6 Best Ways to Get Paid To Post Links [Earn in Every Click]

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Unlocking the power of clicks for pay by using our click-worthy link posting strategies.

Getting paid to post links seems a bit sketchy at first. But trust me; it’s not a scam or clickbait. There are many online platforms, including social media, affiliate marketing, blog websites, etc., that people use to earn. However, not all of them can benefit you as a full-time income.

Posting links is a cool marketing strategy to make money posting links on Facebook and other platforms to drive traffic, engagement, and conversions. It doesn’t take much effort and time to get paid to copy and paste links, but it can be a smart decision to get familiar with the affiliate companies you plan to work with.

So if you’re looking for a side hustle, consider starting your work without compromising your income with one of the companies below. 

How Does Link Sharing Exactly Work: A Short Overview 

Well, there are plenty of ways that companies offer to let people get paid to promote links. Some platforms pay per click, which means when anyone clicks on the link to open what you post, you will earn money from it. 

Another popular strategy in the internet world is affiliate marketing which is beneficial for both parties (companies and you) who posted the link. It enables the company’s product exposure to a new targeted audience through a person who does the link-posting task efficiently.

Moreover, you will get paid even when the targeted audience signs up or buys the product by your sharing link. And the best part is that you’re not limited to being affiliated with just one company and have numerous golden opportunities to work with many companies at a time.

6 Best Effective MethodsGet Paid By Posting Links –

As we mentioned before, there are various methods to make money with links available on the internet, but only a few are useful and authentic, which really pays you. Today, we share some of the best methods that can be helpful to get paid by posting links:

1.Adding advertising to your links

The general method that people mostly use to get paid is adding advertising to the links. It is used to monetize content or websites by earning revenue by clicking or getting impressions on the ads. However, it has both pros and cons, which you should consider on your own.

How does adding advertising work to your links?

The app or website is used to shorten the URL and then add short ads in front of the links. When people who visit the website click on the posted link, they will see a short ad of 5 seconds (which can be skipped). 

Sometimes it will be annoying while using the website or app, but it is a great way for many popular companies use to work and earn money from it. Adf.ly, shorter.st, Ouo.io and NSM are well-known companies they work with.

2. Companies That Pay You to Share Links

Only a few companies allow you to earn money by posting links. Let’s explore the top well-known companies that pay people:

Cash App

Cash App is one of the most popular platforms which helps people send money to others easily. It is also mostly used to make online purchases with debit cards and get the benefit of cashback hampers or earning bitcoin. However, this app is useful for both sender and receiver who wants to send or receive money. Cash apps can also be used to earn online money freely thru sharing links by using its referral program.

You can also share the app with your friends and family to join the program. When they sign up for this app by using your cash referral code, you will earn a $15 bonus amount in your amount every new referral user for the first time. 


The second company that pays you to post links is Robinhood which is basically an investment app that gives you commission-free trading options such as stocks, bitcoin, or even ETFs. Most people worldwide prefer to invest in this app to double their money. It offers a free registration bonus of upto $225 when you sign up the first time. However, the amount you will receive firstly may be less than this, but it is a good chance to get started.

You can use your personal referral link to invite friends and relatives then you’ll both receive free shares of stock. You can use this strategy to begin investing and get steady profits instantly.


InboxDollars is another wonderful platform that pays its users to complete tasks, including browsing the web, taking surveys, playing games, post links online, and get paid. If we see its platform’s name, it also shows the working method to send affiliated surveys in the email box.

In addition, you can earn an extra $1 for every five friends or family members that sign up using your referral link. Plus, you’ll receive 30% of your referrals’ ongoing commissions. To start earning extra cash right away, post your InboxDollars link online.


Swagbucks also runs a popular rewards online program that provides its members with multiple chances to earn money through activities such as doing surveys, using discount codes, and making purchases, as well as cash back on certain purchases.

So yes, you can also earn a bit of commission through the “Invite Your Friend” campaign, where you simply share a link to invite your friends to join the platform. If you refer someone to Swagbucks and they make an online purchase, you will receive a 10% commission from it.

Product-specific affiliate links

There are many tools, services, and courses which offer affiliate programs to join. You will start earning without doing any extra hurdle work because they will set your commission-based income in every sale using an affiliated link. The most well-known tools that provide affiliate programs include Doba, Rover, Instacart, Teachable, Teespring, Postmates, Poshmark, Udemy, etc.


