12 Jobs Where You Can Listen to Music and Get Paid [$15/Song] 

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Listen to music, and get paid, all while you are at home or in your car. This sounds like a dream, especially for music enthusiasts, but it’s a reality. Now you can earn extra income by simply listening to your favorite music, using one of the following 12 jobs where you can listen to music and platforms we provided in your ultimate guide on how to listen to music and get paid.

12 jobs where you can Get Paid to Listen to Music

1. Cash4minutes, The First Music App That Pays You

If you always listen to radio stations, then you might consider listening for $0.08 per minute by referring to Cash4minutes. The platform is available worldwide, and all you have to do is register using your number and fill out simple information to receive tasks you can achieve within minutes ranging from listening purely to new radio stations to making phone calls.

Once you reach the minimum funds on your account, you are eligible to withdraw them via PayPal or Amazon gift cards. This is a good side hustle and a source of income if you are a student specifically and a music enthusiast generally, or want to be a part of music curator jobs.

2. Current Rewards

Current Rewards is a radio app that grants you access to over 100,000 radio stations worldwide and also pays you to listen to them. How cool is that? The earning system is point-based, for each minute on the app you get a certain amount of points that accumulate till the end of the month, to withdraw your money you have to reach the minimum 150 credits via PayPal. According to the website you can make up to 120 dollars a year passively listening to radio stations.

3. Earnably

Earnably is available worldwide as well and grants you secure payment methods like PayPal and gift cards. If you dream of getting paid to listen to music, then that’s your wanted app. You get paid to listen to and watch new music videos, take surveys, and watch ads, also you can listen to online radios to earn the maximum you can on Earnably.

Furthermore, Earnably has a referral program that pays you 10% of your referral earnings, making it a very good place to earn money for people with big social cycles.

4. FIX

Another application on IOS and Android that allows you to make money listening to music. Fix is available worldwide, and once registered you get unlimited access to your favorite music genre, artists, albums, and songs. Also, you get the option to share music-related news and share concert tickets with your friends all within the app.

There is no specific data on how much you can earn on FIX, but you get to withdraw your earnings via PayPal, and that makes it trusted.

5. FusionCash, Earn Money by Listening to Music. 

If you live in the United States and have an immense love for music, or you just want to enjoy music and get paid for it, FusionCash is the place to be. Limited only to US citizens, FusionCash allows you to access the latest and greatest hits, and after registration, you get a free $5 bonus. The only catch is you have to be an active listener, and the app will test that by prompting captchas to your feed every few minutes.

You can also, on FusionCash, watch videos and do surveys to make extra cash, and upon reaching the minimum $25 to payout, you get the right to withdraw it to your PayPal account, each 20th of the month.

6. HitPredictor

With HitPredictor, you get to be a music critic, a part of music curator jobs, giving feedback and rates to the new music in the market, whether it’s by individual artists or record rebels, you get first access and wholesome rewards for just listening.

Generally, you’ll need 30 minutes to get through 15 tracks, give comments on new songs, and or rate artists. And you can expect to make $5 for 15 tracks. Obviously, it’s not Simon Cowell’s salary, but you get paid to listen to music nevertheless. The only con of HitPredictor is that you don’t get cash money, but rather Amazon gift cards, and as with most websites you should be over 13 years old to use it.

7. MusicXray

Similar to the previous one, on MusicXray you get to first access new aspiring artists’ music and compositions. Basically, you get paid to listen to music to review it, thus helping the artist to get better. The registration process is fairly simple, the only requirement is to upload 5 of your favorite songs to the platform to determine your music niche and therefore the suggestions you’ll get.

Once a new hit is released, you’ll get an email to check it out and rate it within the first 24 hours of the release. Payment is not that bad compared to the tasks you do, you get around $0.05 per song and you get paid via a PayPal account.

8. PlaylistPush

If you want to earn cash listening to music, then PlaylistPush is your app of choice. The app basically connects creators with people who have huge followings on Spotify and Apple Music. You can get paid up to 12 dollars per song, only to list it on a playlist of yours. 

To be eligible to work for PlaylistPush, you must have at least 400 followers on your Spotify playlist, this would only make you earn around 1 dollar for each song occasionally, but the more followers you have, the more you can earn. 

9. RadioEarn, Paid to Listen to Music App.

Similar to the other radio apps on this list, RadioEarn is totally free of charge but requires you to put your credentials when signing up alongside other personal information that is usually required when registering to any application on the net. Once approved, you get access to a number of radio channels from all around the globe, and you get to listen to music and get paid too, this is basically among the best music curator jobs.

To get paid, you can withdraw your earnings in cash or Amazon gift cards, or if you are a US citizen you can choose a wire transfer.

10. Radioloyalty, get paid to listen to music on Spotify

Similar to other apps on this list, you can start making money from listening to music with one click to download Radioloyalty.

Radioloyalty is an app where you can listen to radio stations worldwide and get paid after listening to the ads on the platform. Also, you have to be actively listening, due to the need to solve captchas every 3 to 5 minutes. It’s not for everyone, but it’s a fun way to get paid for listening to music apps. 

11. Research.fm, listen to music for money.

 Listen to music get paid, that’s the name of the game with Research.fm. As the name suggests, you’ll review new music and rate it in a quest to research good music online. However a random person can’t join Research.fm, the platform is by invitation only. 

Once in, you can navigate easily on the platform website or apps available on Play Store and Apple App Store, and earn money by surveying and listening to new music. You can get paid via PayPal, wire transfer, or cryptocurrency once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount which is $2. 

12. WeLocalize

If you have a musical ear and are willing to spend some time working, you can get paid writing the lyrics of your favorite songs as you earn for listening. This gig is not for passive income dreamers.

Starting is easy and simple, you register to Welocalize, and once approved you get daily tracks to transcribe for $4 each. The best part about it is you get a steady income, and withdraw it via PayPal or wire transfer. The bad part about it is, that WeLocalize is only available for US permanent citizens.


If you have reached this point, give yourself well-deserved applause because you are now well-prepared to dive into making money solely from listening to music. The process to earn money listening to music starts with downloading one of our trust 12 applications and jobs where you can listen to music and get paid, as listed above. If you find this article insightful, don’t forget to share it with your friends, and don’t forget to enjoy your music. 

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