10 Best Podcast Hosting Websites & Platforms

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Best Websites for Captivating Podcasts to Elevate Your Listening Experience.

Finding the best ways to create your best podcast website can be a hard nut to crack, especially if you’re a beginner.  But no more worries! We will help you get some valuable insights on how you can start this journey smoothly. Remember that it may be sometimes difficult to create a podcast website that meets your client’s requirements. 

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the most popular podcast platforms that help you create impressive designs and structures. So, without further ado, check out our best podcast websites that will inspire you. But first, you need to know what podcast hosting actually is.

What is Podcast Hosting? 

Podcast hosting is one online service that allows you to store and share your podcast episodes online. It’s just like having a home for your podcast where you can upload your audio files and make them available to listeners across various podcasts.

Podcast hosting platforms play an essential role between podcast creators and podcast directories where they want their podcasts to be shown. It is a helpful bridge, making it easier for creators to reach their desired audience.  

Why is Podcast Hosting Necessary?

Many people prefer to use the best platforms, such as Apple Podcast, Spotify, etc., to upload their podcasts, with high chances to connect with attentive audiences. But sadly, these platforms do not support storing or hosting podcasts. 

Even your existing web hosts cannot compress your audio and share it with podcatchers or podcast networks. Therefore, you need support from a specialized podcast host to achieve the distribution goal. That is why it is necessary to choose a platform that supports tools for creating, editing, and monetizing your podcast in a single location.

10 Most Popular Podcast Platforms

You will be amazed to know that there are many platforms that offer the best place to host a podcast. Therefore, you will not waste your time finding the best podcast websites with budget-friendly plans and advanced features that meet your needs.

Before writing this article, we analyzed many podcast websites and compiled a list of the top podcast platforms for you to consider that provide amazing tools and support and offer flexibility to store large files. 

1. Podbean


Podbean is one of the best podcast hosting platforms, which can be affordable for everyone. It provides you with amazing features and unlimited bandwidth with no restrictions. This platform enables you to grow your podcast more efficiently with high storage.


  • Podebean has powerful tools that let you easily create attractive content and host it on your website. 
  • It also has advanced themes that can be customizable, making your presence more unique and attractive online appearance.
  • However, it integrates the podcast player into the WordPress pages or posts and can share your podcasts with your audience in a single click
  • The best part is that you can advertise your podcast and monetize your work to make money from your content.  
  • In addition, Podbean has a significant supportive community of podcasters passionate about sharing their ideas and stories by using its services.


Podbean offers a free plan with limited storage; however, the paid plan starts from just $9 monthly with unlimited storage. So what are you waiting for?

2. Captivate


Captivate is the best podcast hosting platform out there if you are looking to expand your podcast reach and connect with more audiences. It is specially designed to help you to grow your audience and take your podcast to new heights.


  • This platform gives you a place where you can share your heart’s content. The website and podcast audio player are equipped with convenient call-to-action links ready to use, making more great and easy ways to engage with your content.
  • It also helps you to connect with the listener to stay updated and encourage them to share and subscribe to your podcast.
  • Moreover, it also offers you a convenient feature that enables you to generate links to the most highly rated podcast players, including overcast and pocket casts.
  • However, the best thing about the Captivate platform is its strong partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), which allows you to offer a variety of ads that can help you monetize your podcast.
  • Not only this, it also provides a built-in podcast player so you can effortlessly share your amazing content with your audience. Captivate comes with analytics, giving you valuable insights into your podcast’s performance. 


Captivate offers flexible and affordable plans for all kinds of users. It costs $19 to $49 with unlimited storage, a podcast player, and analytics. You can also get a 7-day free trial.

3. Blubrry


Blubrry is a flexible podcast hosting platform for both experienced and beginner podcasters. It comes with an amazing WordPress podcasting plugin feature, known as PowerPress, making it easier to manage podcasting instantly.


  • Blubrry provides a range of podcast hosting plans that cater to the needs of both novice and seasoned podcasters. 
  • They provide a widely-used WordPress podcasting plugin known as PowerPress, which simplifies the process of podcast management directly from your WordPress website.
  • However, Blubrry and PowerPress work combine to improve the process of uploading podcast episodes to a hosting service. And provide a simpler way to share your podcast through Google and Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes). 
  • Also, this feature enhances the discoverability of your podcasts on Google Home, Assistant, and the Google Podcast app for Android devices.
  • However, it can also analyze your podcast statistics in any app or device and directly survey the audience easily.
  • Blubrry also includes tools for revenue, analytics for your podcasts, social features for sharing, and more.


Blubrry starts from the standard plan, which is $ 12 monthly with 125 MB of storage every month; the advanced plan is $20 with 400 MB, and the professional plan is $100 with unlimited storage.

4. Fusebox (Formerly Smart Podcast Player)

If you are looking to start your own podcast without breaking the bank? FuseBox is a smart podcast player with some simple and affordable podcasting tools that will have you recording and sharing your episodes in no time!


