Top 10 Responsive Website Builders for Stunning Websites

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Unlock Your Design Potential with Website Builders for Stunning Websites

In today’s digital world, having an impressive and responsive website is important for growing a business or targeting your audience. A well-designed website that meets your goals to create an intuitive interface without any need for coding and publish your site instantly.

If you are looking for the best responsive website builder that can support you in achieving your goals, whether you are a newbie or a professional designer. We have compiled a list of the top 10 best website builders for SEO to empower you. So without any ado, let’s have a look;

Best Responsive Website Builders: A Comparison Of 10 Top Picks

Hostinger: Best Responsive Website Builder 

Our first cheap responsive web design builder is Hostinger, which has many amazing features. This tool provides an easy-to-use interface, drag-and-drop builder, and AI-powered tools.  Although it gives you unlimited storage with complete command over your web presence, guaranteeing that your site will look fantastic on any screen size. 

This site builder makes setting up an online store very easy. To start quickly, pick a template for your site, utilize an AI-powered tool to write content, and use heat maps to determine how users will engage with your site.

Key Features:

  • Attractive Pre-made Templates: It offers many pre-designed mobile-friendly templates for making eCommerce websites and stores.
  • Responsive Web Design: It contains responsive layouts that automatically readjust to any device’s display width and height.
  • Ai-Powered tools: The Ai power tool helps you create website content to empower your online success.


Hostinger is considered one of the best responsive website builders which always provides amazing offers for people with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can get a free domain, e-commerce features, unlimited traffic visits, email, and free SSL certificates for just $2.79 per month in the first 3 months.

Wix: Best Web Design Software 

Wix is one of the second-best website builders for SEO, which comes with a wide range of professional-looking templates which is best software website design suited for companies and other industries. However, it is easy to get started to customize any design according to your company’s requirements.

You can grow your online stores, entrepreneurs, and restaurants by using mobile-friendly and professional templates. To better reach, market, and sell to mobile customers, you can add features to your site by including apps from the Wix App Market.

Key Features:

  • Thousands of Responsive Templates: Wix offers a wide range of pre-made designed templates which can be easily customized for your own style.
  • User-friendly Drag and Drop Builder: It has a highly intuitive editor suitable for newbies.
  • Wix App Market: You can easily add new features to your website with a wide variety of pre-made, simple-to-install plugins, such as photo galleries, eCommerce apps, and more.


  • Wix plans a free plan which enables you to publish a website on a subdomain. However, you can also get paid custom domain name, which starts from $16 per month.

GoDaddy: Best All-in-One

godaddy homepage

GoDaddy is a well-known responsive website builder software that comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor that lets you change or add complete sections. By swapping between templates, you can switch without losing any design or content. GoDaddy offers everything you need to build your online presence, whether from social networking, email marketing, or your website.

With only a few clicks with a single dashboard, you can easily resize and format for any purpose. GoDaddy provides a one-stop-shop web-building environment that is user-friendly and produces flawless outcomes.

Key Features:

  • Customer Support: GoDaddy ensures that the site will always be running up with quick page loads and assistance 24/7 available.
  • GoDaddy Studio: It can also provide users with all the necessary tools to create high-quality content for your website and blogs.
  • Customize Theme: With a few mouse clicks, you can completely customize your website’s layout without losing information or style.
  • Pre-made Template: You can also make your own design using designer templates.
  • Mobile Design and Editing: It also offers you to create or edit your site anywhere, so you can run your business even if you are not at your desk.


GoDaddy comes with 4 plans: The basic plan starts from $9.99, Premium is $14.99, Commerce costs $16.99 andCommerce Plus costs $29.99 monthly.

Weebly: Best For Professional Website

When it comes to designing mobile-friendly web pages, Weebly is hard to beat. It’s one of the simplest drag-and-drop website creators available. If you’re not very good with technology, this free website software is made for you but doesn’t come cheap. Compared to other website builders like Squarespace, Hostinger, or Wix, the platform doesn’t offer as many capabilities. 

As a deliberate design choice, this responsive software website builder software keeps the UI as basic and clean as possible, making for an easier learning process. 

Key Features:

  • Powerful Mobile Features: Weebly offers attractive, flexible mobile website themes and device previews to help you visualize how your site may look on various mobile devices before you publish it.
  • Drag n Drop Mobile Design: You can easily customize or optimize using a drag-and-drop mobile website builder.
  • Free Plan: You can get unlimited access to the site builder for a trial. When you get ready to start, you can upgrade.


Weebly offers a free plan to newbies; however, when you are ready to upgrade to a premium plan which starts from $6 per month.

Weblium: Suitable For Modern Themes

Welbium is also a well-known responsive website builder which follows all the modern web standards. It has many impressive features, such as customized domains, reliable hosting, AI tools, website security, SEO and marketing features, and more. Using this builder, you can easily build a fully functional, responsive website quickly. Even you can alter or edit the default settings thats suits your brand precisely.