Rakuten is a reputable online company that gives you thousands of stores where you purchase items; they will give you cash back. However, there are the most popular stores, including Walmart, Macy’s, Nike, and Ulta. 

Moreover, you can earn money when you use a referral a friend program and get money to post it. Those who visit or sign up for a new free account by using your link then you will earn $30 instantly. Also, if your friend is making online purchasing, you will be eligible to earn a bonus. But keep your eye on ongoing deals because the reward always changes. 

Amazon Associates

Everyone is familiar with Amazon, the enormous online store where one can find anything possible “from A to Z.” As a major retail site, this company facilitates customers to purchase online and deliver to their homes easily. Customers love this site since it allows them to buy things with less effort and time.

 Join the hustle-free Amazon Affiliates program and get paid to spread the word online. Post your links online and explain why you think the product is worth buying. However, the percentage of the sale totally depends on what people buy from your links.

3.Networks That Pay You to Share Links 

The best networks that allow you to share links with others and get paid are mentioned below; 


ShareASale is an online platform that helps affiliate users by posting links online to connect businesses easily. It is a well-known platform for multiple organizations which offers to pay a commission for every purchase via your sharing links.

Moreover, every business provides its own commission amount, which depends on its services and products. Here are the most used affiliates within ShareASale, including SHEIN, Dollar Tree, Reebok, and AeroFlow Dynamics.

Commission Junction or CJ Affiliate

Commission Junction is one of the largest marketing networks, also called CJ Affiliate aims to convince customers worldwide.

CJ Affiliate supports connecting brands with affiliated social media influencers to expand the impact of both parties’ campaigns.

When users promote the brands they love through the CJ Affiliate network, they receive a commission. Companies like Barnes & Noble, IHG, Overstock, and Office Depot are among the most well-known affiliate partners.

Involve Asia

Involve Asia is the most dedicated network for Asian readers to help affiliates promote links and earn money.  To become a successful Asian influencer, you only need to post links on social media such as Facebook, etc. 

Join the network, discover, and promote products you truly care about. There are a few affiliated brands, including Amazon, Shopee, Zalora, and Sephora, that work with Involve Asia to bring you advertisements.


FlexOffers is also a good network for finding affiliates to promote its business partners in the market. However, there are more than 12,000 affiliate programs available which you can choose from. 

Our vast affiliate marketing platform has various firms, including FlexJobs, LinkedIn, Norton, and Microsoft. So without wasting more time, join FlexOffers’ affiliate program, which allows you to earn commissions just by referring interested parties to FlexOffers’ partner sites.

4.Places to Share Links to Earn Money 

Sharing the referral links with your friends and family in different places can be the easiest way to sign up or get service. It seems as simple as it sounds. 

You can easily make money posting links on Facebook, email, and social media platforms and share them with your friends and followers. It can also be good to create a customized link that can easily track referrals. Once anyone signs up with your link to buy a product, you will automatically get paid.

Social Media

As we know, many online platforms are available such as instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc, where hundreds of influencers share unique codes or links with their followers in their stories and posts. Although, influencers make a commission anytime when their followers use their sharing codes or links in purchasing.

 Start your journey as a social media influencer and earn money by posting links, promoting products and brands you already trust and enjoy talking about.

Gain your audience’s trust and monetize your passion by sharing the things you adore on social media.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is also used as an affiliate marketing strategy where you can easily share the links with people and get paid for them. However, you need to do just one thing “be honest” to share your good or bad experiences with your subscribers, like other social media networks and youtube.

It can be the best option for helping an affiliate connect to a product or service to them nowadays. If you’re trying to sell something, it’s always a good idea to offer a discount coupon.

Facebook Group Marketing

Facebook group marketing is also a workable strategy where you can post the affiliated links in different Facebook groups to engage traffic. All you need to do is make a Facebook account and use the relevant keywords to find groups that allow you to promote affiliated products. Always join active groups where you first engage the members by asking questions, sharing useful content, etc.

Make sure you promote your links to relevant audiences and social media channels at the right moment by following Facebook’s guidelines for groups. However, link sharing and promotion are typically forbidden in some Facebook groups.

Promotional Videos on YouTube

Sharing affiliate links to products or services is another way for YouTubers to make money. It is the same way to getting paid to post links as with social networking, be open and honest with your audience by providing them with affiliate links to businesses or services that you genuinely believe in.

