Top 13 Free Social Media Scheduling Apps in 2023

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Boost engagement, save time, and take control of your social media strategy today with these Free tools!

Are you an influencer or marketer who faces challenges in managing a social media presence to engage the audience regularly? No worries! The days had gone when you needed to scramble and schedule your posts manually.  

we have come up with free social media scheduling apps that give you complete freedom to focus and connect with your followers – ensuring your presence on the go!

Whether you are a social media enthusiast, content creator, or small business owner, these free powerful tools offer you numerous potential features at your fingertips.

So what are you waiting for?

 Let’s dive in and discover the free social media scheduler tools that will transform your social media game!

What Does Free Social Media Scheduling Apps Mean?

Well, the free social media schedulers are free programs that help you plan and publish posts on social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., smoothly.

Scheduling tools need you to upload the completed post to their web app. In addition, you’ll be able to save it as a draft until the scheduled posting time. 

After that, you can upload the content with the username you choose when it is finished. Also, it’s easier to manage your evergreen content and repost it this way. 

Why Free social media scheduling apps are important for you?

Let’s talk about the importance of free social media scheduling apps now! First and foremost, these apps provide endless advantages to people who run small businesses or social media managers.

Not only this, but you can also improve your creativity by using batch processing. As a matter of fact, these social media scheduling apps are automated in nature, one-time setups that will be more effective for posting on your social media. 

Even if you want changes in your plans at the last minute or simply need to edit them, there’s no need to complete settings over again.

What Things You Need to Look for in Social Media Scheduling Apps

As we mentioned before, there are many free content-scheduling apps in the market, but choosing the best and most affordable apps can be a hard nut to crack. Many social media schedulers will distract you by showing their top qualities. 

Remember that you need to see and focus on the four best essential features of the apps while choosing the free social media scheduler software.

Let’s have a look:

Single Dashboard With Easy Management 

The main aim of using social media scheduling apps is to make your everyday task easier. In addition, you just need to choose a single dashboard feature to easily manage your scheduling tool for Facebook and other popular platforms. 


The other thing that you need to know is automation. Whenever you decide on any app, you must check whether it has automation features. Because it helps you to publish your content automatically on time whether you are busy with other tasks.

Performance Tracking

Almost everyone is familiar with the fact that social media takes a lot of time. There’s not a one-night successful technique to grow there. When you post your content, you need to track the performance of the content. So, whenever you go with any scheduling app, you must check the performance tracking feature in it, which will be needed in your work.


Lastly, ensure that the price of the app you chose is good and affordable. Most social media scheduling apps are used in larger software packages with high prices. Therefore, make sure you choose the right one which also fits your budget.

13 Amazing Free Social Media Scheduling Apps

1. Loomly

The first scheduling app on our list is Loomly which always strives to provide its customers best convenient ways to manage their social media. Therefore, you don’t need more effort to make new posts ready to go live, and you can use it to design workflows that take your content from draft to publish. 


  • It is an inexpensive, intuitive management app that starts its setup with your timezone, calendar, and industry.
  • It comes with unlimited calendars, file uploads, templates, post ideas, etc.
  • Also, you can get live analysis and target your audience with good interaction.
  • It has an automated feature that automatically publishes your post on time.
  • The basic analytics helps you check the live analysis report on your post’s growth.


The price starts from 26$ per month.

Best suited for:

According to the reports, Loomly provides you with a 15-day free trial where you can enjoy a free app to schedule Facebook posts. In addition, it is best suited for new startups,  freelancers, influencers, agencies, and individuals. 

2. NapoleonCat

NapoleonCat is a free content scheduling app package that helps social media managers grow their businesses on every platform stimulatory. From engaging and supporting their customers, Napoleoncat’s app helps you schedule your content on all major social media and publish it simultaneously.


  • It is an easy, multi-user-friendly post scheduler for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.
  • Its automation feature helps you to manage and analyze all the activities, even ads.
  • It can easily convert comments into sales actions and hide spam comments automatically.
  • It also contains social media monitoring software where you can spend less time creating content professionally. 
  • It comes with a social inbox where you will help to manage all the messages, comments, and reviews. 


It gives two affordable plans: Standard, which starts from $23.25 a month, and Pro, $48 a month. 

Best suited for:

This will be very competitive if you are just starting up your business, enter-purer, agency, or e-commerce with a limited budget. It also offers a free trial of 14 days without requiring any credit card.

3. Sendible

This amazing free social media scheduler is an all-in-one platform that helps you to attract an audience and reach your targeted goals with an all-in-one platform. The best part is that you can effortlessly add or customize your content. Thousands of advertisers rely on Sendible, and its ease of use has won the hearts of many users on G2. 