Key Features:

  • Quickly Pre-Made Responsive Templates: It comes with 300+ pre-made templates that you can pick and make your online store, personal website, portfolio, or whatever you want.
  • High-quality built-in CRM: The builder has a complete functional system that manages all the customer’s data.
  • Strong Marketing tools: You can get powerful pop-up windows and leverage analytics systems that can show on forms, trigger actions, etc.
  • Online Support: You can always get assistance, video lessons, and a comprehensive knowledge guide.


Weblium offers a 14-day free trial with accessing all features. When you decide, you can buy its bundle or pro plan costs $4.54 and $8.25 monthly.

 IM Creator: Best Multiple Managing Responsive

IM Creator is one of the best multiple management responsive website creator specially designed for professional creators to begin to build, design and publish a website without risk.

The builder contains easy-to-use editing features which help you to make your website fast, intuitive, and simple. It can be suitable for everyone who has zero experience. 

Every single website you make with this top-of-the-line editor builder is flexible. It doesn’t require any expertise in programming, either. Everything on each page will automatically convert for desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. However, you can also see the look of your website fantastic on devices like the Oculus Rift and smartwatches. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, no worries! The free plan makes it simple to take baby steps and avoid getting stuck. However, you may also select a premade design and have a basic, one-page website up and running sometime.

Key Features:

  • Seo Friendly: It offers you a wide range of search engine optimization tools where you can engage your targeted traffic and conversion.
  • Fastly Responsive: When you open your website, it is always quickly responsive automatically to all the pages, including images, text, videos, etc.
  • Easy-to-use page editor: Using this software, you can easily build your perfect website with matching pre-built blocks and sets that can be completely customized.
  • eCommerce: It also provides all the needs of eCommerce and online retail, such as analytics, credit card, checkout, and much more.


  • If you are a student, nonprofit, or artist, then you can use it completely free by applying for a license. However, it costs $8 per month with unlimited custom domains, hosting, eCommerce features, and all mobile responsive templates and themes.

Squarespace: Best For Responsive eCommerce Stores

Squarespace is one of the best responsive website builders that has made its name over the years because of its amazing templates. So if you want to build a perfect website with high-quality resolution images, then this impressive website builder is best for you.

Squarespace is successfully expanding into the field of eCommerce, and as a result, they now offer a wide range of tools, like shopping cart modules, payment processing, and more, to help you set up shop online. 

When using the platform, you can quickly and easily create several websites. The best part is that you can get the programme at a low cost while still benefiting from its high-quality hosting and website-creation tools.

Key Features:

  • Manage multiple websites: It enables you to easily run or manage multiple websites for your network and clients.
  • Offer a free trial: You can get a free trial to decide whether it can be good for you or not without using your credit card.
  • Completely customize responsive sites: It also provides complete mobile-friendly ready-made templates that can be easily customized, custom coding, integrations, etc.


You can sign up for a free trial for the first time. When you want advanced functions and features, you can unlock the paid plans. The plan starts from $16 per month with a free custom domain, unlimited bandwidth, and SSL security.

Adobe Dreamweaver: Suitable for Customize Web Designs Jobs

adobe dreamweaver homepage

Adobe Dreamweaver is always considered as the best web design software and comes with a completely featured HTML programming and web editor. It provides you with a simple and quickly responsive coding engine that can manage dynamic websites. Moreover, you can get access to code hints which support you to learn and edit HTML, CSS, and other web-related standards. By using this builder, it minimizes errors and expedites developments.

Key Features:

  • Git Support: You can easily work with Git support while using your source code. However, you can perform actions straight from the Git dashboard.
  • CSS Preprocessors: By using CSS Preprocessors such as stylus and SASS to create dynamic, well-organized stylesheets quickly.
  • Live View Editing: You can easily change the text and image properties. Without switching to a different editing mode, you may simply add classes in the Live View and rapidly preview the changes you make.
  • File Management: You can effortlessly organize and manage all of your projects in one location.


Adobe Dreamweaver offers two types of plans: The single app starts from $20.99/month, and the second one is a creative cloud app which costs $52.99/month. If you are a teacher or student, then you get a discount of up to 60% on the complete collection. However, you can also take a free 7 days trial.

Shopify: Reliable for Mobile Web for eCommerce

Many people mispredict that Shopify is unsuitable for eCommerce websites, but this is their misconception. Shopify is a site builder with responsive web designs that comes with amazing features and design. By using it, you can create a perfect website such as portfolios, business or personal websites, blogs, membership sites, etc. 

Shopify also contains multiple templates with dozens of categories with drag and drop editor. You can also add functions to your website due to providing a wide range of add-ons and apps such as marketing, SEO, and sales tools. The best part is that without coding, you can achieve your goals.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy eCommerce Capabilities: In eCommerce, mobile responsiveness is essential, and the good news is that Shopify’s features offer you both the best way.
  • Wide Range Features: The impressive features enable you to add any function to your website without worrying.
  • Channel Integration: It also provides you complete access to different channels using one platform, such as eBay, Amazon, and Facebook.
  • Flexible Data Controler: Where you can fully control the data to grow a targeted audience and explore customer insights. 