  • This top podcast platform is super user-friendly, making your hosting experience simple and easy whether you are a newbie or an experienced user. And the best part? It won’t cost you a lot of money.
  • However, it offers the ultimate podcast players, which are highly adaptable and user-friendly, which helps to grow and bring your podcast right to the audience without lacking the internet.
  • Fusebox has also provided analytics where you can see the essential details with valuable insights, mainly focusing on rankings sources, downloads, and top-performing episodes.
  • It can also help you modify transcripts within the app to make it much more accessible. It lets you instantly edit, add, and format your transcripts in the dashboard.


Fusebox starts from $7.50 per month,  and the pro plan costs $15.83 per month, which is more affordable. 

5. Libsyn


If you want to sell your podcast episodes, Libsyn is a top podcast platform that offers many amazing useful features, such as premium paywalls and double opt-in advertising.


  • The podcast hosting service significantly emphasizes assisting users in promoting their brand and podcast across various distribution platforms and applications.
  • It offers a built-in podcast recording studio that lets you easily record podcasts from start to end without lagging issues.
  • In addition, Libsyn offers a responsive and expert customer service team dedicated to maximizing the benefits of the podcast hosting platform.
  • The podcast hosting platform also provides a feature enabling users to develop a personalized podcast application for iOS and Android devices.
  • All of our plans include unlimited bandwidth. The pricing structure is primarily determined by the level of monthly storage required. 


Libsyn offers different paid plans, starting from $5/ month, with 162MB of storage. The others are 324MB storage for $15 and 540MB for $20 with basic and advanced statics.

6. SoundCloud


Soundcloud is a web-based podcasting hosting platform specially designed for those who create amazing content and share it with their targeted audience.


  • SoundCloud offers a free plan allowing users to upload content for up to three hours without cost. The free plan offers an excellent opportunity for beginners to get first knowledge before assessing the service.
  • It is available on desktop, Android, and IOS and allows you to enjoy music or podcasts offline. 
  • It allows you to upload unlimited content and chances to monetize and distribute podcasts by copying your episode URL and pasting it anywhere across other platforms.
  • However, it also has paid plans that provide advanced features such as high storage capacity, enhanced bandwidth allocation, advanced statistical analysis, monetization features, and expanded distribution options. 
  • The podcast hosting plan is user-friendly, although it may not offer the highest flexibility or customization options.


SoundCloud offers a  free plan that allows you to upload up to 3 hours of content per month at no cost. However, it also has paid plans that begin at a competitive price of $2.50 monthly.

7. Transistor


Transistor is a well-known and user-friendly podcasting hosting platform designed to fulfill the needs of professionals and beginners in the podcasting industry. Unlike some other hosting providers, this platform provides unlimited podcast hosting plans, ensuring that you are not charged based on the number of hours you upload.


  • The platform offers an easy interface for uploading and publishing your podcast media. 
  • Additionally, they provide podcast analytics, allowing users to assess the performance of each episode.
  • The provided embed code enables the automatic incorporation of each episode into your WordPress posts and pages. If you do not currently possess a website, its team can quickly create one on your behalf.
  • It is important to note that their plans limit the number of downloads. As your podcast experiences growth, it becomes necessary to consider upgrading your plan.
  • It also has a Dynamic Audio Insertion (DAI) tool that allows podcasters to seamlessly incorporate audio tracks or announcements at the desired locations within their episodes, beginning, middle, or end.
  • The Transistor platform offers an automated feature that enables the smooth uploading of each podcast episode directly to YouTube.
  • You can easily convert audio files into video files and add a background image to your podcast.


Transistor offers 3 plans; the Starter plan costs $19/month with 20,000 downloads. However, the other professional and business plan costs $49 to $99/ monthly with unlimited podcasts and advanced features.

8. RedCircle

RedCircle free podcast hosting

RedCircle is another excellent choice that offers suitable hosting podcast distribution, unlimited storage space, and several other enhancements targeted specifically to podcasting. 


  • RedCircle’s free plan comes with many perks, including the ability to distribute to all important podcast directories and, if you have at least 500 weekly downloads, including advertisements into your podcast. 
  • It has powerful analytics that let you know about your audience and increase your competitive advantage by integrating with third-party analytics and advertising performance tools.
  • The cutting-edge tools that can enhance your podcasting journey and create the way for success offer an entire package for hosting, distributing, and monetizing your content in one place.
  • However, it has network capabilities that allow an unlimited number of shows to be hosted and assign specific permissions to multiple team members. 
  • Invest in recurring income streams to secure your business’s future. The Cross-Promotion Marketplace enables you to collaborate with other programs to expand your audience.


RedCircle offers three paid plans: the growth plan, which costs $9 monthly; the pro plan, which costs $30 monthly; and the enterprise plan, which can be customizable according to your needs. The best part is that it also offers a 7-day free trial option before getting paid plans.

9. Castos


Castos is among the most excellent WordPress-compatible podcast hosting services that offer advanced functionality for hosting podcasts. This is the best place for podcasts to help you share your episodes with the most popular podcasting platforms, including Apple, Google, and Over. 