  • It has multiple capabilities where you can stand out with bulk scheduling and queues.
  • You can also directly schedule attractive social media posts and build an image editor where you edit bulk images which is a good solution for agencies.
  • In its dashboard, you’ll find a holiday calendar, automatically updated RSS feeds, and Google Alerts, which may be used to find stuff your audience would find interesting rapidly.
  • It also gives a pre-built report where you can optimize the audience reach.
  • Sendible also helps to rearrange posts when it spots a gap in the content calendar.


The price starts from $24/month with unlimited scheduling.

Best suited for:

This app is suited for everyone, whether you are a part of agencies or work individually. One of the top features that attract people is its low price — people with every budget can afford to use it. It also gives you 14 days of free trial with no card required, and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

4. Buffer

Buffer is one of the popular apps for scheduling posts on Facebook and many other platforms. With its help, you can easily grow an audience naturally. It is a mission-driven app that helps motivated people and companies succeed using user-friendly, low-cost marketing software.


  • It comes with a streamlined dashboard that helps to schedule your content to post on social media quickly.
  • It provides an analytics feature that can rapidly analyze your social media performance and make reports to notify you.
  •  The starting page helps to build a flexible, customizable landing page that helps to bring your content together in one place.
  • This app also helps to engage the audience and create active and engaged followers into fans with whom you can interact.


The paid plans start from $5 per month.

Best Suited For:

It is suitable for social media managers, content managers, managing editors, agencies, etc. Above all, it offers a free plan and a 14-day free trial. All in all, it never disappoints its users with its top-notch functionality. So go and give it a try!

5. Social Champ

It can be a headache to schedule posts before. But don’t fret; choosing the Social Champ scheduler can handle the load well enough to manage your significant social media accounts. There are more options for posting content. If you face any problem, their team responds immediately.


  • It comes with an all-in-one calendar where you can edit, delete, or reschedule your present and future social media posts.
  •  With its publishing tool, you can easily bring all your profiles into one station and manage them easily.
  • It has a social inbox with zero mentions where it can automatically reply to all the comments, messages, ads, reviews, etc.
  • However, it also contains an analytics tool where you can track your content’s performance and get weekly or monthly graphs. 


The price of Social Champ starts from $29 per month.

Best suited for:

This app best suits startups, entrepreneurs, marketers, SMBs, influencers, and agencies. If you are still confused, take it and try a free plan. 

6. Later

Later is all in one influencer platform used to promote your business for scheduling and publishing on Instagram and the best Twitter scheduler. It started with the Instagram scheduling app, and after some time, it added many other apps to manage, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.


  • It provides a lot of free pre-made templates where you don’t need to start from scratch.
  •  It also gives advanced analytics where you can monetize your content performance graphically.
  • Later, also provide a hashtag research tool to find the best match for your posts.
  • You can make better content quickly with the help of the supercharge strategy of editing, searching, and scheduling.
  • In addition, it also contains a mobile app where you can manage all social media channels anywhere.


It offers three types of plans, including a free plan of $12.50 each Month with 1 user, a growth plan of $20.83/month with 3 users, and an advanced plan of $33.33/month with 6 users and unlimited posts.

Best suited for:

It is best suited for freelancers, creators, and agencies to find and collaborate. Also, it provides a free plan of 14 days as a trial where you can schedule 30 posts per social profile with basic analytics. 

7. Friends+Me

Friends+Me is a free content scheduling app that not only helps you create your content for social media platforms but also publishes it simultaneously. On the other hand, it contains a browser extension where you can save the content from anywhere and share it.


  • It helps simplify your tasks and schedule bulk posts in just one click.
  • It provides you with mobile applications where you can handle your work on your Android or iOS apps.
  • Although it has draft support, that takes time to make your post perfect and publish when it is ready.
  • Also, the link shortening works to track your post’s success. 


The paid plans of friends+me start from $7.50/month.

Best suited for:

It can be suited for business owners, marketing strategists, social SEO strategists, agencies, and more. Friends+Me offers a free trial and a free plan to new users. 


Agorapulse is one of the complete packages of social media management programs that comes with a user-friendly interface. You can also take advantage of its great power with the help of its easy interface, full manual, tutorials, and free certification resources.


  • It comes with Intuitive Publishing, where you can easily collaborate, plan, and schedule content for all your social channels.
  • Also, the unified social inbox helps you to manage all the upcoming messages, reviews, and comments in one place. 
  • Social Listening ensures to discover your brands’ insights and trends with your competitors.
  • However, Insightful Analytics makes your actionable reports with graphs.
  • Moreover, it contains Social Media ROI where you can easily see what posts and conversations are helpful to maximize your leads, sales, and traffic.


The price starts from $79 per month, which may not be affordable for everyone.

Best suited for:

It is best suited for agencies, marketers, etc. If you are still about whether you should try this out, just take a free trial of 30 days and make your final decision.