Also, make a compelling video that explains the product, why it’s important, how it can improve their lives, and anything else you think would catch their interest. Get to monetize your YouTube content with Google AdSense or another product.

A Blog or Website

An excellent strategy is to get people engaged by reading your blog, visiting your website to buy from you, or joining up for your service, where you promote and share links. 

Firstly, you need to grab their attention by explaining why they should trust your recommendation of the linked product or service. After that, motivate them to take the next step and buy from you or join up for your service.

To maximize your earnings, you should advertise or promote as many products and brands as possible on your personal blog or website, where you can add any relevant text or content you like. 

Writing an engaging or well-written article and publishing it on a website or blog is a fantastic way to get passive earnings because it pays off long after you’ve stopped working on it.


By using forums, you can participate in relevant specialty forums and post your referral links there. Forums are online networks where users may talk about particular topics and receive feedback from other members. 

Additionally, if you want to target forums that are specifically about the companies or products you are advertising as a contributor, you can build more credibility.

However, be careful when you sign up for a forum solely to spam it with advertisements. Before posting a link for money, make sure to check the forum’s rules to see if links are allowed at all. Ensure you are following the rules of the forum at all times.

5.Sharing Links and getting paid Paytm Cash  

There is also another way of sharing links to get Paytm cash in which you are interested in doing surveys, playing games, or even downloading videos.

Using your phone to make money is as simple as downloading the right apps—all you need to do to get the most recent version of the Paytm app first.

Once you’ve signed up, click on the “Money Transfers” section and then click the “Invite Friends” button. You can also copy the URL and send them to your friends who haven’t yet signed up.

However, there is a limit of 100 referrals you may make, and you’ll earn 13 cents for each one that is accepted. Some apps, such as RozDhan, and MPL Game Pro App, will provide up to Rs. 100 ($1.30) for each referral and 100% cashback deals.


RozDhan is the fastest app that helps you to make quick money by reading the news or playing games. When you sign up for the first time, you will receive 80 Indian rupees. Although, if you share the app’s links and share them with your friends and family, you will get 25 rupees per click. So start earning rewards today by downloading it.

MPL Game Pro App

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is also well known online gaming platform that offers many games to play for their users, similar to Spider Solitaire, Baseball Star, Bubble Shooter, match 3, bowling, etc. This app not only gives you cash-back rewards for sharing referral links but can also benefit you with real cash while playing online games. It is not hard to get 60 rupees plus 9 MPL tokens every day.

When you open the app, search for the “Refer & Earn” button placed in the lower right corner. Now start sharing links with your friends! 

Now you are concerned about what you get?

Well, when your friends join MPL by your referral link, you will get ₹75 Bonus Cash. However, you’ll also receive 50% of your friend’s initial deposit. 

The good part is that your friend benefits from a minimum of 75 Indian rupees Bonus Cash upon registration too and up to ₹50 through MPL play.

Moreover, you can easily withdraw your rewards from Amazon Pay, Paytm, or bank transfers.

6.Sell Your Products

Yes, selling your services or products is a good idea instead of promoting others. It helps you earn more money and can provide you with control options for your own business. There are many options, including creating video courses, e-books, or selling your skills as a service. However, ensure that you will provide a unique selling proposition. On the other hand, while promoting other people’s business links, you should share your product link with your friends, followers, or family members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really get paid by sharing links?

Of course, a big Yes! Sharing or posting links is the best and easiest way to make money. However, the amount totally depends on the company or network which you use for work.

How can I get paid when someone clicks a link?

It seems as simple as you click on the switch button on the bulb. When someone sees your posted link and clicks on it, then you will complete your mission and get paid.

What types of links can I post to make money?

Well, there are many types of get-paid-to-post links available online, including affiliate links that help to promote products or services and give chances to make money. Although, the referral links use dor sign-ups, shortened links, and sponsored links that support tracking and engaging the audience.

 How much money can I make from posting links? 

The revenues could depend on various factors, including the total number of clicks on your links, the percentage of visitors who become customers, the affiliate program’s payment system, and your audience’s engagement level. Some people have a quite comfortable income, while others have the potential to earn quite a bit more.


Getting paid to post links is the best way to earn passive income from the comfort of your home. If you are serious about making money using these ways, you must have a strong internet presence. Remember, it’s not as simple to make money posting links on Facebook as it seems. Therefore, you must have enough patience and dedication to achieve desirable results. But the good news is that there are endless opportunities to begin if you’re up for the challenge.

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