  • Castos can easily manage all the podcasts with one plugin where you can create multiple feeds, upload episodes, customize the player, and view listener analytics.
  • It lets you control your brand with customizable podcast websites where people can search for episodes, connect on social media, and subscribe to you easily. 
  • Another feature is the integrated voice-to-text transcription function. Castos will automatically transcribe your podcast episode the moment you upload it. 
  • Also, it enables you to save the PDF or cut and paste the HTML code to add it to your site.
  • In addition to providing a podcast editing service, Castos provides discounts for charitable and religious groups.
  • It can also increase your visibility, enhance your SEO efforts, and provide more effective ways to consume your content and republish on YouTube.
  • You can also create unlimited podcasts or episodes whether you are choosing any plan from it. It empowers you to create engaging content and launch a second show without lagging any issues.


Podcasts can be uploaded and downloaded without limit on any of the plans. Monthly plans begin at $19. Upgrade to the $49/month Growth plan to access the YouTube republishing option. The Pro package costs $99 monthly and gives you access to features like hosting for video files and in-depth statistics.

10.  Simplecast


Simplecast is a well-known and easy-to-use podcast website that helps you to start podcasting with a single click. It can be used by the popular brands Nike, Kickstarter, Facebook, and Shopify.


  • It offers you access to in amazing industry-leading publishing, distribution, and much more that enhances your podcast episodes on various platforms.
  • However, it has a powerful framework that is specially built for audio streaming infrastructure, providing millions of audio daily.
  • Also, it contains an amazing analytics platform that allows you to understand your listeners and analyze insights to compare with other platforms.
  • Moreover, this platform can embed individual episodes and complete shows, providing an entire solution for your needs.
  • Another notable feature is the capability to add multiple team members to a single account, facilitating seamless collaboration.


Simplecast offers unlimited storage with all plans. However, it starts from $15 with 20,000 downloads, whereas $35 with 50,000 downloads, and $85 per month with 120,000 downloads.

Essential Features to Pick a Free Podcast Hosting Service

Many platforms don’t offer free podcast hosting services. So before choosing any podcast hosting, you must remember some essential features that we have shared:

1. Bandwidth, Upload, and Storage Limits 

When you use free podcast hosting services, it may give you some limited uploads and storage options, which can impact your hourly audios and length of podcasts.

So, pick a podcast hosting website that enables you unlimited storage and bandwidth to fulfill your podcast needs. When it relates to podcasting, storage space is essential, so don’t ignore this factor.

2. File format 

Sometimes, many podcasters complain about low-quality audio, so before picking any podcast website, make sure to review which file formats are suitable for you. If you plan on uploading your music to more popular streaming podcasting platforms, remember that they each have their preferred file types.

3. Analytics for Podcasts 

Always try to find a podcast hosting solution that allows for simple analytics tracking. You should be able to quickly and readily view statistics and data on the interaction and efficiency of your content with your audience. 

4. Usability 

A user-friendly podcast host is essential in any podcasting website. So always consider the usability of the dashboard and user interface, whether it is super easy to use or not.

5. More feature

Ensure that the best podcast hosting services will always give you access to advanced tools that help you grow your audience, promote your podcast, and analyze its success. If you have a podcast, you should ensure it has any relevant integrations.

Frequently Asked Questions of Free Podcast Hosting

Q. Is it possible to podcast free?

Yes, it is possible to start your podcast free using free platforms like Soundcloud for hosting and tools like AudioBoom for recording and editing. However, it may only get a free trial for some days with limited features.

Q. Do podcasters really get paid?

Podcasting can be highly profitable, especially when you have built an impressive and engaged audience. Once a podcast becomes widely successful, it can be easily monetized and paid. Many podcasters generate revenue through various means, such as sponsorships, affiliate sales, or offering premium content for a subscription fee.

Q. Does it cost money to host a podcast?

Not at all. There are many free options available in the market which offer free plans with limited features. At the same time, other podcast platforms charge money for more advanced hosting features and high storage limits.

Q. Is Podbean a free platform for podcasting?

The answer is yes and no. Podbean offers a free ‘Podcast Starter’ plan, where you can freely access the free program with 5 hours of storage and 100GB of monthly bandwidth. If you want additional storage or bandwidth, upgrade to one of their paid plans

Q. How much does SoundCloud cost to host?

Well, SoundCloud offers both free and paid plans for hosting podcasts with 3 hours of uploads monthly to host your podcast, while the paid plan costs $2.50 per month, which is affordable for everyone and can be worth it.


In this diverse online market, finding the best podcast website can not be easy to get started. If you want to reach your target audience and start making money from your podcasting, you will need an efficient hosting platform in addition to a strong strategy. Therefore, we have shared an extensive list of the most popular podcast platforms. No matter what your podcast’s topic or the target audience, the list above will assist you in selecting the most suitable podcast hosting platform that meets your specific needs.

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