9. Sked Social

Sked Social is considered a 360-degree platform where you can simultaneously make smart plans, create, save, and then publish on all your social media platforms. Furthermore, it helps to optimize your content and improve it with better social marketing results.


  • It comes with weekly visual plans that advance your content.
  • Also, it invites unlimited users to collaborate freely.
  • It comes with 6o filters, auto-publishing, cropping tools, stickers, and texts, helping you to auto-post on Instagram and other social platforms.
  • The app also contains a sked inbox that helps to answer your comments, tagged posts, and DMs automatically.
  • However, it also turns your Instagram followers into new customers with a custom bio link.


The standard plans start from $25 per month.

Best suited for: 

It is best suited for brands, agencies, and markets to grow their business smoothly. If you want its trial, don’t worry! Sked Social offers a 7-day free trial. 

10. Promo Republic

Our other dashboard, which we recommend, is the Promo Republic, which targets franchise and local businesses. With the help of AI, you can easily determine the ideal time for publishing. You just need the only task to create the posting content.


  • It has listing management features that help submit the listing update to 120+ sites simultaneously.
  • However, the keyword ranking tool examines how your worldwide ranking has changed over time and in different regions.
  • The leaderboard comes to assist in identifying the most noticeable spots and those that require assistance.
  • The automatic report feature delivers the reports directly to your inbox.
  • Moreover, you can also identify opportunities to outrank your competitors.


The price starts from $9 per month, which is very affordable.

Best suited for:

This promo republic is best suited for agencies, white labels, small businesses, and franchises. The best thing is that it gives you a free demo. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and give it a try!

11. RecurPost

When it comes to social media, RecurPost can prove to be one of the ideal Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter scheduling tools. It has multi-platform scheduling, in-app multimedia creation via Canva, and more at your fingertips. 


  • It provides a social calendar where you can collect your evergreen posts, schedule them at scheduled times, and watch new traffic on your site.
  • With its bulk scheduling, you can schedule multiple contents in advance.
  • Also, the white label reports help you give ideas to make your company logo and conclude different business logos according to your client.
  • You can also share your evergreen content with your targeted audience for maximum impact.
  • Lastly, you can tailor your posts with multiple versions, making your brand amazing.


The price starts from $12.50 per month, which is affordable to start up.

Best suited for:

It is best for  Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, content creators, Solopreneurs, business owners, social media managers, etc. Also, you can get benefits from the free trial version of it.

12. Airtable

Airtable is a social media scheduler free marketing planning tool that functions like an interactive spreadsheet. In addition, it offers a lot of free templates that you may use as a starting point for making your own unique schedule for social media posts. 


  • With the help of its automation feature, you can set up your social content for publishing automatically.
  • Due to its interface design, it can enable anyone to build and share their custom interfaces without sharing code.
  • It also provides you with view data where you can visualize how your content fits smoothly. 
  • Aby using the product roadmap, you can track your projects and even events with customized requirements.


The price is affordable, starting from $10 per user/month.

Best suited for:

This app best suits entrepreneurs, freelancers, product teams, HR teams, sales, and marketing managers. However, it also offers a free plan where you can enjoy it.

13. Tailwind

Tailwind started its journey from Pinterest as a marketing tool. So if Pinterest is also a part of your marketing strategy, then this tool is useful. It’s not only for Pinterest; you can get benefits for Facebook and Instagram posts, which may be pre-scheduled and published automatically. 


  • One of its Automated social publishing & email smart follow-up schedule features allows you to schedule your posts for the most effective times of day in terms of engagement. 
  • Furthermore, it provides various other time-saving features, including font formatting and user/location identification. 
  • It also provides a personalized marketing plan used to generate email and social media.
  • It can also customize your unique business and helps to consider your business’s niche, your available time, and other factors to recommend the campaigns.
  • Moreover, it is most likely to increase your return on investment.


The price starts from $10/ month.

Best suited for:

It is best suited for marketers and agencies who can capture more audiences and convert them into customers. If you don’t buy it yet, no worries! Tailwind offers a free plan too.


Q. Are there any free social media scheduling apps?

Yes, there are many free social media scheduler apps available in the market that help you schedule your content on social media. 

Q. How can I schedule social media posts for free?

If you want to post content on your social media for free, there are many tools like Later, Airtable, Sked Social, and more that give you a free trial where you will get 10 to 30 posts.

Q. Which scheduling social media app is best?

Well, it all depends on factors such as the complexity of the task, personal preference, involvement of people, etc.

If you are working on a small task with few people, you should choose Loomly.

Otherwise, if you have a large project with many people, you can go with Social Champs, Friend+Me, or Sendible, which meets your requirements.


Overall, every business that wants to succeed must have a good online presence.

However, it can only be possible when you use the right social media scheduling apps to help you create plans and schedule posts in advance.

Ultimately, free social media scheduling apps can minimize your time and automatically publish your content on all your social accounts simultaneously.

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