Shopify offers a free trial to those who want to testify before buying. However, the premium plan starts from $29 per month, which is affordable to give you everything you require to build an online store, etc.

WordPress (paired with Thrive Themes) Suitable for extreme customization abilities is the most widely bootstrap website builder, free to create websites without coding. It’s free for everyone to use, and it comes with many features and customization settings. 

With this CMS, you may customize the look of your mobile site however you like, and you’ll have access to potent tools for doing so.

Thrive Themes is a collection of WordPress-compatible plugins and templates that load incredibly quickly. Unlike any other website software to create a website listed here, gives you more customization options for your website. 

When used together, these tools produce unique and user-friendly websites, regardless of their specific field. 

Key Features: 

  • Professionally Designed Templates: It comes with a wide variety of templates designed professionally for both mobile-friendly and highly adaptable.
  • Fully responsive: All Thrive themes are fast and completely responsive and can be viewed on mobile devices.
  • Plug in and extend: It can also allow you to configure to do any required function. With over 55,000 plugins, you can add a store, mailing list, portfolio, social feed, and statistics.
  • Enhanced Search Engine Optimization Tools: Thrive Themes and both include powerful SEO add-ons like Yoast that can boost your site’s visibility in search engine results.


WordPress CMS is a free website software which is available to download easily and use. You can just visit, download the application, and set up your website using it. However, if you want to use Pro Thrive themes which costs $299 per year or $99 each quarter. 

7 Essential Traits of Website Builders You Should Consider 

There are a few things to consider when deciding on the best responsive website builder. Here we have mentioned the 7 important indicators to keep in mind:

  1. Options to customize the screen size 

To ensure your website looks great on all devices, it is essential that you can preview it in all viewing sizes provided by your chosen website builder. In order to ensure a consistent and pleasant experience across all devices, you may test out how your site will seem using this function.

  1. Drag and Drop Editor

With this function, you need not create any code at all to include things including layout, text, photos, videos, and widgets into your site quickly. An easy-to-use drag-and-drop text editor is a great tool for making last-minute edits.

  1. Mobile-friendly

To that end, you should think carefully about how effectively the website builder manages mobile optimization. A mobile-friendly website builder should adjust the design without the user’s input, regardless of the device being used to access the website. 

  1. Adjusting screen sizes manually

Having the option to manually change your site’s content and structure to suit particular screen sizes is important, even if automatic optimization is necessary. It’s possible that site builders with resposnive web design will let you adjust the layout for certain gadgets, guaranteeing a uniformly excellent experience regardless of the device used.

  1. Responsive Themes

 Selecting the ideal theme for your company can be made easier with the support of a large theme library. You may create a website more quickly with the help of a theme. To make your website consistent with your brand, all you need to do is select a theme and plug in your content, graphics, and logo.

  1. Strong Support

 Your selected platform should be simple to use and offer quick, competent support so you can obtain help whenever you need it when building a website.

  1. Affordable Prices

Pick a website creator that fits your budget and has all the features you’ll need and the capacity to accommodate your site’s unavoidable growth. If possible, go with a platform that lets you try out the essential elements for free before you decide on a premium plan, such as a trial or a basic version of the software.


Q1: What is a Responsive Website?

A: Responsive websites always provide adaptable layouts and content which can be viewed on any screen, including desktops, tablets, or mobile phones. However, it also assures you provide optimal functionality and view no matter the screen size.

Q2: Is this essential to choose a responsive website?

A: Yes, because it helps to improve SEO rankings, improve user experience, target and increase website traffic and make your website attractive and flawless on any device.

Q3: Do I need to learn coding to use website builders?

A: Not at all. Many website builders come with drag-and-drop features that minimize coding skills. Moreover, they provide you with ready-made templates which you can customize regarding your needs.

Q4: Can I sell products on my website by using the builder?

A: A big yes; some website builders like WordPress with WooCommerce and Shopify are specially designed for those who want to use eCommerce functionality. Although, you can get features such as shopping carts, secure payment gateways, and product listing to facilitate your online sales.

Q9: Are there any free website builders available?

A: Yes, there are many web page software builders who offer free plans with limited features and branding. However, if you want to unlock advanced features with customization options and remove branding, you may need to upgrade to a paid plan.


Well, it is not good enough to use a website builder that only works well on a desktop these days. Now more than ever, customers always demand an intuitive mobile interface across all devices.  

Therefore, you’ll need to use the best responsive website builder that fully supports creating mobile-optimized websites. In this article, we’ll have compiled the top-rated best website builders for SEO available in the digital market. 

Simply consider your top priorities first, and then choose the best option that meets your needs!

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