas blogging takes less time than video content.

Combining the two methods can help you develop rapidly and generate significant profit earlier.

The days are gone when bloggers only depended on AdSense to make money. But nowadays, many opportunities like monetization or ad networks are available, which can increase your income from a blog.

Now, the right time has come to rethink your blogging business plan if you’ve relied on these traditional monetization methods. Just update your blog with new features, a fresh look, and improved advancement.

Easy Methods For Bloggers To Get Their Payment 

Once you start making money blogging on your site, it’s important to think about convenient payment methods. No matter whether you create an invoice for a company or client, you have to list your payment methods first. Here we have mentioned some easy ways where you can receive your money;

How do bloggers receive their money?

  • Bank transfer: Most people prefer bank transfer, the simplest and most affordable method to send or receive payments. 
  • Paypal: Another popular way is digital payment, such as Paypal, where companies charge a small fee when you transfer money via it. It is one of the common ways to receive payments from local or international clients.
  • Check: Some companies still use checks to make payments. However, it is a viable choice if you have no electric options.
  • Payoneer: Another platform people blindly trust and use is Payoneer, where you simply provide a link to your customers and ask them to pay with Payoneer. The process is simple, and the money can be deposited in your local bank within a few days. 


Q: Can bloggers make money through advertising?

A: Yes, it is also helpful to earn money for bloggers by advertising with ad networks. Although, the payment depends on the clicks and impressions on the targeted ads.

Q: How to earn money with a WordPress blog?

A: Here are the possible ways by which bloggers can earn money with a WordPress blog:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Ebook Publishing
  3. Sponsorship/paid reviews
  4. Launch the Membership Site
  5. Host webinars
  6. Sell courses/services
  7. Set up an online store

Q: How many views do you need to get paid for blogging?

A: You can get paid when you have good traffic or pageviews on your site. In addition, the number of views also depends on the advertisement and platform you use.  

Q: Which niche is best for earning?

A: The best niche for earning money depends on the person’s taste or goals. If you want to start your blogging as a full-time job, you must choose a profitable and popular niche with a high chance of traffic. But if you choose it as a side hustle to earn money, then choosing a less competitive niche would be great.


We hope that you know how bloggers get paid. Now, you must have a proper idea that blogging is not something you can’t achieve.

In fact, it goes super smoothly once you put your effort and time into it with full dedication. So, if you want to get paid, you simply have to put your effort into the blogs.

Just set your goals, do hard work, and see how the magic begins!

Good luck, future entrepreneurs!

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